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Weeks 15 & 16 Team Reports
Feb 22, 2017, 7:18 pm

OK, back to business - flooding over, Memorial tournament over (see post below/last week for the details/results), work under control... here's what each team did the past couple of weeks:


The Eagles

The Eagles were at home on Feb 9th versus Duffy's and lost 6-15. Terry and Dylyn got the beer frame this week, and Chris S. was the highlight on the sheet with 2 wins. On February 16th, Chris was also the highlight as he and his team played the Down Lo Playa's. Meredith witnessed his sick 8-ball break-and-run which included some pretty cool shots against a great player - Jason Colabove. That was pretty much their only highlight as the Playa's got them 16-5. Terry and Dylyn couldn't get this beer frame against Leo and Rusty.



The Duffy's crew as mentioned beat the Eagles, 15-6, on Feb 9th. They did it with taking 8 of the final 9 games in the second-half - Ed got 3, as did Kevin K. Ed and Trish lost the beer frame, though. They had the bye for Feb 16th.


Down Lo Playa's

In week #15 the Playa's were at home versus the Dragons. Rusty and Kevin each had 3-0 wins helping their team to a 13-8 victory. Jeff Jacobson and Rusty couldn't beat Steve Hambek and Sid in the beer frame. In week #16 the Playa's beat up on the Eagles, 16-5. Kevin and Charles W. had 3-0 nights, everyone else on the team had 2-1 nights.


Oasis Dragons 

The Dragons again lost to the Playa's, but Aaron Smith had a great night going 3-0. Sid had 2 to help his squad get to 8 total points. On February 16th the Dragons were again down at the Down Lo taking on the Damned. They lost by the same score, 13-8. Jeff B. and Steve H. were the high points on the sheet - each got 2-1 wins. Rob C. and Steve couldn't beat Sean and Derek of the Damned for the road beer frame honors. 


Down Lo Damned

The week before, the Damned were home playing the Oasis Outlaws. Tony Tokarski started the night off with a 2-1 victory, but it was all 1's and zeros the rest of the way for the Down Lo crew. The Outlaws beat them 14-7. The Nixons did get the beer frame, though, beating Mike Karol and Gregg 2-1. As mentioned, the Damned beat the Dragons the next week. Richard Nixon got a 3-0 win, and everyone else got 2 or 1 win(s). 


Down Lo Stickmen

The Stickmen continuing their road marathon out at Shenanigan's on Feb. 9th. The Stickmen won 12-9 thanks to Wendy and Cowboy Rob's 3-0 wins. Scott and Cele lost to Mikey and Gary in the beer frame. On Feb. 16th the Stickmen were on the road at Oasis to take on the controversial Team Chaos. Their urine was clean this week but they still beat the Stickmen 13-8. Cele got all 3 for the Down Lo, and he and Scott teamed up to beat Rich Jr. and Bill in the beer frame, 2-0. Everyone else on the team got 1 win.


Shenanigan's Rack Pack

The Rack Pack beat the Stickmen in week #15 - Mikey D. had the lone 3-0 win for the 'Pack. The following week they hosted the Oasis Bulldogs and beat them 11-10. Mikey and Gary each had 3-0 wins in the final 2 spots to come back and win, with no room to spare. Rob and Fish lost the beer frame to Phylicia and Brenon, 2-1.


Oasis Bulldogs

The Bulldogs lost to the Rack Pack in week #16, and also lost to the O-Team 12-9 in week #15. Although on Feb 9th they were short one player. Dennis B. got all 3 of his matches. The other Dennis and Brenon got the beer frame 2-0. 


Oasis Outlaws

The Outlaws played the Damned on Feb. 9th and did very well - winning 14-7. Everyone on the Outlaws got at least one win, Matt 'Tree' Fields was the only Outlaw to get all 3 wins. On Feb 16th the Outlaws beat down the O-Team 16-5. Mike B., Bulldog, and Izzy each had 3-0 wins. Izzy and Mike K. couldn't beat Jhett and Brian V. in the beer frame though.


Oasis O-Team 

The O-Team won on Feb. 9th 12-9 against the short-handed Bulldogs. Stacy started the night with a 3-0 victory, and Brian V. ended it with 3 of his own. In the middle Brian V. and Philo lost to Dennis F and Brenon in the beer frame.


Oasis Team Chaos

Team Chaos had meetings with their pharmaceutical reps during their bye week on Feb. 9th, and as stated above beat the Stickmen on Feb. 16th, 13-8. In that game Rich Jr. had a 3-0 night, and pretty much everyone else had 2-1 nights. Rich Jr. and Bill lost to Scott and Wendy in the beer frame. 


Good luck to everyone in week #17 - except for the Playa's. They have the bye week for February 23rd. I'll try to post standings and stats, and email them, this week but if you don't see them, don't fret - everything is up to date online (standings and stats). Beer frame tracker and top shooter lists are still a couple weeks behind. Sorry.


