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Playoffs - Round 1
Mar 14, 2010, 3:00 pm

Here's the results from the first round of the Chico Mens Pool League March Madness-

The #1 seed Down Lo team was 'home' at Nick's hosting the #8 seed 8-Ballers. The Down Lo squad got out to a great start, up 9-3 at the half, thanks to a bunch of 2-win matches and Larry's 3-win match. Russ and Kevin took care of business for the beer frame, beating Krad and Pops. Gregg got 1 in the 5th spot, and Russ sealed the deal in the first game of the 6th match, giving the #1 seed team a quick and efficient 11-5 victory. The Down Lo will now play 'home' at the Oasis versus the Nuggets.

The #2 Seed Bulldogs were home taking on the #7 seed Empire Club. The Bulldogs won the race to 11 in the 6th game of the night, winning 11-5. Chris got all 3 to help the Bulldog's cause, as Captain Steve got the match-winning point. The Empire did win the beer frame, as they were able to toast the end of their rough season. The Bulldogs will now host the Towne Lounge in the Final Four.

The #3 seed Nuggets were home at the Oasis taking on the #6 seed Oasis O's. The Nuggets shot out of the gates with 3-0 wins from their lead-off shooters Kenny Duff and Mike Brandt, Sr. But Oasis O shooter James struck back with a 3-0 win himself, against Mike Karol none the less, and Slade got 2 out of 3 to make the match close at the half, Nuggets up 7-5. The Original O's won the beer frame, but Stacy had to buy either way. In the bottom half, Moses got 2 for the Nugs, but Joel struck back with 2 of his own. Oasis' Troy was left with the daunting task of now having to win all 3 versus Jimmy Scott. Troy won the first one, making it 10-9, but Jimmy won the second frame propelling the Nuggets on to the next round. The Nuggets will be at home next week, playing as 'visitors' hosting the Down Lo.

In the #4 seed versus #5 seed matchup, the Towne Lounge had home field advantage against the Oasis Dragons. Steve hale got all 3 versus Brenon to help the Lounge go into the beer frame up 8-4. Rob and Micah beat Jessee and Prana in the beer frame. The beer frame gave the Dragon's Rob a good warm-up, as he shot 6th and got all 3 versus Jason Jones. Similar to the Nuggets/Oasis matchup, it came down to Travis of the Dragons to have to win all 3, and again, similarly Travis got the first one, but Howard got the second win to give the Town Lounge a close 11-9 victory. As mentioned, the Towne Lounge will face the Bulldogs, at the Oasis, in the second round.

So the Final Four match-ups will both take place at the Oasis this Thursday - a great opportunity for those players and teams knocked out to come and watch two games in one place, to see who goes on to the 2009-2010 Championships! The top seeded team will have the choice of which table to play on - either next to the kitchen, or in the back corner. It looks like the 3rd/4th place game will take place at the Oasis no matter what happens, on Wednesday, March 23rd. The Championship, on Thursday March 24th, will be at the Oasis as well, unless it comes out to be the Towne Lounge versus the Down Lo, where the Lounge will be 'home', but the visiting team on paper.

Good luck to those that are left - hopefully we will have 2 great games this week!


Just a note - doesn't affect much besides top shooter standings and the beer frame leader, but in the make up game between the Nuggets and Empire, the Nuggets won 13-8. Kenny Duff and Mike Brandt, Sr. got all 3 for their team, and the Nuggets won the Beer Frame.

With the beer frame win, the Nuggets overtook the Down Lo and are the 2009-2010 Beer Frame Champions!

Now that I have all the stats for the year, I've updated the Top Shooter standings - Jason Colabove is the Top Shooter going into the tournament, which takes place on April 1st at the Oasis.

Have to give some props to Kevin Cibart of the Down Lo - he is the highest ranked shooter who played in every game of the season. Even playing every week, he managed to achieve almost a 76% win percentage, and third place in the standings. Watch out for Kevin in the Top Shooter Tournament April 1st.

Week #18 Results
Mar 8, 2010, 6:55 pm

Here's the results for week #18 (Final regular season games):

The Dragons were home this week hosting the Nick's Stickmen, where the Stickmen were fighting for their playoff life. After a few 'Dragown!' toasts for their fallen brother, Mike Diekman, the Dragons came out strong and were up 9-3 at the half-way point, thanks to Joby's 3-win effort. John and Kenny managed to win the beer frame versus Scott and Sundy. In the bottom half Nick's won 5-4, but it wasn't enough - the Dragon's won 13-8 and knocked the Stickmen out of the post-season fun by a mere 2 points, allowing the 8-Ballers to continue their season.

