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Friday October 31 2014 
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Oct 30, 2014, 4:11 pm

Happy Birthday, Izzy!

Week #2 Results
Oct 29, 2014, 1:02 am

Here's what happened in Week #2:

Da' Eagles were on the road visiting the News & Review's 2014 Best of Chico 'Best Bar'. As we all know, that bar is, of course, hands down, Duffy's Tavern. The teams were tied at 6-6 at the break. Evan got all 3 of his for Duffy's to lead off the night, and Bobbo got all 3 of his for the 2nd week in a row. COX and Mike Daniels beat Kevin and Baback 2-1 for the beer frame win (here out known as 'FTBFW'). Robin shot in the 5th spot and got all 3 of his, the first one by way of an 8-ball break-and-run. Bobby and James cleaned it up to give the Eagles a 12-9 road victory.

 The Rack Pack of Last Call were home as they welcomed in the Bankers of Oasis. The Rack Pack were up big in the top-half as they held an 8-4 lead going into the beer frame. 'Packer Mike Dowd got all 3 of his to help the cause. Matt and Rob beat the Banker's George and Mark Edwards for the... wait, FTBFW. The 'Pack doubled their first half output with another 8 points out of 9 in the bottom-half to reach a final score of 16-5. Bryan got 2, Pat got 3, and Matt got 3 to finish it (and the Bankers) off. 

The Stickmen were on the road visiting the Oasis Bulldogs. The 'Dogs were up 7-5 at the break thanks to Keith's 3-0 win, one of them via an 8-ball break-and-run. Scott and Sundy lost the beer frame to Captain Steve and Robbie, 2-1. Still in this thang, those thuggish Stickmen held on thanks to Paul's 2 wins. Robbie got 2 for the Oasis which got the Bulldogs on the proverbial hill, 10-8. Some guy named Scott showed up and came through with 3 wins and the last second come-from-behind win. Final score Stickmen 11, Bulldogs 10. 

The Playa's were down low at the Down Lo taking on the formidable Oasis Outlaws. The two teams were tied 6-6 after four matches. Leland got all 3 of his games. He and Kyle couldn't win the beer frame, though, as Kenny and Jimmy Scott scored the free beer, winning 2-1. Kevin Cibart got 2 but it didn't help much as Kenny got 3 in the 6th match, and Jimmy wrapped it up with 2 more in the 7th match. Final score: 12-9 Outlaws.

The Tackle Box Alligator Humpers were home as the Oasis Dragons were visiting, chomping on peanuts I'm sure. It was all Dragons as they won big, 17-4. Steve Matthei, Walter, and Sid each had 3-0 hat tricks. Aaron, Micah, Krad, and Chris each had 2-1 wins. But, the Pops/Bob Cody tandem was able to salvage the beer frame win versus Captain Jeffe (sorry, no accent mark for the 'e') and Micah, 2-1. Still no individual player dues, roster, or bar sponsor fees for the Tackle Box, so still no stats for them.

Over on table 2 at the Oasis, the O-Team were hosting the Empire Club for the Durham squad's first match of the year (they had the week #1 bye). These teams were locked up in a 6-6 tie at the break. Russ got three for the O to start the night off, but DJ struck right back and tied it back up with 3 of his own. Chuck then got 2, but Casey came back with 2 for the Durhamites. Mike Clarke and Stacy beat from Matt V. and Casey 2-1 FTBFW. It was pretty much all O-Team in the bottom-half as they got 7 of the final 9 points for an Oasis victory, 13-8. Casey still needs to get his dues, roster, and sponsor fees in, but he's had a little extra time for starting the season late. I need to get those before individual stats are counted.

This is week #3. Good luck everyone. The Rack Pack have an early trick or treat with a bye week. Thanks to everyone for getting those score sheets in on time, and paying up (Outlaws stats are now current.)

Note: on the 'Statistics' page/tab, as always, for some reason, when you sort it by percentage (clicking on the '%' tab once or twice) those with 100% are somehow automatically listed near the bottom of the list. It somehow thinks '100' is less than 10% for example, but more than 0%. Again, see the 'President's Corner' note at the top right of the home page for instructions on viewing the complete stats list on one page, not just the first 100 then a second page for those 100+ players. Sorry, it's a built-in thing with the website that they can't change, supposedly. There is that work-around, though. But it still shows the 100%ers down near the bottom.


Week #1 Results
Oct 22, 2014, 9:56 am

One week down, a bunch more to's what happened last Thursday:

The Bankers were home taking on the Duffy's crew. Both teams wanted to get off to a good start this year, and it showed as both teams fought hard and it came down to the wire. Jim and Mark Edwards each got 3-0 wins for the Bankers, and Captain Ed got all 3 of his. Russ and Barney beat Kevin and Woot in the beer frame, 2-1. Teams were tied at 10-10, but Banker Barney got the final deciding game to give his squad the 11-10 win.