Feb 22, 2017, 4:01 pm

2017 Chico Memorial Open 8-Ball Tournament



Tim Larson


It was a great tournament - it was essentially booked solid with 64 participants before we even arrived to set up! We had participants from the Chico area, Redding, Sacramento, Marysville, Willows, and a few other cities make the trip. 

But in the end Redding's Tim Larson ended up on top - besting Mario Castenellas (also from Redding). The final brackets can be found by clicking the picture below. Thanks as always to Stacy and Jackie for their hospitality, and Stacy's benevolent donations to increase the cash pot. Meredith did an awesome job, as well as the runners all over the place helping things run smooth. Keep your calendars clear next year - and remember to pay asap - it WILL fill up again!



Click on the picture above to see the brackets up close

Winter Classic Tournament!
Jan 27, 2017, 1:46 pm

Please note - the 2nd Annual Winter Classic Chico Memorial Pool Tournament has been rescheduled from this Saturday (Jan. 28th) to Saturday, Feb. 11th. 

End of Half - Week #10
Jan 19, 2017, 5:38 pm

Here's what happened last week, week #10 - the end of the first half of the season:

Before we go any further, a quick news update:

The Oasis Bankers Team Chaos are currently under official investigation by the BCAPL for possible Performance Enhancing Drugs (PED's), and/or possible criminal activities by the Butte County District Attorney's office for using Rohypnol (the 'date rape drug') for rendering their opponents unconscious. This falls under the possession with intent to distribute (21 U.S.C. § 802) laws. Recent unprecedented wins tipped off the authorities. Stay tuned for more information.

That aforementioned Team Chaos, while awaiting trial, took on the Down Lo Playa's last week. Just to remind you, Barney's crew beat the Outlaws (11-10) in week 8, then beat Duffy's (18-3) in week 9. In week 10 they were up against a formidable Down Lo Team Playa's crew. Inexplicably they beat Down Lo 14-7. Charles W. got 3 for the home team to start off the night, but it was all Oasis from there. Rich Jr. and Siwa got back-to-back 3-0 wins in the top half making it 7-5 Chaos at the break. Then Siwa and Bill Ide teamed up and beat Kevin and Jeff Jacobson in the beer frame, 2-1. George shot 5th and got all 3 for Oasis, and Bill Ide and Russ A. got 2 out of 3 in the final 2 spots to make a 7-2 bottom-half Chaos win. Final score: 14-7 Bankers Team Chaos. Look out Damned - you're next on the calendar (if they are found innocent).

In other news, the O-Team lost to the Dragons 12-9. Micah got all 3 of his matches to help the cause. Dave Napier and Brian V. teamed up to beat Rob C. and John Chamberlin, 2-1, in the beer frame match.

Over at Duffy's, Ed's crew was welcoming in the Oasis Outlaws. It was all Outlaws to start - Paul Airth got 3, Kenny Duff got 3, and Mike Brandt got 2 to help the Outlaws get to a 9-3 halftime lead. Kevin L. and Izzy beat Ed and Kevin K. in the beer frame, 2-0. But the Duffy's team wasn't through - Ed stayed at the table and got all 3 of his games, one via an 8-ball break and run. Kevin got 2 more, but Mike Karol got the final winning points in the last match. Final score: Outlaws 12, Duffy's 9.

The Down Lo Damned were homing playing the Shenanigan's Rack Pack last week. The Damned were up big thanks to Curt's 3-0 win, and Tony, Goran, and Satyr's 2-win showings - 9-3 at the break. Derek and Sean beat Mike Dowd and Drew in the beer frame, 2-1. Final score: Damned 14, Rack Pack 7.

The Eagles welcomed in the Oasis Bulldogs, but then promptly kicked them out after the Bulldogs rudely stomped all over the hosts and their hospitality. The Bulldogs won big (16-5) thanks to Brenon, Chris U., Dennis B., and Captain Steve's 3-0 wins. Chuck and Terry did win the beer frame, though - beating Steve and Robbie 2-0. 

The Stickmen got wasted with Sundy at the Down Lo - they had the bye week.

Now we start all over again for the second-half, just swapping home and aways. The Bulldogs, as they did in week #1, are on the bye.

Good luck in week #11 - and the second-half - a new beginning.

Looks like the big 2nd Annual Memorial All-City Tournament is leaning towards Saturday February 4th at the Oasis. More details coming.

The print outs have been emailed out, and will be posted at the Oasis. The online Top Shooter list still needs to be updated, and will be soon.




Jan 11, 2017, 6:46 pm

Hey everyone-

Sorry, I have been slammed with work stuff over the New Year. I tried to set time aside, but I literally just couldn't without sacrificing work, so work won this time.

