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Monday July 06 2020 
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Keith AbarraDown Lo Stickmen391641.0%2221820
Mario AguilarOasis Hateful 83133.3%0000100
Russ AkersonOasis Bankers513466.7%5766410
Sean AllenOasis Outlaws241354.2%4013400
Sam AlmandOasis Hateful 8511223.5%0004490
Matt AltenburgDown Lo Last Place482858.3%0047230
Curt AndersonThe Damned513364.7%1149310
Dave BackOasis Original O's361644.4%5321810
Alex BakerOasis Original O's483266.7%6248401
George BarstowOasis Bankers0000.0%0000000
Bil BausmanDown Lo Stickmen241562.5%1016010
Rick BaythamTackle Box Alligator Humpers27933.3%0111430
Alex BerryDown Lo Last Place481429.2%01021040
Cele BobadillaDown Lo Stickmen543768.5%1276410
Rich Boelens, Jr.Oasis Bankers483266.7%3357310
Rich Boelens, Sr.Oasis Bankers421331.0%0003740
Ken Bolin (Bulldog)Oasis Outlaws543768.5%2176410
Ed BowersOasis Bulldogs543463.0%0066420
Mike Brandt, Sr.Oasis Outlaws241145.8%0012410
Dylyn BraunEagles15426.7%0001220
Dennis Bruch, Jr.Oasis Bulldogs543463.0%10158320
Jeff BrunOasis Dragons452351.1%1328140
Phil BulanadiOasis Hateful 8211361.9%2115010
Jessica BurtonDown Lo Stickmen391948.7%3308320
Rob C.Oasis Dragons9444.4%0010110
Evan CaseyOasis Hateful 8361644.4%2415330
John ChamberlinOasis Dragons482960.4%3438410
Gary CharlesworthDown Lo Last Place391846.2%2116330
Kevin CibartDown Lo Playa's484083.3%5296102
Kelly T CibartDown Lo Playa's12650.0%0103010
Mike ClarkeOasis Original O's301240.0%4013330
Kym ClarkeOasis Bankers9222.2%1000210
Bob CodyTackle Box Alligator Humpers452351.1%3819230
Jason ColaboveDown Lo Playa's332678.8%2163201
Meredith CooperOasis Hateful 8241354.2%0123120
Mike DanielsEagles511529.4%4305570
Joan DanielsEagles24416.7%1001250
Krad DavidianDown Lo Last Place452351.1%8526520
Craig DavisDuffy's Tavern452146.7%3333630
Xedric DavseyTackle Box Alligator Humpers6233.3%0201010
John DentonI Cue21942.9%0011410
Walter DouglasOasis Dragons511937.3%2025370
Kenny DuffOasis Outlaws392564.1%3153410
Steve DuganOasis Bankers541629.6%4305670
Bill DurhamDown Lo Playa's451840.0%1214730
Peggy DurhamOasis Original O's21104.8%0000160
Mark EdwardsOasis Bankers15320.0%0000320
Paul EggersOasis Hateful 8542138.9%1315840
Matt 'Tree' FieldsOasis Outlaws362261.1%4335310
Ken ForbisOasis Bankers301756.7%0016210
Dave ForbisOasis Bankers451840.0%1022830
Joe GallDown Lo Playa's362158.3%3144130
Brent 'Wheezel' GallagherDown Lo Stickmen482347.9%0126530
Jacob GilbertTackle Box Alligator Humpers3000.0%0000010
D.J. GreslieOasis Outlaws361644.4%2131530
Steve HambekOasis Dragons512854.9%0336710
Mike HamptonDown Lo Stickmen9666.7%0111100
Danny HankinsEagles9333.3%0001110
Daniel HarenDuffy's Tavern482552.1%5444530
Ian HarlowDuffy's Tavern12325.0%0000310
Fred Hateful 8Oasis Hateful 83133.3%0100100
Derrick Hateful 8Oasis Hateful 80000.0%0100000
Chris Hateful 8Oasis Hateful 833100.0%1010000
Robin HawkerOasis Bulldogs12325.0%0000310
Phylicia HawkerI Cue452146.7%6133630
Jeremy HedlundI Cue452657.8%5345420
Cal HeltonDown Lo Stickmen241458.3%0014300
Sean HigginsI Cue9333.3%0001110
Larry HillerOasis Hateful 8422354.8%1544330
Paul HoermanI Cue452351.1%0143530
Philo HuntThe Damned392461.5%2154130
Corey IlerI Cue27622.2%0001440
Joe IoaneOasis Hateful 8452760.0%2454420
Willie JacksonTackle Box Alligator Humpers3000.0%0000010
Jeff JacobsenDown Lo Playa's361952.8%0041520
Kent JohannsTackle Box Alligator Humpers54814.8%00016110
Tyler JohnsonOasis Bankers0000.0%0000000
Randy 'R.J.' JohnsonDown Lo Last Place392359.0%2143510
Prana JohnstonDuffy's Tavern18844.4%0011310
Mike KarolOasis Outlaws332678.8%3255100
Ty KayeOasis Bulldogs513874.5%1186210
Robbie KeillorOasis Bulldogs513262.7%9364610
Kevin KinellDuffy's Tavern453168.9%6664500
Jason KnightDuffy's Tavern331545.5%3123330
Sean KruegerThe Damned452248.9%4433720
Lance LammersOasis Dragons0000.0%0000000
Pops LangTackle Box Alligator Humpers51713.7%00023120
Kevin LangstaffOasis Bankers15746.7%1002300
Mikie LeitnerDown Lo Playa's9555.6%0002100
Martin LeonDown Lo Last Place452248.9%0016710
Charles LintzDown Lo Playa's6350.0%0001100
Chuck LockhartEagles331236.4%1104430
Kevin LombardOasis Outlaws544481.5%21106201
Dwayne LossingDown Lo Playa's423071.4%4166020
Chris MaclainOasis Bulldogs6350.0%0001100
Mike MadsackDown Lo Stickmen361336.1%1512630
Jordan MaiceDown Lo Last Place422457.1%3428220
Ricky MartinOasis Outlaws24833.3%3211330
Troy MartinDown Lo Playa's513364.7%4382520
Scott AndrewsDown Lo Stickmen483164.6%3464510

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