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Monday May 30 2016 
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2015-2016 Chico Mens Pool League

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May 19, 2016, 1:05 pm

Walter Dorsey

2015-2016 CMPL Charles Lintz Top Shooter


Congratulations to Walt for making it all the way through what started as the prestigious Charles Lintz Top Shooter Tournament, but will be remembered as the wet-n-wild one of 2016. His concentration and pure skill was unmatched as he took on some of Chico's best. Here's what happened on May 12th (at least on the pool tables):


Walter defeated Kevin Cibart in the first round to move on to round #2. He played Leland who managed to dry off and defeat Philo in round #1.

Joel Russo was nudged out of the tournament by Eric Nichols in the opening round. Eric went on to face Kenny Duff, who defeated Mike Brandt in round #1.

Walter beat Leland in Round #2 to move on to the Championship.

Eric Nichols defeated Kenny Duff to also move on to the Championship.


In the race to 5 final match, Walter beat Eric 5-1 to take home the 2nd annual Charles Lintz Top Shooter trophy and a cool $100 cash. Congratulations again, Walt!




Next Up.....


Pool Party!

Saturday, June 4th

(Not May 21st)

Tackle Box, starts at 1:00pm!

More info to come... just pass the word it's NOT May 21st!




...and just announced...

(Click the flier to enlarge in a new window)


It's Reno, but in Vegas baby!




May 11, 2016, 4:25 pm

Okay, that's a wrap for the playoffs!

Here's how everything ended:

For the A-Trophy:

3rd/4th Place Match:

The Oasis Ball Busters took on Stacy and his O-Team. The Ball Busters must have still been pretty sour about their loss the week prior and they took it out on the O-Team to the tune of 11-1. Walt, Kevin, and Eric each ran their games 3-0, but Chris Singleton got the lone win for the O-Team against Bil, who got 2 out of 3. So the Ball Busters are the 2015-2016 A-Trophy 3rd Place Team! Congrats!

Championship Match:

In the Championship match, the Oasis Outlaws were taking on the Oasis Bulldogs for all the glory. It was essentially all Bulldogs as they went on to beat the Outlaws 11-3. Brenon got all 3 off of Kenny, Mike Karol got 2 out of 3 against Keith, Chris Urbach went 3-0 against Sean Bell. Robbie got 2 out of 3 against Izzy - one of the wins via an 8-Ball Break-and-run. Dennis finished the night with 2 wins against Gregg. Congratulations to the 2015-2016 A-Trophy Champions - the Oasis Bulldogs!


For the B-Trophy:

3rd/4th Place Match:

The Oasis Bankers were hosting the Shenanigan's Rack Pack. It was close all the way through. Mike Dowd started off with a 3-0 win for the 'Pack, but it went back and forth from their. It all came down to the final match: Shenanigans 10, Bankers 8 at this point. All the Rack Pack needed was one more win...and one more player. They only had 6 players so they had to forfeit the last match and give 3 points to the Bankers who used them to get to 11 points and the win. Congratulations to the Oasis Bankers - 2015-2016 B-Trophy 3rd place team!

Championship Match:

It was another close one at Duffy's as they were taking on the Eagles. Ed Theis started the night with a 2-1 win against Robin, but then Bobbo got all 3 of his games against Ice Cream. Donny followed that up with 2 more against Prana, and Jon COX followed suit with 2 out of 3 against Kevin K. It was 8-4 Eagles at the break. In the second-half, Woot got 2 out of 3 against Mike Daniels, and Evan followed that with 2 against Dylan. That brought Duffy's back from the dead and into the rare playoff 7th frame with the Eagles up by just one, 10-9. Steve Swim got the first game to make it tied 10-10, but Terry Smith came back clutch and got the second game to get his Eagles to the required 11 points, and the B-Trophy Championship. Congrats!


Up Next... The Charles Lintz Top Shooter Tournament - May 12th, 7:00pm, at the Down Lo.

These 8 players will be battling it out for the top spot. Here's the first round match-ups (if everyone shows up):


Walter Dorsey vs. Kevin Cibart

Kenny Duff vs. Mike Brandt

Joel Russo vs. Eric Nichols

Leland Baxter vs. Philo Hunt

(Ed Theis and Ty Kaye are the two alternates waiting for someone not to show)


Those are some matches I'm not gonna want to miss - just imagine the next round, and the championship! Come down and check it out - Down Lo - 7:00pm, Thursday night.

Pool Party!

