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Week #6 Results
Dec 17, 2015, 6:41 pm

Here's what happened last week, Dec. 10th:

First, again I'm still having issues getting stuff from the Empire. I don't have a scoresheet from last week. Mike Karol and Cal were nice enough to furnish me theirs to get up to date on past weeks, but I don't have the most recent one now. I have heard your complaints and will pass them on and talk to Casey tonight as we play him in Durham. Tomorrow, one way or another, I'll have everything up to date - standings and stats - and will have them posted here and at the Oasis. Sorry for any inconveniences, but it’s out of my control for the most part.

The Bankers welcomed in the Eagles at the Oasis as the two teams squared off for a night of billiards. The Bankers got out to a quick 7-5 lead at the break, thanks to Mark Edward's 3-0 win. Eagle Bobbo kept it close as he got 3 of his own. Terry and Robin beat Ken and Jon for a road beer frame win, 2-0. In the bottom half, Russ was the big difference as he scored 3 wins to help his team get to a final 12-9 victory.

The Oasis O-Team was also at home taking on the Tackle Box Gator Humpers. The O-Team was out big in the first half - up 10-2. Russ and Joel got 3-0 wins, James and Dwayne got 2-1 wins. Brian V. and David Napier got the beer frame 2-0 versus Charlie and Paul. DJ got the win for the night with his 2-1 victory, making it 12-3. But Jason and Jonny took the night from a disaster to pretty respectable. They each had 3-0 wins to take the final 6 games in a row. Final score, 12-9 O-Team.

Over at the Down Lo, the Stickmen were taking on their barmates - the Damned. It was close the whole way through.  Every match was 2-1 one way or the other, even the beer frame. In that beer frame, Satyr and McGrill beat Wheeze and Sundy, 2-1. Final score was of course close, too - 11-10 in favor of the Stickmen. Paul Wall was the hero getting 2 of the final 3 points to get them over the hill.

Nearby on Table 10, the Playa's were hosting Cal's Ball Busters. It was also very close - tied 6-6 at the half. Ball Buster Walt got the first 3 points, then Playa' Kevin came back and got 3 of his own. Kevin and Leland beat Bil and Cal in the beer frame, 2-1. In the bottom-half Leland got a 3-0 win, but Eric came right back and got 3 for the 'Busters. In the final tie breaker match, Larry Hiller got the first 2 to put his team to 11, and Cal got the final point to bring his team to 10. 

Upstairs at Duffy's saw the home team playing the Oasis Bulldogs. In yet another close match, the Bulldogs prevailed 11-10. Bulldog Ed got 3 wins for his team, as Steve Swim got 3 for his squad. Chris Urbach 'only' got one win, but it was a stylish break-and-run win. Kevin and Ed beat Steve and Ty for the beer frame honors. 

The Dragons were playing their barmates, the Outlaws last week. It was a close 7-5 match at the break. Kenny Duff helped his team to 7 with his 3-0 victory. Sid and Steve beat Bulldog and Izzy in the beer frame, 2-1. Steve Hambeck got 2 wins for the Dragons to start the second-half, but Bulldog and Mike Karol each got 3-0 wins to run the final 6 games. Final score: 14-7 Outlaws. (It was listed 15-6 on the score sheet, but it actually came out to 14-7).

Again, no score sheet or stats for the Empire/Shenanigans match.

Good luck this week/tonight. Remember, no games for the next two weeks! (Christmas and New Year's)


Week #5 Results
Dec 10, 2015, 4:48 pm

Sorry it's taken this long to post some results. Had (still have) some issues with rosters and payments. I've been crazy busy. It's the holidays. You know the rest.

Everything is in that I have. I'm still missing some scoresheets from a few weeks ago (Empire vs Outlaws, and Shenanigans vs Ball Busters). So until I hear from Casey and Gary, the standings and stats aren't complete yet. But all other teams besides those four should be in good shape and accurate in standings and stats. But I'll double check everything once (if) I get those sheets.

Here's what happened in Week #5 (Dec. 3rd):

The Playa's beat the Bankers 16-5 at the Oasis on the 3rd over at the Down Lo. It was 10-2 at the half thanks to Jeff J. and Leland's 3-0 wins. Kevin Cibart and Rusty couldn't get the beer frame from Barney and Rich as the Bankers won 2-1. Kevin rounded the night out with a 3-0 win.

The Damned turned in a very fuzzy picture of their score sheet, so I'm pretty sure they won 16-5 versus the Tackle Box. Phuiewh (I assume Philo) beat Kfhdhsd (Kent) 3-0. Rasfhasd and Whasdfgka (Richard and Whyatt) beat Jason and Johnny 2-1 in the beer frame for the Damned win. In the bottom half, Sawdfg (Satyr) beat Charlie 2-1, Rasfhasd (Richard Nixon) beat Jason 2-1, and Stdwfhuk McGesjlkh (Steve McGrill) beat Johnny 3-0. PLEASE turn in non-blurry pictures!!!!