Across town, the Lounge was home hosting the 8-Ballers, who were also fighting for the 8th playoff spot. Nick's was up 8-4 at the half, thanks to Bud's 3-win performance. At that point, Nick's was 1 point behind the Stickmen and out of the playoffs. Jimmy and Brian won the beer frame for Nick's against Steve Hale and Jessee. In the second half, Dave and Jason each won 3 games, to keep Nick's out of the playoffs, but in the final matchup Nick's shooter Brian managed to get all 3 games from Howard to propel them into the playoffs. In the end, the 8-Ballers moved two points ahead of the Stickmen to continue their season.

Back at the Oasis, the Original O's were hosting their bar-mates, the Nuggets. The Nuggets pulled it out with a 12-9 victory. Helping the cause, Moses got all 3 games, and Bill and Lee got the beer frame versus Mike and Brandon O.

The Last Call Hammer Heads were hosting the Bulldogs on the North side of town. The Bulldogs got three wins from Henry and Keith in the bottom half helping them to their 14-7 victory. The good news for the Hammer Heads was Nick getting 2 wins, one of them via an 8-ball break and run, and Jerry and Lloyd winning the beer frame versus Brian and Ed. The Last call club will be joining the Stickmen watching the playoffs from the sidelines. A common line from both 9th and 10th place teams - "there's always next year."

The first-place Down Lo crew headed south to take on the Durham Empire. The Down Lo was up big at the break, 10-2, but the Empire's Pat got 3 in the bottom half to make it a not-so-bad 14-7 Down Lo domination. Charles, Kevin, and Russ got hat-tricks for Down Lo, and like I said Pat got all 3 for the Empire. Pat and recently acquired Paul LeRoy got the beer frame win for Durham, as Jason and Kevin couldn't hold them off and stuck Mike with buying the full round of big, big beers. Jason didn't play a regulation match this night, possibly leaving him still in first place in the top-shooter standings. Mike Karol still has a match in his pocket, though.

I haven't heard what happened from the Empire and Nuggets make-up game, which was supposed to happen over the weekend. The results will not affect the current standings. The Nuggets will be 3rd seed, and the Empire 7th seed. The only two things that are still in the air are the top-shooter placements and beer frame champion. If the Nuggets win, the beer frame, they will be beer frame champions. If not, we'll have a tie. I'll update when I can, but it might not be before this Thursday's matches.

The playoff schedule is posted in the 'Game Schedule' link. Only thing to note is that the Down Lo will not be playing at home, even though they have home field advantage throughout the playoffs, because they don't have a bar league table. So they will be the 'home' team, but playing at Nick's versus the 8-Ballers on Thursday.

Good luck in the playoffs - I'll update as soon as I get the sheets.


Another lost member
Mar 3, 2010, 8:48 pm

This has not been a good season for the Chico Mens Pool League - and an especially bad couple of weeks. The League has lost another member and brother, Mike Diekman of the Oasis Dragons. I just heard tonight of the bad news, and the report that I got was that he was killed in an automobile accident over the past weekend. I didn't get much more information, and will post more as I get it. I didn't know Mike very well, but his teammates speak very highly of his character, friendship, and love of pool. Unfortunately I never got a picture of him to post to put the name with the face. For those of you that attended Larry's service on Monday, you'll have another chance this week to say goodbye to another teammate or friend, as Mike will have a memorial get-together at his home bar, the Oasis, on Thursday night, starting at 5:30 before the Oasis' final game of the regular season. Come hungry, and be prepared to toast this fallen player. Good bye, Mike. We'll miss you.

Week #17 Results
Mar 2, 2010, 7:20 pm

Here are the results for the 2nd to last week of regular season play - 

The Nuggets headed downtown to take on the Down Lo, and a very good match enveloped. The two teams were tied at the beer frame, thanks to the Town Lounge's Steve Hale getting 3 and Kevin getting 2, and the Nuggets' Kenny Duff getting all 3 and Mike Brandt, Sr. getting 2. Mike Karol and Moses won the beer frame against Jason and Jessee. Dave and Jason got 2 in the bottom half, and Howard came through in his second frame to get the deciding point. Town Lounge was victorious 11-10.

The Dragons were home taking on the 1st place Down Lo team, and got a good beating 6-15. Gregg Prendergast continued his hot shooting, winning all 3. Russ, for the Down Lo'ers, also got the hat trick. Kevin and Jason won the beer frame for the away team. This may have sealed first place for the Down Lo this season.

The 8-Ballers were home at Nick's hosting the Oasis Original O's. They fought back in the second half to make it a game, but still lost 9-12. Brian got all 3 for the Nick's club, and Joel finished the night with a 3-0 victory for Oasis. Joel and James couldn't get the beer frame from Rob and Brian, as Nick's won the honors.

