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Monday August 20 2018 
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GP - Games Played   MP - Played   MW - Winner   WP - Win Percentage   BFW - Beer Frame Wins   BFL - Beer Frame Losses   3-W - 3-Win Match   2-W - 2-Win Match   1-W - 1-Win Match   0-W - 0-Win Match   RunOut - 8- Ball Break & Runout  
Howard PlymesserDown Lo I Cue33824.2%0201640
Judd Rack PackDown Lo Rack Pack24937.5%0012230
Tommy ReynoldsOasis Original O's655381.5%20135401
Aaron RooneyOasis Original O's663857.6%1057911
Joel RussoOasis Original O's724663.9%84611610
Stacy SchaeferOasis Original O's663045.5%3253951
Evan SchumannDuffy's Tavern512956.9%1129510
Josh ScottDown Lo I Cue3000.0%0000010
Donny SibleyEagles572340.4%0025750
Chris SingletonEagles301550.0%2422512
Alan SiscoEagles541629.6%35031050
Kai SmalleyDown Lo I Cue572543.9%0317830
Terry SmithEagles662436.4%2634780
Aaron SmithOasis Dragons572340.4%02061120
Steve SmithOasis Bulldogs542953.7%8337620
Derek SpainhowerThe Damned634673.0%7089400
Galen SquyresOasis Team Chaos9333.3%0101110
Sundy StogdenDown Lo Stickmen3133.3%1100100
Curtis StokesDown Lo Rack Pack30826.7%0103250
Steve StullOasis Dragons603355.0%3248530
Steve SwimDuffy's Tavern481837.5%0115550
Jamie T.Oasis Dragons12758.3%0111200
Gregg TaylorOasis Outlaws332472.7%1245200
Izzy TaylorOasis Outlaws603456.7%3057530
Ed TheisDuffy's Tavern513160.8%7573431
Paul 'Wall' ThurmanDown Lo I Cue422047.6%1633530
Tony TokarskiThe Damned784760.3%3179820
Chris UrbachOasis Bulldogs755168.0%00107710
Sid ValleOasis Dragons391743.6%2415430
Robert 'Bobby' Van MeterEagles481531.3%2304750
Brian VignonOasis Original O's452453.3%6127420
Matthew VolkDown Lo I Cue724359.7%2887540
James VoorHeesOasis Original O's452453.3%2028230
Drake WaterstonDown Lo I Cue6233.3%0001010
Stephen 'Satyr' WellsThe Damned573052.6%6454730
Goran WesterdahlThe Damned754458.7%0086830
Charles WhitneyDown Lo Playa's12866.7%1021010
Keith WhitworthOasis Bulldogs815669.1%01137340
Brenon WilliamsOasis Bulldogs815466.7%32912330
Jack WilliamsonDown Lo I Cue30826.7%0202440
Jim WilsonOasis Team Chaos662740.9%0136670
Jason "Woot" WootenDuffy's Tavern542240.7%0015930
Jeff WozenaDown Lo Rack Pack0000.0%0000000

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