In a very clear picture, Mike Karol's Outlaws beat Duffy's 16-5 as well. Kenny Duff got all 3 of his, as did Bulldog and Mike Karol. Mike Brandt and Bulldog won the beer frame 2-0 vs Ed and Ice Cream.

The Ball Busters of Oasis beat the Oasis Dragons 16-5, too. Brian, Cal, and Eric had 3-0 wins. Cal and Bil won the beer frame. 

The Eagles were home taking on the Oasis Bulldogs on the 3rd. The Oasis team was up 8-4 at the break - Dennis helped with a 3-0 match. Robbie and Steve got the beer frame 2-1 versus COX and Terry. Terry was a bright spot on the Eagles sheet as he got a 3-0 victory for the home team. The final score was 12-9 Bulldogs.

The Stickmen were over at Shenanigan's for the first time. We were all very impressed - great venue! It was Stickmen 7, Rack Pack 5 at the break. Cele got all 3 of his, but Gary got all 3 of his to balance it out. Keith and Scott got the Beer Frame from Mikey and Gary, 2-1. Scott then came back and got all 3 of his, but then so did Matt for Shenanigan's. That made it 10-8 Stickmen - Keith had to get one, Mikey had to get all 3 in the final pairing. Mikey got the first one to make it 10-9, but Keith came back and shut the door in the next two making it 12-9 Stickmen.

The final game of the week was between the O-Team and Empire, at the Oasis. It was all Oasis in the first half - up 9-3 thanks to Russ and Chuck's 3-0 wins. Joel and Dave Napier beat CJ and Curt in the beer frame, 2-0. Curt then got all 3 for the Empire, but Dave and Joel came back and got 2 and 3 respectively to make it a 14-7 Oasis O-Team win. 

Good luck next week (tonight).



Cue Ball Usage in League Play
Nov 18, 2015, 2:08 am

I assumed everyone was using the league-approved and standard playing equipment, but apparently that hasn't been the case in regards to the cue ball. The agreement we came to many years ago was to use the Aramith Pro Cup brand 'measel' cue balls provided by the league, or independently, as long as they are the same, official, Aramith Pro Cup 'measel' balls. I believe I've seen some imitation brands/models, but the Aramith ones should be able to be spotted by 1) it has 6 spots (not 8 or other amount), 2) the Aramith dots are a little blurry on the edges of the red circles - the imitations are well defined and crisp, 3) most (all?) Aramith ones are more of a tapioca color, almost 'faded' or sun-baked looking. If it's bleached white, I doubt it's an Aramith. Here's the cue ball in it's packaging case and a close-up.

                True Aramith Pro Cup    Aramith Packaging
Here's an example of an imitation model:
Non-Aramith Example

To confirm this is what we agreed upon, you can look at both set of rules (in your binder or downloadable in the 'downloads' section at In the 'CMPL Info & Procedures', section/rule 5(g) discusses it. And in the adapted 'CMPL 8-Ball Rules', section 2 lays it out.
I now realize that Cal might not have one being a new captain - my bad for not seeing this earlier - but I'll get one to him ASAP or in the meantime maybe one of his teammates or opponents can let him borrow theirs when they are at home. 
Arguments can be made which ball is better, or lighter, or cooler, or the world-renowned favorite, but the fact is we decided on these Aramith ones the same as we could have any other. More for consistency from bar to bar rather than solely by quality or ratings. So for this reason, please use the 'real' Measles ball from here on out. Captains, please pay close attention to the opening break because once the match has started with the wrong one only with mutual captain agreement can the ball be swapped out. If it happens, and a swap-out is agreed upon, I would recommend a strategic swap time - between matches, or at least between games. Not during a game.
I'll try to get scores posted from week #3 ASAP. 

Week # 2 Results
Nov 12, 2015, 5:50 pm

As we enter our third week, we are still missing some payments and more importantly rosters. Our original rules say that all rosters and payments are due by the 2nd week, but we all know this is the Chico Mens Pool League and deadlines are only for losers.

So, as I piece together scoresheets and blurry screenshots with nicknames and doodles,, empty squares, and bad math, I come out with a pretty good idea of what happened the past couple of weeks. I got the final scores and team points entered, but I haven't received rosters from a few teams so I'm not totally up on individual stats. So no printouts of those or Top Shooters yet, just team standings. They are accurate online at and posted at the Oasis.

