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Week #14 Results...
Feb 9, 2010, 12:21 pm

Below are the results from week #14.

It's hard to believe, but there are only 18 weeks in the season, which means we are down to the final stretch - only 4 games to go! Some playoff spots are still up for grabs.

The Oasis Dragons were playing host this week to the 8-Ballers of Nicks. The Dragons shot out of the gates to a decent first half, up 8-4, and then ran away with it in the second, winning big, 16-5. Four different players on the Dragons recorded 3-0 victories - Mike D., Jeff Brun, John Chamberlin, and Brennon. The 8-Ballers did however win the beer frame, thanks to the Jimmy-Bud combination.

The Towne Loungers headed South to Durham to take on the Empire this week. In a fairly close match, the Lounge won 12-9 in the end. Tony and Jason both got hat tricks for the Chico squad, but James and Pat got the last laugh with the beer frame victory.

In yet another Oasis vs. Oasis matchup, the Bulldogs were the official 'home' team taking on their bar-brothers, the Oasis O's. The Bulldogs continued their hot shooting, taking care of business en route to a 14-7 victory. Jim Brown, Keith W., and captain Steve all got 3-0 wins for the 'Dogs. Hard to tell from the scoresheet, but it looks like the Bulldogs also pulled off the Beer Frame win with the help of Ed and Bryan.

The Stickmen of Nick's were home taking on the Northside's Last Call Hammer Heads. After the first four frames, the teams were tied at 6 going into the beer frame. Phil got a 3-0 victory in the second spot, but Cele countered in the 4th spot with a hat trick himself. Weezal Dog and Madsack won the beer frame, and then Nick's put on the whoopin', getting 3 games out of Jesse, 2 out of Keith, and finally 3 out of Leo. Getting 11 of the final 12 games, the Stickmen came out with a 14-7 victory. 

Down Lo/Nuggets update - just received the scoresheet for the battle between the first and third place team. The matchup lived up to the hype, and a close back and forth game ensued. The Down Lo kept their perfect season alive - barely. They won by a total of 11-10. The MVP of the night had to be Down Lo's Gregg P., getting a clutch 3-0 victory in the 6-spot, leaving John the opportunity to get the win in the very final frame. Moses kept it close thanks to a 3-0 win of his own for the Nuggets. Mike Karol and Kenny Duff won the beer frame for the visiting Oasis team, putting them in first place in the beer frame race.

Good luck in these FINAL weeks!


Week #13 Results
Feb 1, 2010, 11:46 pm

Here's the results for last week...

Over at the Oasis, the Original O's were taking on the first place Down Lo squad. The Down Lo shot out of the gates, up 9-3 at the break. Charles got it all started with a 3-0 win to begin the night, but the O's came back with a vengeance in the second half, getting 2 from Captain Mike, 3 from Slade, and finally 2 from Joel to make the final score a close 11-10 Down Lo victory. Kevin and Russ were victorious over Mike and Brandon O. for the beer frame honors.

In another common Oasis intra-bar match-up, the Nuggets were 'hosts' to the Dragons. The Nuggets came back after being down 5-7 at the beer frame, to take the win 12-9. The Nugget's Moses was the only player on the night to get a 3-0 victory, and he helped Mike Karol get the beer frame victory versus Joby and John Chamberlin.

In another intra-bar match-up, the 8-Ballers of Nick's were the official home team, taking on the Stickmen of Nick's. The 8-Ballers rocketed out to a 10-2 lead going into the beer frame, but the Stickmen stormed back winning 7 of the final 9 games, making the loss an almost respectable 9-12. Keith started the second-half comeback attempt with a 3-0 hat trick, right after Mike and Pops gave the 'Ballers a bragging right beer frame win, beating Cele and Sundy in 2 games.

The Bulldogs of Oasis headed South to a sleepy little town called Durham to take on the Empire. Dennis helped the 'Dogs get out to a 9-3 first-half lead, thanks to his 3-0 victory. In the second half, James came back with a hat trick of his own for the Durham dudes, picking one of those wins up via the 'ole 8-Ball Break and Run. Steve finished the night off for the Oasis crew with a big 3-0 closing frame. Steve and Dennis won the beer frame for Stacy, defeating Ty and James 2-0.