The Outlaws were also at the Oasis, as they took on the Last Call Rack Pack. It was all Outlaws as they got 3-0 wins from Kenny Duff, Mike Brandt, and Jimmy Scott. Last Call Uncle Pat and Mike D got the beer frame though, beating Bulldog and Matt 2-1. The Outlaws still need to pay their individual league dues, except for Ricky, so their stats are still unofficial and not entered.

The third table was in play at the ‘O in week #1 as the O-Team played their intra-bar buddies, the Oasis Dragons. The final score was 16-5 O-Team. The O-Boyz had 3-0 wins from Russ, Chuck, Joel, and Mike. Those last 3 guys swept the bottom half of the score sheet, 9-0. Aaron and Jeff did get the beer frame from Joel and Chuck, 2-0. I errantly said the Dragons hadn't paid, but they had. And now the O-Team is paid so they are both all square.

The Playa’s were on the road to start the season and they headed south to the Tackle Box. The Alligator Humpers put up a good fight – it was 7-5 Playa’s at the break, thanks to Leland’s 3-0 match. Charlie got 2 out of 3 in the 5th frame to make it a one-point game, 8-7 Playa’s. But Dave Kaplan and Kevin Cibart stopped that comeback cold in the last 2 matches with a pair of 3-0 wins. Final score: Playa’s 14, T-Box 7. Kevin and Leland got the beer frame against Mike and Kaz (or Raz). Still waiting for a roster, dues, and bar sponsorship from the Tackle Box, so no stats until then.

The Down Lo Stickmen were also on the road at the Eagles Nest. Thanks to Brian Norman, last season’s Most Improved Shooter, and Paul ‘Wall’ Thurman each getting 3-0 wins, the Stickmen were up 8-4 at the break. Bobbo was definitely the Eagles MVP for the night – he got all 3 of his games, nobody else had more than one. Don and Mike of the Eagles did get the beer frame from Scott and Wheez, 2-1. The Stickmen won in the end 14-7.

 Side note: Be careful and avoid any possible conflict on the Eagles table (or any drop-pocket tables) – the Eagle’s actual pockets seem smaller than average and they fill up quickly with dropped balls. Be sure to (carefully) clean out, move, or empty the pockets regularly as you’re shooting. FYI: If any object ball rebounds out of a full pocket and stays on the table in play, it stays out (not pocketed). If it’s the cue ball that rebounds out, it stays pocketed (scratch). If the ball, cue ball or object ball, is sitting on top of a pile and maybe touching the table bed as well, it is considered down (pocketed), if it would have naturally fallen if the pile didn’t stop it. It is the player’s responsibility to keep the pocket’s contents in check. This rule clarification will be added to our CMPL rules (rule #10) immediately (available in the ‘downloads’ section, and part of the printed rules for next year.) Side-side note: the 2014-2016 version of “The Official Rules of CueSports International – As used by the BCAPL and USAPL” is available for download or viewing by clicking HERE, or downloading from the CMPL website’s ‘downloads’ section. This is just for reference and used by me for rulings not covered in our limited CMPL rules.

The Down Lo Damned were home alone as the big bad Oasis Bulldogs came a knockin’. Bulldog Keith, Brenon, and Mario each had 3-0 wins. The other 4 ‘Dogs had 2-1 wins. If you’re keeping track at home, your algebra would yield an answer of 17-4 Oasis. Brenon and Mario got to their 3 wins in style – they each had an 8-ball break-and-run in their final games. All the Steve’s played in the beer fame – Steve Smith and Ed beat Stephen W. and Steve McGrill 2-1 for the honors.

Again, if your name is not listed on the website under your team’s roster, you or your captain have not paid your $20 dues yet and you’re in jeopardy of losing any points or stats earned in week #1. Be sure to talk to him or me as soon as possible.

The Empire Club is now ready to play – they had the bye for week #1. They’ll be starting their season at the Oasis versus Stacy and the boyz. Yes, that was a ‘z’. The Down Lo Damned will have a week off to catch their collective breath as they have the week #2 bye. Everyone else – good luck! The Empire will have a few extra days to get their rosters/money straightened out due to their late start. 


Captain's Quarters

Dec 14, 2010, 10:48 pm

If you are the visiting team, please make sure to check more than just the score - verify that all the names are right, the beer frame is filled in correctly, and watch for 8-ball break and runs not counted by the home captain. There has been a few instances lately that the run outs are not being recorded by the home captain. It is their responsibility to put them down, but it also the visiting captain's responsibility to confirm the entire scoresheet. It's not easy to go back and change one stat for a game a few weeks ago.



 President's Corner
A temporary stat page work around to see the whole list of players on one page: 1) select a team from the filter selector (any team) 2) now select 'all teams' 3) now you can sort any heading and have every player show up, not just the first 100 players on the current page. A possible fix is coming.
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Thursday, October 23, 2014
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Last Call Rack Pack (16) vs Oasis Bankers (5)
Thursday, October 23, 2014
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Tackle Box Alligator Humpers (4) vs Oasis Dragons (17)
Thursday, October 23, 2014
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Oasis O-Team (13) vs Empire Club (8)
Thursday, October 23, 2014
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Duffy's Tavern (9) vs Eagles (12)
Thursday, October 23, 2014
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