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Happy Thanksgiving!
Nov 24, 2010, 8:49 pm

Week #5 Results:

First off, hope you're enjoying your Thanksgiving break!

Here's the results from week five-

The Down Lo Playa's were home downstairs hosting the Dragons of Oasis. The Playa's came out shooting, jumping out to an early 10-2 lead at the break. This time Charles and Gregg were the 3-goal getta's, helping to build the lead. The duo of Charles and Russ got the beer frame from Nate and Brenon, 2-0. The Playa's weren't finished, they decided to throw a few more points on the scoresheets, with Russ adding the final insult with a 3-0 victory to wrap it up. The Dragons hobbled out of the Down Lo with a 16-5 loss.

The Last Call Hammerheads were hosting Stacy and the boys of Oasis on Thursday. The O's went up big in the first half - up 10-2 at the Beer Frame - with help from back-to-back 3-0 hat tricks from Josh Burdette and Leland Baxter. Josh and James couldn't get the Beer Frame for the home team, as Rich Jr. and Shawn won it for Last Call. That's where the Hammer Heads turned things around. After the beer frame, the Sharks won 6 of the final 9, Rich Jr. got 3 of those himself, to leave the final score a respectable 13-8 Oasis win. Not bad, considering how it started.

Continuing the lopsided victories, we head down to the Oasis where the 8-Ballers were going up against the defending champs, the Bulldogs. Like I said, it was one ended - but not how you may think. The Traveling 8-Ballers came in and put the smack down on the 'Dogs - 14-7! Rob started off the night with a 3-0 win, but then Keith W. came back and won 3 for the Bulldogs. Jimmy Nguyen got 2, and Brian V. finished off the first half with a 3-0 tally. Up 8-4 at the break, the tandem of Pops and Mike couldn't get the beer frame from Frank and Steve of the Bulldogs. The teams traded 2 point victories, and in the final match Doug stepped to the table and faced... no one. The 'Dogs were short a player and Doug got 3 for his team just by sitting on a bar stool.

At the Towne Lounge, the original TL team was hosting the Stickmen of Down Lo. It was another blowout, as the Lounge was up 9-3 at the break. The Stickmen didn't get a point until the third match, as Tony T. got all 3 of his, and Kevin smoked his opponent 3-0. The Men with Sticks got the beer frame, thanks to Leo and Cele's strong, quick, and efficient disposal of Howard and Edward. Dave Larabee came out and won all 3 of his, and Leo and Sundy finished off the night with 2-pointers to leave the final score at a dismal 14-7 laugher.

The other Lounge team, Towne Lounge 2, was over at the Oasis taking on Oasis 5 - the Nuggets. In another uneven match, the Nuggets finished the night on top 13-8. Mike Brandt Jr., Mike Karol, and Izzy all got three victories in their respective matches. On the other side of the score sheet, Rusty and Ed were the lone gold star sticker recipients for the Lounge II as they each got 3-0 wins, as they combined for 6 of their team's 8 total points. Not much of a surprise, but the Ed and Rusty show were the selections for the beer frame, as they made quick work of Lee and Bill, winning 2-0.

No games this week obviously - enjoy your Thanksgiving! Towne Lounge player Kevin Kinell will be celebrating his first as a Dad, as he and his wife had their first child, Liam, on October 27th. Congratulations Kevin! 

The Stickmen will be going back to the drawing board, practicing, and trying to find a way to turn things around. They'll have plenty of time as they will be the bye team for December 2nd. Everyone else - good luck!



Week #4 Results
Nov 16, 2010, 2:50 pm

Hey Everyone - here's the results for Week #4 in the Chico Mens Pool League:

The Nuggets were home at the Oasis with a full bar of pool players, taking on the Towne Lounge I team. The Nuggets got out to a good start with each of their first 4 players getting 2 out of 3 games, giving them an 8-4 lead at the break. Bill and Lee defeated Dave and Edward in the Beer Frame, giving the Nuggets some free beer. In the second half of the night, Mike Brandt, Sr. got all 3 of his games, and Izzy chipped in 2 of his own, giving the Nuggets a 13-8 victory. I just recently got word of an altercation that broke out near the end of the match which I am still investigating. More information to follow.