Still waiting for results from the Towne Lounge/Last Call confrontation. The Lounge was the home bar and responsible for the scoresheet. I'll update when I have more information.

Good luck in week #14!


Week #12 Results
Jan 26, 2010, 1:37 pm

Here's the results from Week 12 in the CMPL-

The Nick's Stickmen hosted the Oasis O's last Thursday, and it turned out to be a close match. Joel won the final 3 games of the night to give the Oasis club a 11-10 victory. James also chipped in a 3-0 victory for his team. The Oasis team won the beer frame as well, 2-1, thanks to Brandon O. and Troy. For the Stickmen, Mike Madsack picked up 3 for his team to keep it close.

The other close match of the week was at the Oasis as the Bulldogs took on the Nuggets in a heavyweight bout. The match was tied 6-6 at the beer frame break, as Keith got 3 wins for the 'Dogs, and Mike Karol got 3 for the 'Nugs in the first half. Mike Brandt Sr. came out shootin' and got all 3 after the beer frame, but then Captain Steve came right back and won all 3 for the Bulldogs. So going into the final frame tied again, it was up to Chris and Jimmy to see who could get 2 out of 3 - and it was Chris, on the very last game, to give the victory to the Bulldogs. The Nuggets did get the beer frame thanks to Lee and Mike Brandt, Sr.

In Downtown Chico, the Towne Lounge headed 50 feet North, and 20 feet deep to take on the Down Lo team. The subterranean club won this match up 13-8, but both teams had their fair share of 3-0 winners. For the Down Lo, Charles, Russ, and Gregg accomplished the feat, and for the Lounge, Ed and Howard each got hat tricks. Kevin Cibart didn't get all 3 but he got 2, one of them with an 8-Ball Break and Run. Charles and Russ cleaned up the beer frame for the Down Lo.

Back at the Oasis, the Dragons were hosting the Empire. This time the Empire conquered the Dragons, 12-9. Jeff Brun's hot hand kept going, as he got all 3. For the Empire, James got all 3 of his. Brennon and Micah got the beer frame for the home team, defeating James and Mike Dixon.

The final match of the week was held at the Hammer Head tank, aka Last Call. The Hammer Heads hosted the 8-Ballers of Nicks. The 'Ballers came out with the victory, winning 12-9. Rob helped the cause by getting all 3 of his games for the visiting club. Doug and Pops won the beer frame, angering Captain Sean Wasson and Rich Jr., but they all made up afterwards, singing a karaoke song together. Rumor has it as being the Righteous Brother's "Unchained Melody", but details are sketchy.

Good luck to everyone in lucky Week 13!


Week #10 Results
Jan 10, 2010, 11:04 pm

Happy New Year! As we begin the second half of the schedule, you'll notice it's the same as the first half - just swapping home teams. So it's rematch time here on out!

Don't forget to vote in the polls - this week, our edition of the 'Best of Chico (& Durham)'. Look for it in the lower right hand column of this page.

Week 10 Results...

The Oasis Bulldogs were home this time hosting the Towne Lounge players. The Bulldogs won big - 15-6. Chris and Jim had back to back 3-0 victories to almost seal the deal for the 'Dogs in the first half, as they were winning 10-2 going into the beer frame. The Lounge managed a few before the end of the night to make it a little more respectable. Howard and Dave did take the beer frame from Frank and Ed.

Two other Oasis teams squared off at Chico's Oldest Beer Joint, the Oasis O's played home versus their bar-mates, the Dragons. The Original O's came up short, 8-13. Stacy and Joel each got 3-win frames for their squad, and James V. chipped in with a win - an 8-Ball Break & Run at that. For the victorious Dragons, Mike D. and Micah got 3-0 wins to help the cause. But the real story for the Dragons has to be Jeff Brun - a career night: First, helps Micah win the beer frame. Then gets right back to the table to shoot in the 5 spot. He goes on to take all 3 games from the Oasis captain. If that's not enough, he wins games 1 and 3 via 8-Ball Break & Runs. Way to go Heff-ay!

