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Tuesday June 18 2019 
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2018-2019 Chico Mens Pool League

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Playoffs - Round 1 Update
Jun 12, 2019, 5:06 pm

Round #1 of the playoffs is in the books. Here's what happened:

The #1 Seed Playa's beat the #8 seed Dragons 11-5. They did it so efficiently Kevin Cibart didn't even have to play. Jeff was the only player on the night to get all 3 games. Charles, Bill, and Jason all got 2 out of 3. Joe Gall got 1 out of 1 to win it for Down Lo. The Playa's now go on to play against the Oasis Original O's at the Down Lo Thursday night.

The #2 seed Outlaws were playing against their in-bar rival the #7 seed Hateful 8. The Outlaws won 11-6 to get them into the 2nd round. The Outlaws now go on to play the Oasis Bulldogs.

The #3 seed Bulldogs beat the #6 seed Duffy's Tavern by an impressive 11-2 margin. Prana and Ian were the only Duffy's players to score a point, while Phylicia and Brenon won all three of their matches, and Ed Bowers and Urbach got 2 out of 3. Ty Kaye got 1 out of 1 with the clinching game winner. 

The #4 and #5 seed matchup was the closest of the night. It featured last year's champions in a barn-burner against the Down Lo Damned. They needed all the frames and all 7 players. The O-Team was up 10-8 needing just one more win in the final show down - James V. vs. Derek S. The Damned's Derek got the first game to make it 11-9 Down Lo, but James came back in game 2 with a win to seal the deal and send the O-Team on to fight another day. 

So Thursday, June 13th looks like this:

#1 seed Playa's vs #4 seed Original O's at Down Lo, Table #10, 7:00pm

#2 seed Outlaws vs. #3 seed Bulldogs at Oasis, Table #1, 7:00pm


The winners play each other in the Championship, the losers play each other for 3rd/4th place honors, both on June 20th.

The Charles Lintz Top Shooter Tournament will be on Thursday, June 27th, at the Down Lo.

The End-of-the-year Pool Party is still on the same date: Saturday, June 29th, at the Down Lo, 1:00pm.


Come down and catch the excitement Thursday night at the bar of your choice - Oasis or Down Lo.


May 29, 2019, 5:01 pm



It's playoff time!

Believe it or not, but the website has been updated with all the final matches entered! The green, left-hand column has all the links to the updated sections: statistics, final standings, Top Shooter list, and beer frame leaders (soon). I emailed everyone on my list this same post and included a final printout of the individual stats, top shooter list, and final standings you can print/view yourself.

The final week went down to the wire as teams were fighting to get in the top 8 or to stay in the top 8. Luckily, we didn't end up with any tied teams or individual Top Shooters to have to deal with. The Stickmen were on the bubble in the 8th spot, with a 7 point lead over the Oasis Dragons in the 9th spot. The Stickmen had to have a decent night against the Oasis Bulldogs, and the Dragons had to have a medium/poor night at Duffy's to keep things the same. The Stickmen ended up having the sucky night (just 5 wins) and the Dragons came through with a huge 15-6 win over Duffy's, catapulting the Dragons into the playoffs and subsequently knocking the Stickmen 3 points out of 8th place. Staci Owens might have been elected MVP of the night as she scored 3 wins herself to get that needed seperation.

The Dragons now have the honor of playing the #1 Seed Down Lo Playa's, who ended up with a 2-point standings lead over the Oasis Outlaws. The #2 Outlaws will play the #7 seed Oasis Hateful 8. The aforementioned Duffy's Tavern stayed in their #6 seed spot despite the big loss, and will play the #3 seed Oasis Bulldogs. The final pairing will be last year's Champs - the #4 seed Oasis Original O's taking on the #5 seed Down Lo Damned. Here's how it looks:

Round 1 - Thursday, May 30th - 7:00pm:

#1 Seed Playa's vs. #8 Seed Dragons -  Down Lo - Table #10
#2 Seed Outlaws vs. #7 Seed Hateful 8 - Oasis - Table #1
#3 Seed Bulldogs vs. #6 Seed Duffy's - Oasis - Table #2
#4 Seed Original O's vs. #5 Seed Damned - Oasis - Table #4

I'll be asking around more, but a lot of people have brought up concerns over having the playoffs (Round 2) on June 6th - Chico High and PV Grad nights. Some players even have their own kids graduating, or work will be very busy for them because of it being grad night. So it's being proposed that we move the playoffs out one week, as well as the Top Shooter Tournament, but keep the pool party the same - on June 29th. I'll ask around and see what the consensus is, and let everyone know. But tentatively, skipping June 6th seems the best idea. But we'll see.

If you're out of the playoffs, like us, come down and have a beer on Wheezel. We'll be watching from the sidelines at Down Lo and Oasis, cheering on our favorite team(s) - come and do the same! For those in the playoffs - good luck and keep it clean - COMMUNICATE with your opponent to avoid huge problems - i.e. ASK before picking up a ball in hand.



Everything Up To Date
May 8, 2019, 12:31 am

Not sure what I suck more at - pool, or pool league management. I'm thinking the latter somehow.

Sorry, I've been ultra busy and haven't been able to keep up, but alas, I finally found a few minutes to get it done.

So it's done for now - all entered and current.

Three weeks left. Remember, the last two weeks are make up weeks from November 8th and 15th. They will be played May 16th and 23rd.

Good luck this week - go Sharks!


Captain's Quarters

Dec 14, 2010, 10:48 pm

If you are the visiting team, please make sure to check more than just the score - verify that all the names are right, the beer frame is filled in correctly, and watch for 8-ball break and runs not counted by the home captain. There has been a few instances lately that the run outs are not being recorded by the home captain. It is their responsibility to put them down, but it also the visiting captain's responsibility to confirm the entire scoresheet. It's not easy to go back and change one stat for a game a few weeks ago.



 President's Corner
A temporary 'Statistics' page work around to see the whole list of players on one page: Click on green 'Statistics' tab in left hand column, then 1) select a team from the filter selector (any team) 2) now go back and select 'all teams' 3) now you can sort any heading and have every player show up, not just the first 100 players on the current page. A possible fix is coming.
 Match Results
Down Lo Playa's (11) vs Oasis Dragons (5)
Thursday, May 30, 2019
Match Details
Oasis Original O's (11) vs The Damned (9)
Thursday, May 30, 2019
Match Details
Oasis Bulldogs (11) vs Duffy's Tavern (2)
Thursday, May 30, 2019
Match Details
Oasis Outlaws (11) vs Oasis Hateful 8 (6)
Thursday, May 30, 2019
Match Details
The Damned (10) vs Eagles (11)
Thursday, May 23, 2019
Match Details
Oasis Hateful 8 (15) vs I Cue (6)
Thursday, May 23, 2019
Match Details
Tackle Box Alligator Humpers (7) vs Oasis Team Chaos (14)
Thursday, May 23, 2019
Match Details
 Next Match
#1/#8 / #4/#5 Loser vs #3/#6 / #2/#7 Loser
Thursday, June 20, 2019 - 7:00 pm
Match Details
#1/#8 / #4/#5 Winner vs #3/#6 / #2/#7 Winner
Thursday, June 20, 2019 - 7:00 pm
Match Details
Top Shooters vs Top Shooters
Thursday, June 27, 2019 - 7:00 pm
Match Details
Awards & Dinner vs Pool Party
Saturday, June 29, 2019 - 1:00 pm
Match Details
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