The Down Lo Stickmen made the journey South to Durham to take on the Empire. James of the Empire won all 3 of his to start the night off, including a break and run victory. But Wheezal Dogg, aka Brent, struck back with a 3-spot of his own. Later in the first half, Scott also spotted a 3-win match to help the Stickmen's cause. Kris and Leo beat the Empire's Pat and Paul for Beer Frame honors, earning many free schooners for the players. The Stickmen were up 7-5 at this point, but Ian and Ty made things close, and it came down to Leo having to get 2 out of 3 to win the night. He did one better, getting all 3 of his games, giving the Stickmen a 12-9 victory on the road.

Back at the Oasis, the O's were taking on the Bulldogs, which turned out to be a great match. The teams were tied at the break 6-6, thanks to Josh Burdette's 3-win match for the Original O's. The Bulldogs won the Beer Frame - Ed and newcomer Ray beat James and Troy. Stacy was in a lose-lose situation anyways, having to buy the round either way. The second half was close, but thanks to Slade's hat trick, Joel needed to get just one in the final frame, which he did, for the O victory, 11-10.

The Towne Lounge II team was home, hosting the Hammer Heads of Last Call. The match was close in the first half, as Rich Sr. of the Hammer Heads and Rusty Piazza of the Lounge each got 3-win victories, leaving the Last Callers up 7-5. Sean and Rich Jr. couldn't get the Beer Frame from Prana and Ed, as they won 2-0. Prana stayed at the table to play in the 5th match and got all 3 games, but Sean Wasson got 2 big points, and Rich Jr. got the final match 3-0, giving the Last Call Hammer Heads a 12-9 win on the road.

The final match of the week happened at the Oasis, as the team formally known as the Nicks 8-Ballers were 'home' against the Down Lo Playa's. As mentioned, the Oasis was full as 6 teams were playing there last week. The Playa's were not hindered by the lack of elbow room, as they spanked the 'Ballers 16-5. The usual big players came up big - Kevin Cibart got all 3 of his, including one via an 8 ball break and run, and teammate Jason Colabove got a hat trick as well. Those wins keep those two tied atop the top shooter list at an impressive 11 out of 12 games won. Everyone else on the Down Lo team got 2 wins, to give them the big win, to keep them in first place. Jason and Russ also won the beer frame from Rob and Brian. No news yet on where the 8-Ballers are going to call 'home'. I'll let everyone know ASAP.

This week the Durham players get to stay home and do whatever Durham players do in Durham when they are not playing pool - they have a bye this week. Everyone has a bye next week as we break for Thanksgiving. Good luck in week #5!


Week #3 Results
Nov 10, 2010, 2:15 am

Breaking News - Reports are coming out of the 8-Ballers camp that Nick's has closed its doors and become one of the latest casualties of the economy. I haven't been able to get a hold of Nick's owner Dave yet to confirm, but according to 8-Ballers co-captain Brian V., it doesn't look good. I'm working with them to find a new home bar - options include either starting a new team at a new bar, becoming a fifth Oasis team, or possibly a third  Down Lo team. If anybody has any suggestions or ideas, let me know. Nick's is supposed to be 'home' this week so they will have to play the Down Lo Playa's somewhere else, either in a temporary location or possibly new location/home. More information as it becomes available.

Week #3 Results:

Last week we had pretty much all lopsided victories. This week - the opposite - lots of close battles.

The Dragons were 'home' taking on the 'visiting' Nuggets at the Oasis last week. They played all 21 games, but it only came down to the last one. The Nuggets were putting it to the Dragons in the first half - leading 9-3 at the Beer Frame. Kenny Duff started the night with 3-wins, and Mike Karol took all 3 as they broke for the Scotch Doubles play. Brenon and Nate started the turn-around getting the Beer Frame from Kenny and Lee. Then Brenon stayed at the table and got 3 wins. Aaron Smith was up next and he got all 3 of his games. It was then up to John Chamberlin to get 2 out of 3 and pull off the amazing win. He got the first one making it 10-9, then Jimmy Scott got the second game making it 10-10. John then came out swinging and got the decisive final game, giving the Dragons an impressive come-from-behind win 11-10.

The Towne Lounge I crew were back from their bye-week, rested and ready to host the Empire Club. The Empire started out hot, with help from Eric Monlux getting all 3 games, to go up 8-4 at the half-way point. The Empire went on to win the Beer Frame, as Mike Dixon and Ian beat Dave L. and Edward. In the second half it was all Towne Lounge. Edward got one, Dave Larabee got all 3 of his. It was up to Jason Jones to pull it out - needing all 3 for the victory. He got them, giving the Towne Lounge I a come-from-behind 11-10 win.