On the far North side of town, the Last Call Hammer Heads were playing host to the Oasis Nuggets. After only getting one win last week, the Hammer Heads turned things around and got a total of 10 this week, versus the 3rd place Nuggets. The Oasis crew got the final and deciding point in the very last frame, as Moses stole one game from Sean Wasson. Captain Sean, playing in only his third night of the year, might be the lucky spark to get things turned around for the 'Sharks - he also helped Jerry get the beer frame win. For the Nuggets, Kenny Duff and Mike Karol each got 3-0 hat tricks to help in their close win. It was Kenny's league-leading 6th 3-0 night of the year.

On the South side of town, the Stickmen of Nick's were hosting the first-place Down Lo team. The D-Lo's played top-notch pool as they have all year, and stuck the Stickmen with a 16-5 beat down. This loss slides the Stickmen all the way down to 9th place in the standings, while it propels the Down Lo to a 5-point lead at the top. Larry and newcomer Joel Castle each got 3-0 victories to solidify the win, but Kevin and Joel couldn't hold off the onslaught of the Keith and Brandon Norman tandem in the beer frame, giving the Stickmen their share of the league lead in beer frame wins.

The other Nick's team, the 8-Ballers, were also at home versus the Empire. The 'Ballers were tied going into the final frame 9-9, but the Empire club didn't have a 7th player and had to forfeit the final 3 games, giving the Nick's team a 12-9 win. Mike and Pop's couldn't get the beer frame for the 8-Ballers - James and Pat won it 2-0. All games were either 2-1 or 1-2, except for Doug's forfeit game - he got all 3, but it doesn't count towards his personal stats.

Good luck in week 11!



Final first-half games, week #9 results...
Dec 23, 2009, 8:32 pm

As the League breaks for Christmas and New Years, the first half is over. Here's what happened in week #9...

The Nick's 8-Ballers hosted the Towne Lounge team, but the guests ran away with it in the second half of the night and left with a solid 15-6 victory. The two Steves, Hale and Wells, both recorded 3-0 wins for the Lounge, but Mike and Jimmy won 2 of the 3 beer frame games to give the Ballers a beer frame win.

The Hammer Heads of Last Call headed to the Oasis to take on the Bulldogs, and couldn't get out of there fast enough. In the most lopsided game of the year so far, the 'Dogs handed the Hammer Heads a whoopin' - a 20-1 smack-down. Glen got the only win for the Last Call crew, as obviously there were plenty of 3-0 wins to go around for the Bulldogs - Keith, Dennis, Henry, Frank, Bryan, and Steve each got one. Captain Steve was even able to get one of his wins via an 8-Ball Break and Run out. Adding insult to injury, Chris and Frank won the beer frame, too.

Across town, the Durham Empire Club headed underground to the Down Lo to face the first-place team. The Down Lo group held up to their status by handing the Empire a crushing 18-3 defeat. Troy and Eric were the only Durham players to record points - Eric was able to get 2. On the other side, plenty more 3-0 wins for the stat sheets - Charles, Larry, Jason, and Graham each got hat-tricks. The Empire didn't make it easier on themselves by only bringing 6 players, forfeiting the last match. Newcomer Russ Bryan 'won' all 3, but doesn't get the easy stats - just team points. One bright side for the Empire Club - Mike and Pat stole the beer frame from Charles and Jason.

In the only close game of the week, in an intra-bar match between the Oasis Nuggets and the Oasis O's, the Nuggets eeked out an 11-10 win. The Nugget's Mike Karol, Mike Brandt Sr., and Kenny Duff each got 3-win matches, with Karol and Sr. getting an 8-Ball Break and Run Out each. Troy and Slade kept the match close for the O's with some 3-0 wins themselves. Mike Brandt Sr. made the night an officially good one for him, as he also chipped in a beer frame win aside Lee Taylor.