I got a quick break here so all the scores are entered - everything is current (except the Top Shooter list and Beer Frame leaders (sorry, Izzy). That will come soon - probably this weekend either with this week's stats including 1/12/17, or not (up through 1/5/17). Stats and standings are on the web - The Bulldogs are in the lead with 119 team points, the Outlaws are right behind with 118. Everyone's bye week has now happened so it is accurate (except for the Stickmen, so they'll drop even more). Kenny Duff is our current Top Shooter at 81.5%, but Jamie T. is right behind him at 81.0%, as is Kevin Cibart and Tony Tokarski - they're both at 79.2%. Ed Theis and Tree are next with 76.2%, and Robbie Keilor rounds out the top 7 at 75%.

As far as recaps go for the past couple of weeks - half of the teams won, half the teams lost. Some people won 3 matches, some won 1 or 2. Some even lost all 3. There was a blowout by the Duffy's squad over the Shenanigan's Rack Pack - 18-3. But in an ironic twist, the Oasis Bankers Team Chaos the next week beat the same Duffy's team by their own score - 18-3! That same Team Chaos, the week before, beat the Oasis Outlaws 11-10 thanks to Barney at the end. So needless to say, watch out for Team Chaos (that's you, Team Playa's) - they're hot right now. 

The Stickmen are on the bye this week - but they won't be home. They'll be at the Down Lo celebrating Sundy Stogden's birthday! So if you're nearby, buy that awesome guy a whiskey water. 

Good luck to everyone else. 

Reminder - the 2nd Annual All-City Memorial Tournament is coming soon. It's down for Saturday, Jan. 28th, at the Oasis, but Meredith has a scheduling conflict so we might need to postpone it until the next Saturday, February 4th. Keep checking here for more information, or the fliers that will be posted at all of our bars.


Week #8 Results
Dec 29, 2016, 7:14 pm

...still waiting for results from Oasis Outlaws (home team) versus the Eagles. Once I get a score sheet from Mike Karol or Mike Daniels we'll be good to go.


Good luck in week #9!


Week #7 Results
Dec 14, 2016, 1:49 am

Sorry about missing a few weeks. All the stats have been in, just not the recaps. On that note, I can't thank everyone enough - especially the Captains. I have not had a single issue collecting score sheets this year. It's either been a full box at the Oasis, Ed's perfectly neat score sheet email from Duffy's home (and sometimes away) games, Mike Daniel's colorful text pic, Satyr's 3:00am text delivery, or Kevin's super-prompt text (I think he's sending the text before the match is over!). Even Shenanigan's, out in their own area code, have made it to me. Either way, it's all made my job way too easy. Thanks again! Keep it up - PLEASE!

Thanks to all this communication, I've emailed (and will soon post at the Oasis) the Top Shooter list and individual stats list, all up to the minute. The Top Shooter list has been updated online as well. To Izzy's vexation, unfortunately the beer frame tracker hasn't been updated yet.

Here's what happened in Week #7

Over at the Eagles, the Dragons were playing the visiting team role on December 8th. It was 7-5 Dragons at the break - the 'unofficial' Top Shooter right now, Jamie T., got all 3 of his games to start the night. Eric and Rob C. teamed up and beat Mike D. and Terry in the beer frame, 2-0. The final score was Dragons 12, Eagles 9.

The Outlaws of Oasis ventured all the way to the north side of the Reach, just past Winterfell, to take on the Shenanigan's Rack Pack. It was all Outlaws as they won 14-7 with the help of Izzy and Tree's 3-0 wins. Mike Dowd and Samoan Joe did get the beer frame, though, impressively beating Mike Karol and Gregg 2-1.

That crazy Team Chaos was home taking on the Oasis O-Team last week in the Match of the Week. The heavily favored O-Team, now with their team even more stacked with the addition of Brian Norman (formerly of Cal's team and the Stickmen), started off in the hole as they were down 5-7 at the break. Rich Jr. shot first and got all 3, then Rich Sr. played and got 2 out of 3. Dave Napier stopped the O-Team bleeding with a 3-0 win in the 3rd match, but Team Chaos newcomer Siwa got 2 out of 3 heading into the beer frame. Siwa stayed at the table with Russ to take on Philo and Brian Vignon, and won both games to none for the 'free' beer. Philo stayed up there to play in the 5th spot, and got 2 out of 3. As did Brian V. That made the score 9-9 going into the final match: Bill Ide vs. Joel. Joel got the first 2 to get to 11, but Bill got the 21st game to make the final score a close 11-10 Oasis O-Team victory.