Another close game took place at the Last Call where the Hammer Heads were hosting the Empire Club, who were still reeling from their last unfortunate game. All the games were 2-1 victories for each club, but Pat got the important one - the second to last game, giving the Empire a much deserved 11-10 win. James and Pat also beat Nick and Rich Jr. in the beer frame to save Mike Dixon from buying the rounds.

The Nick's Stickmen are doing everything possible to give up the 8th and final playoff spot to the 8-Ballers, as they got drummed 18-3 by the Oasis Bulldogs. The 'Dogs had it won at the beer frame, up 11-1. The Stickmen managed to get two more in the bottom half for a whoppin' total of 3 points. Many 3-0 victories to go around (for the Bulldogs) - Dennis, Keith, Chris, and Frank all had 3-0 victories, and Henry and Brian beat Leo and Wheezel for the beer frame honors. The Stickmen are only ahead by 1 point over the 8-Ballers for playoff rights - it will obviously come down to the final game for each club to see who continues their 2009-2010 season.

Just to note - the Empire and Nuggets still have to play their make-up game. Unless the Empire team loses extremely bad to the Nuggets and Down Lo, and either of the two Nick's teams win in huge fashions in their final matches, the Empire should be safely in the playoffs. We'll see! I'll post the playoff schedules ASAP after this Thursday's games, so captains - please get your score sheets in as soon as you can - I will be out of town Monday to Thursday, and would like to get things finalized before then.

The Top Shooter standings have changed - it looks like Jason C. from Down Lo is now up by 1% over Mike Karol, but again, Mike's team has 2 games left to play. This again will be decided in the final match(es).

Good luck in your final regular season game!


Feb 19, 2010, 7:47 pm

Larry Rohde

In Memory

The Chico Mens Pool League lost a member and a brother Thursday night. Larry Rohde of the Empire Club, suffered an apparent fatal heart attack during his team's match against the Oasis Nuggets on Thursday night, February 18th. He was rushed to Enloe Hospital with his wife, but they were unable to revive him. Larry, a Chico Mens Pool League veteran of many years, was easily one of the nicest guys in the league. It was always a fun match to play against him, or even just talking with him during the night. Before joining the Empire Club a few years ago, he was a member of the Last Call team in Chico. His son, Kris, also played for the Empire club. Our prayers and support for Kris, his family, his friends and teammates go out to them in these difficult times. Speaking for me, my team, and the entire Pool League, Larry will be missed and remembered for seasons to come. I will post more information as it becomes available concerning funeral services and a donation fund for his family, as well as a make up game between the two teams. I ask all other players and teams to remember Larry for the great person that he was, and offer support wherever and however possible. Good bye Larry. We will miss you.

Week 15 results
Feb 16, 2010, 4:33 pm

And down the stretch they come...

The Nuggets were home this week hosting the Nick's Stickmen. It was a blowout early as the Nug's were up 10-2 going into the beer frame, thanks to 3-0 wins from Kenny, Mike Brandt, Sr., and Mike Karol - back to back to back. Mike K. got one of his via an 8-ball break and run. The Nick's tandem of Cele and Brandon got the beer frame from Mike Karol and Kenny Duff. Nick's did salvage 5 of the last 9, making the final score a not-so-ugly 14-7. Moses won two for the Nuggets, getting an 8-ball break and run on the way.

On the main table at the Oasis, the Original O's were taking on the Empire Club. They won solidly by a final score of 13-8. Stacy started off the night with 2 wins, one of them by an 8-ball break and run. Slade had the lone 3-0 victory for the Oasis club. Mike Dixon and Troy won the beer frame honors for Durham.

Last Call was home hosting the first place Down Lo squad, and got their asses handed to them in a 17-4 Down Lo victory. Four players had 3-0 wins for the Downtown Chico group - Charles, Kevin, Gregg, and Russ. Kevin and Larry each had 8-ball break and runs, while Russ and Gregg won the beer frame for Down Lo.

The Dragons were on the road to take on the Town Lounge. Tempers were kept in check this time around, and the Dragons won 12-9. Brenon and Micah won the beer frame 2-0 on the road versus Steve Hale and Jesse. The two teams were tied going into the final pairing of Howard and Micah, and Micah pulled out the 3-0 victory to seal the deal.

The 8-Ballers were home at Nick's, hosting the Bulldogs of Oasis. Rob got off to a 3-0 start for the 'Ballers, but Chris countered with a 3-0 win of his own for the 'Dogs. The two teams went into the half knotted up at 6. Ed and Brian won the beer frame for Oasis, defeating Mike and Pops. In the bottom half, the Bulldogs won each of their matches 2 out of 3, giving them the win with a final score of 12-9.