In the last match of the first half, the Nick's Stickmen hosted the Oasis Dragons. The Dragons got back on their winning ways by shutting down the Stickmen 14-7. Jeff Brun and Mike D. each got 3-0 wins to help the scoreboard. With both home bars in the house, Nick's owner Dave Day was facing an expensive bar tab, but the Stickmen matched their other team, the 8-Ballers, with another beer frame win - thanks to Jesse Uribe and Sundy Stogden.

Thanks again for a great first half! I'm looking forward to an equally good and fun second half, as hopefully so are you. The countdown is on - 9 games left until the playoffs or the end of the year party, or both!

Have a great Christmas and New Years - hope you were good this year and get a new pool cue from Santa! See you in 2010.


Week 8 results
Dec 15, 2009, 1:13 pm

Week 8 Results...

This week most of the home bars got the victories, some of them very one-sided.

The Stickmen of Nick's headed to the Oasis to take on the Bulldogs, and ran into a brick wall. The 'Dogs stopped them in their tracks with a 15-6 victory. Henry, Chris, and Jim got 3-wins each for their club, while Leo got all 3 for his Stickmen. Only real bright spot for the Nick's team was a beer frame victory for Scott and Madsack.

At the Oasis main table, the Original O's were hosting the other Nick's team, the 8-Ballers. In a very exciting match it came down to Doug and Joel in the final frame - best 2 out of 3 won the night. Joel got it on the final game for the one-point Oasis victory, 11-10. Slade got a hat trick for the O's, and Pops and Mike won the beer frame for the guests.

The Down Lo crew were down low hosting the Oasis Dragons, but weren't very nice hosts. They blew out the Dragons 17-4. Helping the cause with 3-0 victories for the Down Lo'ers were Charles, Kevin Cibart, Larry, and Jason. Charles and Kevin won the beer frame for the home team. Only bright side on the Dragon's scoresheet was Brennan's 2-1 victory. This win moves the Down Lo team to a 6-point lead in the standings, and still undefeated.

The Hammer Heads of last Call made the longest mileage-based road trip possible, heading all the way across Chico and out to Durham to take on the Empire Club. The Empire thanked them for coming out then turned around and handed them a solid 13-8 loss. The victorious Empire club got hot-shooting from almost everybody, each going 2-1. James and Pat also picked up the beer frame win, sending the Hammer Heads out the door with a receipt in hand.

The only home loss was at the Town Lounge as they hosted the Oasis Nuggets. The home bar lost the night by a substantial 15-6 score. The Nuggets came in and got some great shooting from all the Mike's on their team - Mike Karol got a 3-0 win, as did the father/son duo of Mike Brandt Sr. and Mike Brandt Jr.  The Mike's - Karol and Brandt Sr., hooked up in the beer frame match to also get the victory.

All for this week - good luck in the next.

FYI, all suspended parties suspensions (regarding the Town Lounge/Dragons scuffle) are either up, or they have paid their fines, and are eligible to play this week.



Week 7 results...
Dec 8, 2009, 1:23 am

All right, moving on from all the crap I hope...

Week 7 Results:

Another week of visiting team dominance. All home bars lost this week, and lose did they. These 'guests' came in and did some stompin'! Each host was knocked out by either a 7-14 or 6-15 score. All these lopsided scores shuffled up the standings a little bit - be sure to check where your team now sits.

The 8-Ballers and Down Lo match starts the run down with an odd-looking scoresheet - each 'Baller got 1-win each, which means every Down Lo'er got 2-wins each. Never seen that before. And of course to add to the pattern, the Down Lo'ers went ahead and won the beer frame by - you guessed it - 2 to 1. The Down Lo extended their league lead, and perfect record.

At the same bar, different table, the Nick's Stickmen hosted the crew from Towne Lounge. They didn't fare much better, in fact worse. They gave up 15 points and won only 6. Ironically, they followed the exact same pattern as the other 2 teams in the bar - every Stickman won only 1, and every Towne Lounger won 2, including the beer frame 2-1. Only exception was Kevin's ass-whoopin' on Scott, winning 3-0. The Lounge welcomed back Ed Tice to the league, paying his dues for the year.