Downtown, downstairs, the Down Lo Stickmen were hosting the 8-Ballers in possibly their last game playing for Nick's Night Club. In a very close - and long - match, the two teams were tied at 6 at the Beer Frame. Stickmen newbies Kris and Mark were facing off against Brian and Matt for the round of beers, and the 'Ballers came out with the Scotch Doubles win. In the bottom half, Larry, Scott, and Keith combined for 5 points, as Keith got the deciding game in the last frame, to beat the 8-Ballers 11-10, for the Stickmen's first win of the season.

The other Down Lo team, the Playa's, were on the North side of town taking on the Hammer Heads of Last Call. The Playa's were up by a big 9-3 margin at the Beer Frame, as Kevin Cibart helped the cause with a 3-win hat trick and Charles won 2, the first game of the night via an 8-ball break and run. Kevin kept his hot-shooting going in the Beer Frame as he and his Scotch Doubles partner Charles took it from Josh B. and Rich Jr. The Hammer Heads didn't give up as Sean and Rich Jr. won back-to-back games 3-0, knotting the two teams at 9-9. Jason Colabove came away the hero as he won the final match 3-0, giving the Playa's a tight 12-9 victory on the road.

Back at the Oasis, the defending champs Oasis Bulldogs were hosting the Towne Lounge II crew. The Bulldogs consistently and methodically won a majority of the night's matches, finishing on top with a score of 13-8. The only 3-0 win of the night went to Jim Brown of the Bulldogs. Ed and Ray of the 'Dogs took on Steve and Richard of the Lounge in the Beer Frame. The Bulldogs saved Stacy a few bucks by winning the frame 2-1. 

Nobody has to hear the "DRAG-ONNS!" cheer this week as they are at home on the couch with a bye-week. Good luck to everyone else in week 4!


Week #2 Results
Nov 2, 2010, 4:42 pm

After everyone's 'warm-up' matches, their season opener's, all the teams were back in action (except for Towne Lounge I who had a bye) for week #2 of the schedule. Here's what happened, but beware - all the scores were pretty ugly:

Way out in Durham, the Empire welcomed in the Down Lo Playa's. The Down Lo'ers handled the jet lag no problem, and took care of the Empire 15-6. Apparently not affected by the time zone change, Kevin Cibart got all 3 of his games, as did Russ for the Playa's. Before Russ got his hat-trick, he helped Charles win the Beer Frame against Paul Leroy and Julius of the Empire. The big win helps the Playa's stay on top of the standings in first place.

Back at the Down Lo, the Stickmen were hosting the Oasis Nuggets. It was a close one at the half-way point - the teams were tied at 6-6. Bill and Mike Karol handled the beer frame quickly and efficiently against Sundy and Keith, making the home team have to buy the rounds. After the Beer Frame, the Nuggets stepped on the gas and blew away the Stickmen, getting 8 of the last 9 points, and winning with a total score of 14-7. Mike Karol, Izzy, and Paul Airth each got 3 wins for the Nuggets, and Leo had the lone bright spot on the Stickmen's half of the scoresheet, getting all 3 of his games.

The Towne Lounge II made their first start of the 2010-2011 season after coming off a bye week over at the Oasis taking on the Originals. The Lounge was up 7-5 at the Beer Frame, still a close match, but similar to the Nuggets, they pulled away for good in the second half, getting 7 of 9 possible points, and finishing the night on top (insert Mom joke here...) with a total score of 14-7. Prana and Richard couldn't get the Beer Frame from Mike and Leland, so the Lounge bought the rounds. Prana gets the big gold star on the score sheet, being the only player to win all of the games in his match.

Over on Park Ave., Nick's was hosting the Hammerheads. The funky-looking sharks stumbled out of the blocks, only picking up four games as opposed to the 'Ballers eight at the Beer Frame. 8-Baller rookies Anis Lanes and Matt Gabbard defeated the Sean/Rich Jr. tandem for the Beer Frame honors. In the second half, the 8-Ballers rolled on to pick up another 7 points to finish the night on top 15-6. Congrats to Rob and Krad of the Nick's club - they each got 3 wins in their respective matches.

Back at the 'O, the Dragons were 'home' taking on their in-bar rival, the Bulldogs. Talking about a good, quick start, the Bulldogs won the first 9 games in a row - thanks to Keith, Dennis, and Chris. Steve Hambek stopped the bleeding, getting 2 of his own in a row, but his opponent Jim Brown tacked on one more to give the 'Dogs a commanding 10-2 lead at the half-way point. Captain Chamberlin and newcomer Nate Ruffins did manage to get the Beer Frame, though, defeating Captain Steve and newly acquired Ed Bowers. The Dragons did fight back in the bottom half, getting 6 of the possible 9 points, getting them to a respectable team total of 8. Not bad considering the way things were looking. The Bulldog's final tally was 13 points. 

