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Week 5
Nov 17, 2009, 1:17 pm

Week 5 results…

A lot of one-sided victories last week, with most of the wins by the visiting team again.

The Down Lo players headed over to the Oasis to take on the first-place Nuggets. The Down Lo jumped out to a quick 9-3 lead at the beer frame, and put it in cruise control the rest of the way bringing home a commanding 16-5 victory. Gregg, Jerry, and Kevin all came away with 3-0 victories for the Down Lo, and Charles got an 8-ball Break-and-Run to add to his stats sheet. The Nuggets got a lot of 1's and 0’s on their half of the score sheet, but did wrestle away the beer frame as Mike K and Kenny beat Charles and Jason. It was the Down Lo’s first beer frame loss of the season. With the impressive night, the Down Lo team jumps to first place in the standings, leading the Nuggets now by 2 points.

The Bulldogs were the ‘visitors’ as they took on the Oasis O’s at Chico’s Oldest Beer Joint. This one was tied 9-3 at halftime as well, and the Bulldogs went on and won 14-7. Chris and Jim each got hat-tricks for the ‘Dogs, but Brandon and Slade won the beer frame for Oasis - their first beer frame win of the year. Congratulations to Hersh for finally paying his dues.

The Stickmen of Nick’s headed north to the Last Call, home of the Hammer Heads. The Stickmen were up 8-4 at the half, then ran away with it in the second half for a 15-6 victory. For the Stickmen, Mike Madsack continued his winning ways with his 2nd consecutive 3-0 win, and Jesse got his 3rd straight 3-win match. Cele and Sundy lost the beer frame to Rich Jr. and Jason, but Cele did get an impressive 8-Ball Break-and-Run during his regular match to get something for the new stats column.

One of the two home teams to hold its ground was the 8-Ballers of Nick’s. They defeated the visiting Dragons 13-8, with Jimmy Soto leading the way with a 3-0 win. Brenon and Micah won the beer frame for Oasis, as Pops and Mike left another surprise for Nick’s owner Dave - a beer tab for 16 pool players.

The Empire Club travelled to Chico to take on the Towne Lounge. A very close match unfolded. They were tied 6-6 going to the beer frame, but with Howard getting 2 in the final match, the Lounge squeaked out a home-team win, 11-10. Pat Sands got a 3-0 win for the Durham group, the only 3-0 match for the night. Larry and James teamed up to get the beer frame win for the Empire Club.

Good luck in week 6!


Week 4...
Nov 11, 2009, 9:24 pm

Just some housekeeping, mainly just for Mike Clarke and his Oasis team – I never received Hersh Aseeja’s payment as promised on our league night, 10/29. He has played one match, and one beer frame (but zero wins, zero beer frames). I also noticed as I looked closely at the Oasis score sheets, there are two Brandon’s on his team – Riley and Olson. I have Brandon Riley paid, but nothing for Brandon Olson (who has only 2 beer frame losses). Unless something has been worked out with Aaron, or payment left with Stacy, these guys need to get paid to have them eligible to play anymore this year. As we all agreed and have upheld to, ‘you don’t pay, you don’t play.’

Week 4 Results…

Speaking of the Oasis club, they travelled downtown to take on the Down Lo squad. The underground team handed the O’s a 13-8 loss, with Charles ending the night with a 3-0 victory. Chucky and Jason also cleaned out the beer frame, to keep the Down Lo’s beer frame record a perfect 4-0. If you check the stats page, you’ll see that Charles has been a part in all of them. Slade represented his team well with a 3-0 victory of his own.

Over at Nick’s Nightclub, there was a battle between their two in-house teams – the 8-Ballers and the recently transplanted Stickmen. The former Quackers club won their home opener 12-9, thanks mainly to Jesse Uribe and Mike Madsack’s perfect 3-0 frames. Lots of 2’s and 0’s for the ‘Ballers, but no 3-game winners this night. Nick’s owner Dave was screwed either way in the beer frame, but Scott and Sundy made it official for the Stickmen.

The Hammer Heads of Last Call hosted the Town Lounge team this week, and stunned them with an 11-10 victory. Helping the cause for the 'Heads was Phil and Rich Jr. each getting 3 wins, Howie came through for the Lounge with 3 in the final frame to make it a close match. Steve Hale and Dave Larabee did come out with the beer frame for the Towne Lounge.

The Oasis had its own intra-bar matchup, this time between the Dragons and the Nuggets. Things didn't go the Dragon's way, as they fell to the Nuggets 7-14. Travis was the team leader for the Dragons, mustering out 2 wins. On the flipside, everyone on the Nuggets had 2 wins, except Moses with 1, and Jimmy Scott with 3 victories. Jimmy and Lee Taylor made it even worse by winning the beer frame. The victory keeps the Nuggets in first place, by a good 9 points over the Down Lo.

The final matchup of the week was between the Oasis Bulldogs and the Empire Club of Durham. The Empire collapsed, with a final score of 6-15. The Bulldogs won it by the 5th match, thanks mainly to Keith, Chris, and Dennis picking up all 3 frames. Not much to say for the Empire's side of the scoresheet, except for a big 'W' in the beer frame thanks to Pat and James.