The Empire Club of Durham were on the road, the Midway to be exact, as they travelled to the Oasis to take on the Nuggets. The Empire came in and conquered, 14-7. The two teams were tied at the break 6-6, but the Club went on and dominated the last 3 matches 8-1. Pat Sands, Ty, and Mike Dixon had a hat trick each. The Empire couldn't get the beer frame, but I'm sure still left very happy.

The Bulldogs were at least on paper the visiting team as they had an intra-bar match with the Dragons, and won solidly 15-6. Newcomer for the Bulldogs, Henry Kracht, had a 3-0 win in his 2009-2010 debut, as well as Dennis and Jim. Brian and Ed added a beer frame win for the 'Dogs to make the night a complete success for them, defeating Micah and Dragon's recently-added Rob Calderaro. Welcome to the league, guys.

The last match to report on was the Last Call Hammerheads and the Oasis O's. Again, the visiting Oasis team got the big win, 15-6. Stacy, Slade, Brian, and Joel each had 3-0 victories for the Oasis club. Newly acquired Hammerhead Nick Manes made an instant impact for his team in his debut - doing about as good as you can do in one night - he got a 3-0 victory, with an 8-ball Break and Run, and helped Jerry win the beer frame for the Last Call bunch. Definitely would have been a much uglier loss without his contributions.

Only 2 games left in the first half - make 'em count, and keep practicing!

Be sure to check out the forums - starting to hear a lot of chatter regarding a Scotch Doubles format for the beer frame. Voice your opinions (once you're a registered user) on this and anything else on your mind. Please note - keep the forums general and not on a personal level, or they will be deleted.

Good luck in week 8!


...and regarding the incident...
Dec 2, 2009, 8:47 pm

As mentioned in the previous post below, Aaron has stepped down from his position as league president. I have taken his place as acting president, and the first wonderful thing I have to deal with is handling the consequences of a bar fight between the Oasis Dragons and the Towne Lounge.

Without getting into too much detail, a strong argument broke out regarding players being too close to the league table and distracting shooting players, either intentionally or unintentionally. Granted the tight confines of the Oasis back corner doesn't help these situations from arising, there is a proper way to handle the situation and an improper one. The proper way would have been to get the captain(s) invloved, voice your concern with him/them, and let them (the captains) find a peaceful resolution to the problem. That's why these guys are captains. The improper way would be to get in a shouting match, which leads to a pushing match, which leads to a lot more. The improper way happened on Nov. 19th. Luckily it 'only' escalated to a shove here and there, and a scrum reminiscent of a rugby match. In the end, players were separated, some left the bar, and the match concluded. The resulting penalties now bring us to today. Three players were suspended for varying amounts, based on prior history and amount of involvement. Jason Jones of the Towne Lounge was suspended, as well as Brenon Williams and Joby Dawson for the Dragons. Suspension weeks can be decreased if the player wants to pay 'bail' of $25 per week suspended, with monies going to the end-of-year pool league party. Unfortunately, Brenon also ended up losing his expensive cue in the melee, as it was snapped somewhere in the scrum. Another reason not to fight.

Fighting in this league can not, and will not be tolerated. This is at the basic core a recreational, beer drinking, get-out-of-the-house, it's almost the weekend, BS with your friends, non-compensated, un-sponsored bar pool league. Personal property is at risk, as well as bodily injury. We have Dad's and Grand Dads playing with a lot higher priorities. They don't want to come home with a black eye and have to explain. We all, or most of us, are working and can't afford to miss work with a broken hand or a fractured skull. AFLAC doesn't cover that. There are bar reputations involved. These owners don't want a black eye on their businesses. This league has history. It has alumni, living and deceased. We owe it to them to do what they did - have fun.

So consider this a league-wide warning - suspensions for weeks or months is just a start. Further fights between any bars will be handled more severely than in this instance. The rest of this year will be under my watch. There is nothing concrete in the rules this year, but next year it will be included. Until then, any fights will be subject to my judgement or a league-wide captains vote. Either way, there will be tougher penalties here on out.

All parties would like to consider this over and done with, especially me. Let's move on and play like the people this game was built around - gentlemen.

Good luck tomorrow night.


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