Looks like it's going to be moved to Saturday, June 4th

Graduation weekend and Memorial Day weekend are becoming a little sticky, so we're going to steer clear and aim for June 4th, at the Tackle Box. More info. to come...




Playoffs - Round #2
Apr 28, 2016, 11:46 pm


Click on brackets above to enlarge


Here's what happened in week/round #2 of the Playoffs:

In by far the most dramatic playoff match of the year, the #1 seeded Oasis Ball Busters were taking on the #3 seed Oasis Bulldogs. Cal's Ball Busters were down 4-8 at the half - Walt got 2 out of 3 against Brenon, but Keith came back and got 2 out of 3 against Eric Nichols. Then Chris Urbach got 2 from Kevin Lombard, and Dennis got all 3 against Brian Norman. They skipped the beer frame, and the 'Busters sent Bil B. up against Steve Smith - Bil got all 3. Then Cal put himself down against Robbie K., and also got all 3. This gave the Ball Busters a 10-8 lead, on the hill, leading into the final match - Bob Tracy vs. Ty Kaye. Ty went all superhero and won all 3 to bring the Bulldogs back on top with an 11-10 victory. Woah... The Bulldogs now go on to face the Outlaws for the A-Trophy Championship on May 5th at the Oasis. The Ball Busters will play the consolation 3rd/4th match against the Oasis O-Team.

Those O-Teamers were in a pretty good dog fight against the Outlaws. It was 7-5 Outlaws after the 4th match. Kenny got 2 against Stacy, Shawn Bell got 2 against Dave Napier, but Brian got 2 against Tree (Matt Fields). Greg came back and got 2 out of 3 against James V. Then, in the 5th match, Outlaw Ricky got all 3 against Dwayne. Joel got the first one against Izzy, but Izzy got the deciding 2nd game to put his team on top and win 11-6. 

For the B-Trophy playoffs, the Stripes Conference #5 seed Bankers were taking on the #6 seed Eagles at the Oasis. Barney started off with 2 out of against Craig, but Donny Sibley came back and got all 3 of his games against Jim W. In the 3rd match Mark Edwards could only get 1 off of Jon COX. Robbin got 2 out of 3 against Rich Boelens. Bobbo got 2 more against Ken to get his team on the hill, and Terry took care of the rest and got one out of one against Russ. Final score: 11-5 Eagles. The Eagles now soar on to take on Duffy's, May 5th, at Duffy's. The Bankers play Shenanigan's at Oasis on April 28th for the 3rd/4th place game.

The #5 seed on the Solids Conference side was the Duffy's crew. They hosted the #7 seeded Shenanigan's.  It started out pretty good for the Rack Pack - Matt Altenberg got 2 out of against Paul Lampright to start the night off. Unfortunately, that was the last points the 'Pack were going to score that night. Woot got all 3 against Kevin L., Prana got all 3 against Rob Francis, Kevin Kinnell got 3 out of 3 against Gary Charlesworth, and Ice Cream wrapped it up with 1 out of 1 against Drew P. Final score: 11-2 Duffy's.

So 3rd/4th place games this week (April 28th) and the 2 Championship matches (A and B Trophies) will play next week, May 5th.

Good luck!



Captain's Quarters

Dec 14, 2010, 10:48 pm

If you are the visiting team, please make sure to check more than just the score - verify that all the names are right, the beer frame is filled in correctly, and watch for 8-ball break and runs not counted by the home captain. There has been a few instances lately that the run outs are not being recorded by the home captain. It is their responsibility to put them down, but it also the visiting captain's responsibility to confirm the entire scoresheet. It's not easy to go back and change one stat for a game a few weeks ago.



 President's Corner
A temporary 'Statistics' page work around to see the whole list of players on one page: Click on green 'Statistics' tab in left hand column, then 1) select a team from the filter selector (any team) 2) now go back and select 'all teams' 3) now you can sort any heading and have every player show up, not just the first 100 players on the current page. A possible fix is coming.
 Match Results
Oasis Outlaws (3) vs Oasis Bulldogs (11)
Thursday, May 5, 2016
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Duffy's Tavern (9) vs Eagles (11)
Thursday, May 5, 2016
Match Details
Oasis Ball Busters (11) vs Oasis O-Team (1)
Thursday, April 28, 2016
Match Details
Oasis Bankers (11) vs Shenanigan's Rack Pack (10)
Thursday, April 28, 2016
Match Details
Oasis Outlaws (11) vs Oasis O-Team (6)
Thursday, April 21, 2016
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 Next Match
Pool Party vs Awards & Dinner
Saturday, June 4, 2016 - 1:00 pm
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