As always – good luck in week 5!


Nov 6, 2009, 9:33 pm

The stats section is complete. The results are all in there, and I added some other stats, but I can't quite get another column in there to show percentage of wins to matches played, so I made a seperate page for the Top Shooters (left-hand column). In the stats section, you can always sort stats by clicking on the top of the column you want to sort. You can choose to see everybody in the league, your team, or any other team you want to check out by selecting it from the pulldown menu above. Clicking on hide/show legend will show what the abbreviations are.

Just got pictures submitted from the Down Lo team - they are now up. If you have pictures of your teammates, or any pool-legue related photos to put in the photo gallery, send them to me! Either or



Week 3...
Nov 5, 2009, 12:05 pm

Week 3 Results-

Just to update the previous article - it is official, Quackers is moving to Nick’s Night Club, and will be known as the Nick’s Stickmen. The team will be sharing the bar with Nick’s 8-Ballers. Ironically, in the first night as ‘The Stickmen’, they will be playing their new bar-mates. So on the schedule, replace all Quackers games with Nick’s Stickmen - no more games at Quackers. Please tell someone else on you team and pass the word. Sorry again for any confusion or inconvenience.

Now, to the results…

The aforementioned Quackers/Nicks Stickmen travelled to the Oasis for a showdown with the Original O’s. Quackers and the O were tied going into the beer frame 6-6, but took control in the final 3 frames to win 12-9. Jesse and Leo got 3 wins for the old Quackers team, and Troy got 3 for the Oasis team. The beer frame was also won by ‘Quackers’ - Leo and Cele won 2 out of 3. Without a bar to back them up with payments, this beer frame was important and personal!

The Down Lo went upstairs to take on the Town Lounge, beating them in their own bar. Same situation as Quackers - tied 6-6 halfway and finished with a 12-9 victory. Larry and Jason got 3 wins each for the Down Lo, no three-fers for the Lounge. The Down Lo did take home the beer frame before making the 30 second commute back to their bar, downstairs.

The third game, between the Dragons and Empire, went exactly as the other two matches above did - 6-6 tie, then the Dragons took over and rode it home for a 12-9 victory in Durham. Kenny Smith, recently acquired off waivers for the Dragons, started the night and his 2009 season with a 3-0 victory, as so did his teammate Micah. The Empire had plenty of 2 game winners on the night, but no 3-0 winners to mention. They did, however, steal the beer frame from Brennan and Micah, as they kicked them out the door and sent them back to Chico.

The Nuggets and Bulldogs had an exciting intra-bar match up. As would be expected, a close match developed. Again, another 6-6 tie at the beer frame, but Frank got a big 3-0 victory in the second half, Brian Augustine chipped in one, and Steve pulled out the tie-breaking win in the final game to give the Bulldogs an 11-10 win. Frank and Dennis each got 3 wins for the ‘Dogs, and the red-hot Kenny Duff got another 3 for the Nuggets, bringing his season to a perfect 9-0. The Bulldogs also won the beer frame for the night.

The 8-Ballers were home hosting the Hammerheads of Last Call. This matchup wasn’t as close as the others around town, with the ‘Ballers taking care of business in a 14-7 victory. Bud Pettit started the night off with a hat trick for the ‘Ballers, as did Krad to start the second half off right. The Hammerheads did have the last laugh as they footed Doug and his crew the beer frame tab.

As always, good luck in week 4! Drive safe…


News Flash!
Oct 29, 2009, 2:31 pm

Quackers management/owners have decided to remove the pool tables, in preparation for a new themed room with the arrival of the Gordita's restaurant next door (coming soon). Master's Music and Vending has been told to "remove the pool tables as soon as possible." Apparently this was a last minute decision, and was not under consideration before the season began. Quackers players even just received their new T-Shirts just last week. This move has totally caught the team off-guard. 

This means that Quackers bar no longer has a pool team. They are on the road at Oasis for the October 29th match, but on November 5th, they will be at a new home bar. Negotiations are being worked out with Nick's Night Club, but nothing official has been decided. We're sure this will come as a satisfaction for some, since playing in that 'cozy' room was pretty tight. The current team is ready to move on and start new, on some real-sized pool tables, with elbow room.

Captains - be sure to check here, or contact Scott ('Quackers' captain) for more information. Regardless, do not go to Quackers if you are a visiting bar.

Speaking for the bar and the Quacker's pool team, sorry for any inconveniences.


...and on to Week 2
Oct 26, 2009, 10:28 pm

Greetings from Las Vegas!

I’m out of town on ‘business’, but I was able to find some time to post the scores. I thought I had everyone’s sheets from week 2, but I didn’t get the Last Call vs. Dragons results when I swung by the Oasis on Sunday. I’m assuming it’s in the box waiting for me, so when I get back in town on Wednesday I’ll update their scores (unless Aaron can email me the results sooner). Thanks to the captains for getting them in, and early!

Week 2 Results-

Kind of a weird week - all the home bars lossed. A contrast to the first week where almost all the home teams won...