I can't thank Ed Theis enough, and even Micah, for having rosters and payments to me as early as they did. And everyone else who had them in on week #1 or #2. For a one time a year collection, it is amazing how fucked up this gets. If it was CARD, or the real world, deadlines would be met. If it's Scott and the CMPL, "screw it". I couldn't imagine having to collect dues on a weekly basis for green fees like Jackie and Kevin! No way.

Anyways, good luck in week #3 - especially to Ed, Micah, and the other on-timers. You deserve a break and run for your assistance.

Note that tonight (11/12) is our first of 6 all interleague-play nights - all games played will be against an opposite conference opponent.



Binders are READY!
Oct 28, 2015, 12:42 am
Sorry it took so long, but the captain's/team binders are now ready to be picked up for the season. They are ready at the Oasis behind the bar - just ask Stacy or any bartender. 
The binders include score sheets for the year, team roster sheets, schedules, and rules. 
Don't forget - games start this Thursday evening. Check out the schedule online - - or of course, in your binder.
Good luck in week #1!

Scotch Doubles Tournament
Oct 21, 2015, 3:02 pm

In case you haven't heard, just a reminder for you that this weekend at the Oasis is the Scotch Doubles tournament benefitting the oncology massage fund. Cash prizes are available, as well as raffle prizes. Even the food and drinks ordered will help the cause - 20% of those sales will be donated, so bring some friends that don't play pool but like to eat and drink! Entry fees are $10 per person ($20 per team). It is open to everybody, so maybe go crazy and play with a girl! 

Here's the flier. Thanks to Miles for getting it to me, Jackie for running it, and Stacy for hosting it. It's a great cause, as if you even needed a reason or excuse to play.



2015-2016 Schedule is UP!
Oct 19, 2015, 2:35 am

Hey everyone. The schedule is now posted. (Click on 'Game Schedule' button on left-side menu buttons). I'll have a paper copy posted at the Oasis soon, and the team binders with player and captain copies (plus score sheets and copies of the rules) will be available soon (I'll let the captains know by phone or email).

As you've probably seen, there will be 2 conferences - Solids and Stripes. These each have 7 teams serpentine-seeded from last year's final regular season standings, and adding Cal's Oasis/Oroville team (the 'Ball Busters') at the end. (Stripes got #1 seed, Solid got #2 and #3 seeds, Stripes then got #4 and # 5 seeds, solids #6 and #7, stripes #8 and #9, and so on). Click on 'Teams & Standings' to see all the teams in both conferences. Note that the Oasis Rack Pack has moved to Shenanigan's Bar & Grill on the north Esplanade (across from Basque Norte, inside (actually underneath) the old 'Albatross' and 'Gooney Bird' restaurants). Teams will play teams in their conference twice, once at home and once on the road. They will play all the teams in the other conference once in 'interleague' matchups. The first 7 nights of the season will include 6 conference games and one interleague game per night. Scattered through the season will be 6 nights of interleague-only games. In the second-half of the season the conference nights will include one bye week for each team, one from each conference each night. 

This will make the regular season end on April 7th. Conference championships and the eventual Solid versus Stripe A- and B-Trophy championship will run from April 14th thru May 5th. Charles Lintz Top Shooter Tournament on May 12th. The Pool Party (at the Tackle Box) will be on May 21st or 28th. The old-way schedule would have ended the season on July 9th or 16th. So we shaved a good chunk off the season, especially with Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve, and St. Patrick's Day all on Thursdays this season.

It is a different format with the conferences, and it may not be perfect or preferred for everyone, but we're going to give this a shot and modify it (or scrap it) for next year depending on player input. So be patient, have fun, and give it a try.

There could be small changes, but I think it's pretty solid and fair. Each team should have an even amount of home and away matches, and not too many of each in a row. Also consider that the 6 Oasis teams will actually have a bunch more 'home' games when they are actually 'visitors' when they play their other barmate teams. A LOT of time and effort went into making this bear of a schedule, so if it's not perfect - sorry. I'm not paid by the hour - I'd be rich if I was. It is what it is, but let me know if you see any glaring issues before I put it to print.


Captain's Meeting
Sep 24, 2015, 3:00 pm

Hey, hope everyone had a great Summer! But it's just about October - time for baseball playoffs, football, and... Chico Mens Pool League Thursday nights!

Captain's Meeting: Just like always, first Thursday in October, at the Oasis Down Lo, one team representative (only). So that's:


Captain's Meeting

Thursday, October 1st, 7:00pm, Oasis Bar & Grill Down Lo


Games should be starting the third week in October if everything goes to plan. So:


First Games

Thursday, October 15 29th, 7:00pm, Locations TBD


More information to follow. Captains - check your email for a separate email regarding the captain's meeting.




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