The Down Lo is in the lead in the standings, up by 13 over the Bulldogs. At the other end of the playoff picture, the Stickmen are just 3 points ahead of the 8-Ballers for the important and final 8th playoff spot.

Good luck in the final 3 matches!


Week #14 Results...
Feb 9, 2010, 12:21 pm

Below are the results from week #14.

It's hard to believe, but there are only 18 weeks in the season, which means we are down to the final stretch - only 4 games to go! Some playoff spots are still up for grabs.

The Oasis Dragons were playing host this week to the 8-Ballers of Nicks. The Dragons shot out of the gates to a decent first half, up 8-4, and then ran away with it in the second, winning big, 16-5. Four different players on the Dragons recorded 3-0 victories - Mike D., Jeff Brun, John Chamberlin, and Brennon. The 8-Ballers did however win the beer frame, thanks to the Jimmy-Bud combination.

The Towne Loungers headed South to Durham to take on the Empire this week. In a fairly close match, the Lounge won 12-9 in the end. Tony and Jason both got hat tricks for the Chico squad, but James and Pat got the last laugh with the beer frame victory.

In yet another Oasis vs. Oasis matchup, the Bulldogs were the official 'home' team taking on their bar-brothers, the Oasis O's. The Bulldogs continued their hot shooting, taking care of business en route to a 14-7 victory. Jim Brown, Keith W., and captain Steve all got 3-0 wins for the 'Dogs. Hard to tell from the scoresheet, but it looks like the Bulldogs also pulled off the Beer Frame win with the help of Ed and Bryan.

The Stickmen of Nick's were home taking on the Northside's Last Call Hammer Heads. After the first four frames, the teams were tied at 6 going into the beer frame. Phil got a 3-0 victory in the second spot, but Cele countered in the 4th spot with a hat trick himself. Weezal Dog and Madsack won the beer frame, and then Nick's put on the whoopin', getting 3 games out of Jesse, 2 out of Keith, and finally 3 out of Leo. Getting 11 of the final 12 games, the Stickmen came out with a 14-7 victory. 

Down Lo/Nuggets update - just received the scoresheet for the battle between the first and third place team. The matchup lived up to the hype, and a close back and forth game ensued. The Down Lo kept their perfect season alive - barely. They won by a total of 11-10. The MVP of the night had to be Down Lo's Gregg P., getting a clutch 3-0 victory in the 6-spot, leaving John the opportunity to get the win in the very final frame. Moses kept it close thanks to a 3-0 win of his own for the Nuggets. Mike Karol and Kenny Duff won the beer frame for the visiting Oasis team, putting them in first place in the beer frame race.

Good luck in these FINAL weeks!


Week #13 Results
Feb 1, 2010, 11:46 pm

Here's the results for last week...

Over at the Oasis, the Original O's were taking on the first place Down Lo squad. The Down Lo shot out of the gates, up 9-3 at the break. Charles got it all started with a 3-0 win to begin the night, but the O's came back with a vengeance in the second half, getting 2 from Captain Mike, 3 from Slade, and finally 2 from Joel to make the final score a close 11-10 Down Lo victory. Kevin and Russ were victorious over Mike and Brandon O. for the beer frame honors.

In another common Oasis intra-bar match-up, the Nuggets were 'hosts' to the Dragons. The Nuggets came back after being down 5-7 at the beer frame, to take the win 12-9. The Nugget's Moses was the only player on the night to get a 3-0 victory, and he helped Mike Karol get the beer frame victory versus Joby and John Chamberlin.

In another intra-bar match-up, the 8-Ballers of Nick's were the official home team, taking on the Stickmen of Nick's. The 8-Ballers rocketed out to a 10-2 lead going into the beer frame, but the Stickmen stormed back winning 7 of the final 9 games, making the loss an almost respectable 9-12. Keith started the second-half comeback attempt with a 3-0 hat trick, right after Mike and Pops gave the 'Ballers a bragging right beer frame win, beating Cele and Sundy in 2 games.

The Bulldogs of Oasis headed South to a sleepy little town called Durham to take on the Empire. Dennis helped the 'Dogs get out to a 9-3 first-half lead, thanks to his 3-0 victory. In the second half, James came back with a hat trick of his own for the Durham dudes, picking one of those wins up via the 'ole 8-Ball Break and Run. Steve finished the night off for the Oasis crew with a big 3-0 closing frame. Steve and Dennis won the beer frame for Stacy, defeating Ty and James 2-0.

Still waiting for results from the Towne Lounge/Last Call confrontation. The Lounge was the home bar and responsible for the scoresheet. I'll update when I have more information.

Good luck in week #14!


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