 Also at the Oasis, the Bulldogs were hosting the Duffy's Tavern crew. The 'Dogs almost got the win in the first-half as they built a 10-2 lead going into the beer frame. Brennon and Ed Bowers got all 3 of their matches, Chris and Dennis B. got 2 out of 3 in theirs. Brennon and Dennis F.(?) played Prana and Kevin in the scotch doubles match, but no score was recorded at all. Assuming they actually played a beer frame, Kevin got 2 in the 5th spot, but Robbie got all 3 in the 6th spot. In the last match Ed Theis got 2 out of 3 against Ty. Final score: 15-6 Oasis Bulldogs.

Over at the Down Lo, the Stickmen had the tough task of playing the Down Lo Playa's. It was 8-4 quickly as Jeff J. got all 3 for his Playa's, Cele got 2 for the Stickmen, and Larry and Kevin Cibart got 2 each. Scott and Paul Wall did win the beer frame, 2-1, against Rusty and Kyle. But Jason thwarted any Stickmen comeback hopes by getting all 3 games in his match. Rusty and Leo chipped in 2 more each to get the final score to 14-7 Playa's. Just a note - a couple of the final matches were played on 'non-official' tables concurrently (with both captain's approval) to help speed up the night. We were done by roughly 10:30pm. So just pointing it out - if your games are dragging, and if both captains agree, games can be played on other tables at the same time. Maybe even the beer frame can be played elsewhere to speed things up, when possible/necessary. Just make sure a captain and co-captain are available to referee on each table. Try to use this as a last-resort option for slow nights. We don't want to necessarily get in the habit of doing this all the time (I think?).

The Damned of Down Lo were off last week in their bye week. The Dragons will not be playing this week, Dec. 15th.

Good luck this Thursday! Drive safely, if you have to drive. It will be wet, and dangerous, for sure. Remember, no matches on 12/22. Games will resume on December 29th (just a one week break).


Week #4 Results
Nov 16, 2016, 1:03 am

Here's what happened in Week #4 (November 10th):

Before the details, just a quick reminder (especially for Down Lo captains): Please let the bartender know who won the beer frame, even (or especially) if your team was victorious. They can then pressure the respective team to either pay, or enjoy their free drinks. Let them know if you lost, too!

Duffy's was hosting the Eagles in downtown Chico last week. Prana and Ed helped Duffy's to an 8-4 lead at the break with their 3-0 wins. Ed and Kevin lost the beer frame 2-0 to Eagle's Terry and Robin. Dylan got 3 for the Eagles to make it 8-7 Duffy's, but Kevin Kinell got them to 11 with a 3-0 win in the 6th spot. Robin got 3 for his team to get his team to 10. Final score: Duffy's 11, Eagles 10.

Over at the Oasis, the Down Lo Damned were taking on the Outlaws. The Outlaws almost had the win in the first half thanks to Kenny and Kevin's 3-win efforts and Paul and Ricky's 2-win matches. Sean and Derek beat Izzy and Tree in the beer frame, 2-0, for a Damned road beer frame victory. In the bottom-half, Izzy got his team to 12 to seal the deal. Final count: Outlaws 14, Damned 7.

The Stickmen were home taking on the Shenanigan's Rack Pack at the Down Lo. The Stickmen also almost made it a first-half victory with Cele and Wheez's 3-0 wins, and Scott and Rob's 2-1 wins. Up 10-2, the Stickmen's power couple, Dave and Wendy, lost the beer frame 2-0 to Gary and Kevin Nickas. In the bottom-half, Mikey got all 3 and Gary and Brian won 2 to make the final score 12-9 Stickmen.

In the match of the week, the Bulldogs were battling the O-Team at the Oasis. Brenon and Dennis Bruch got all 3 of their games, and Stacy and Jhett each got 2-1 wins to make it 8-4 at the break. Robbie and Dennis F. got the beer frame from Mike and Brian, 2-1. Robbie got 2 more in his match, and Keith got all 3 of his, to help make the final score 14-7 Bulldogs.

The Down Lo Playa's were also at the Oasis taking on the Dragons. It was a close 7-5 Dragons lead at the break thanks to Jamie's 3-0 win and Micah's 2-1 victory. Micah and Jamie lost to Leo and Jeff J. in the beer frame, 2-0. In the bottom-half it was all Playa's - Jeff got 2, Jason got 3, and Leo wrapped it up with 3 more for a come from behind 13-8 Playa's victory.

The Bankers were on the bye in week #4. Duffy's has the bye this week.

For those looking for a little extra competition this weekend, the Pierce Custom Cues NorCal Pool Tour is coming through Yuba City's Gold Rush Billiards November 19th and 20th. If you haven't been their yet, it's always worth the trip - the place is awesome. The 9-ball competition will be split into 3 divisions so everyone in our league should be able to fit in nicely somewhere. Kevin Cibart sent me the flier below to share with you all. Hopefully some of you can make it and represent Chico! Let me or Kevin know if you're interested and maybe some carpools can be arranged. Good luck!


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