The Down Lo had another close game, this time versus the Bulldogs, winning 11-10. Keith got 3 from Charles to help the ‘Dogs get out to a fast start. For the visiting team, newcomer (?) Jerry got 3, as well as Jason C. getting all 3 in the final match-up, enabling the Down Lo’ers to steal the match from the Oasis team. The Down Lo team also managed to get the beer frame as well.

The Mad Ducks of Quackers lost a close one to Durham’s Empire Club, 9-12. James and Mike Dixon each had a hat-trick for the visiting team, and Cele got his first 3-win match of the season for the Ducks. Pat got 2 tough games against Leo in the final frame to bring home the win. The silver lining for the Ducks is a home beer frame win, and 'great' karaoke to follow.

The Town Lounge crew headed to the Oasis for a match against Stacy’s Original O’s. The Lounge beat the home team 13-8. Kevin and David Larabee each got shut-outs for the downtown club, while Joel got 3 for the Oasis team in the final match to make the score a little closer. Unfortunately Stacy had to buy even more rounds as his team lost the beer frame.

The Nuggets headed to the other side of town to take on Nick’s 8-Ballers, and came away with a hefty victory, beating the Ballers 15-6. Doug Mini salvaged 3 wins in the final frame to take the loss from disastrous to bad. As imagined with the score, there were plenty of 3-game winners on the other side – Paul Airth and Kenny Duff got their game on, as well as the father-son duo, Mike Brandt Sr. and Mike Brandt Jr.  It was Jr.’s first match of the year. Moses and Kenny did get the beer frame win for Oasis in this one.

The Dragons of Oasis headed North to take on The Last Call Hammerheads. The Dragons came away with a 14-7 victory. John Chamberlin and Travis each got 3-win hat tricks to help their cause. The Hammerheads did come away with the beer frame victory, sending the Dragons home with a receipt in hand.

I got some player profile pictures of some of the Empire players posted as they visited the Q. I’ll get yours (if you want) as we travel the town. If you have one you want specifically, or want me to steal your Facebook picture, let me know. Even better – send me one to

Go get ‘em in week 3!


...and they're off!
Oct 20, 2009, 2:31 am

Week one is in the books!

First, want to welcome (“back”) our new team for 2009-2010 – the Down Lo. It’s great to see organized pool from downstairs, downtown again. The name is new, but the players are not. With many familiar faces, and big, fast tables, if you have a match 'Down Lo' in the upcoming week, you would be best advised to make a practice night appointment. While there, be sure to grab some of Tino’s famous taco’s from the grill, and watch for him on the drums!

Secondly, this has to be the most organized start to a season - ever. Almost all teams have perfect rosters, perfect bar sponsor fees, and perfect player fees. Thank you captains for upholding the ‘no pay, no play’ creed. It benefits everyone. Please keep it up!

Results from week one-

The Dragons took on their bar-mates, the Original O’s, in an intra-bar match. The Dragons are 1-0 with a close defeat of the Oasis team. Stacy, John Chamberlin, Jeff Brun, Micah, and Joel all came away with hat-tricks for their respective teams. Unfortunately Stacy was the beer frame loser either way in this matchup.

The other Oasis home match was the newly-organized, re-built Nuggets hosting the newly-named Last Call Hammer Heads. The Nuggets shot out of the gates with a 10-2 halftime lead, and never looked back finishing the night 17-4. Twisting the dagger, Mike K and Lee picked up the beer frame win for Stacy. The big win shoots the Nuggets to the week one first place position. With Mike Brandt, Kenny D., Jimmy Scott, and Mike Karol all picking up 3 game sweeps, these guys should be near the top for a while.

The Bulldogs had a run-in with the Town Lounge crew at the Lounge last Thursday. Steve and his ‘Dogs came up short on the night, with all the matches being extremely close – no one had a 3-0 set. Final score was 12-9 in favor of the Lounge, but the Bulldogs did scamper away with the beer frame win, something sure not to sit well with Howard, Jason, and company.

The Mad Ducks of Quackers headed downstairs for their season opener against the above mentioned Down Lo team. This match-up was the closest of the first week. The match was tied at 6-6 going into the beer frame, which Charles and Kevin won. In the seventh frame, newly-returned Graham picked up a hat trick. Down 6-9, Quackers finished the night 4-2 with Wheezel and Leo, and lost by one point, 10-11. Kevin Sibhart and Jesse also had 3-0 matches.

Nick's 8-Ballers travelled South to Durham to visit Durham's best bar. The Empire was there and ready, and handed the 'Ballers their first lost of the season. To help with their 12-9 final score, Brian Ulgnon got 3 wins for the 'Ballers, and Pat Sands got 3 for the Empire. The 8-Ballers did at least make up for their gas to get out there with a beer frame win.

Hope everyone enjoys this website. Just a reminder – this is YOUR website for the league! If you have content to add (news, notes, stories, polls, pictures, whatever!), let me know and I’ll get it posted. If you have any suggestions, you can always email me at Don’t forget to check the forums for questions and answers, rants and raves, and hopefully some smack talk! The stats section is coming – soon. So keep checking. Until then vote on this weeks poll, and good luck in week 2!


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