Good luck to everyone this Thursday - luckily we won't have that damn World Series crap distracting us. Coming from an A's fan, it's hard to say, but way to go Giants! Don't forget, if you are on the Oasis O's, you can stay home and watch The Office, or water your plants, or whatever else is on your to-do list - you have a bye week this week.

By the way, stay tuned for news from the Kinnell family - Kevin, of the Towne Lounge I team, is due to have his first child any day now, if it hasn't happened yet. Rumor is that he tried to plan the birth around his bye week - not sure if it worked or not. Congratulations Kevin!


Kickoff 2010-2011
Oct 26, 2010, 1:49 pm

Another season is under way! All teams had their kickoff matches last Thursday, except for Towne Lounge II who had a bye week. Amazingly enough all teams got their sponsor fees and player dues in just in time. I believe I am waiting for payment on just two people, one played in a beer frame, and the other hasn't played yet, which means the 2010-2011 season started with everyone playing, paid for! Thank you to the captains and players for getting the dues in on time - it makes everything much easier as you can imagine.

Here's the results from week #1:

The Oasis Dragons headed down Park Ave. to take on the Nick's 8-Ballers and ended up in a very close match. The home team pulled it out with a slim 11-10 win. 8-Baller Bud was the lone 3-0 shooter, and John Chamberlin and Brenon got the Beer Frame win for the Dragons, defeating Pops and Mike. The Dragons team looks very similar to last year, as does the 8-Ballers, with the exception of Jimmy Nguyen joining the club - a long time CMPL member (off and on).

The Towne Lounge was empty Thursday night as the Towne Lounge II team had a bye and the Towne Lounge I team was on the road to take on the Hammerheads of Last Call. Sean and Rich and the crew welcomed the TLI team in, but the visiting shooters got comfortable quick - jumping out to a 9-3 lead at the Beer Frame. Joe Terout got the final 3 games of the night bringing the Hammerhead's score up from a disastrous 3 points to a semi-respectable 6 points. On the other side of the scoresheet, newcomer Fahd Khan, Steve Wells, and Jason Jones each got 3-0 victories. Good news for the Last Call crew - they won the Beer Frame as Captain Sean and Rich Jr. edged out Edward and Howie. The Towne Lounge I team picked up some new players - Fahd Khan, Amer Alyusof, and Edward. The Hammerheads added Sam Almand and Josh Burdette. Welcome to the League, Newbies!

Back at the ranch Oasis, the Bulldogs and the Nuggets were competing in an intra-bar match. The reigning champion Bulldogs had an 8-4 lead at the half-way point, and then pulled a way in the second half to end the night with a 13-8 victory over the Nugs. Chris Urbach and Henry Kracht each had 3-0 shutouts for the 'Dogs, but Lee and Bill got the last laugh with the Beer Frame win against Brian and Frank. As far as I can tell, both teams look very similar from last season - both very strong, with no new additions.

The Empire marched in to Chico to take on the Oasis O's at the Oasis. Another close game enveloped between these two clubs. The Empire was up 8-4 at the Beer Frame, ready to cruise home with a win, but Mike, Slade, and Joel had different ideas - winning 6 of the final 9 games, coming up one short, making it a close 11-10 Empire win. James Williams started the night off for the Empire Club with a 3-0 victory, and Joel ended the night with a 3-0 shut out for the Oasis. Troy Burr and newcomer Ian Filby also left with the Beer Frame win against Troy Martin and Captain Mike. It looks like mostly the same guys for the Oasis, with the exception of Leland Baxter being picked up off the waiver wires, and Josh Vasquez joining the team. The Empire acquired Ian Filby and Julius Gray for the 2010-2011 season. Welcome and welcome back!

Meanwhile, downtown, downstairs the two DownLo teams were facing off - the original DownLo Playa's were taking on the newly transplanted Down Lo Stickmen. This one was far from pretty as the Playa's came in with their A-players with their A-games as usual. The Playa's were up 9-3 at the half, and got 7 of the last 9 to mop the floor with the Stickmen 16-5. Obviously many 3-0 hat tricks for the Playa's - Charles, Russ, Jason, and newcomer Brian Griffin all got the job done. Charles and Captain Mikie were in great Scotch Double rhythm as they won the Beer Frame 2-0 against Leo and ex-Playa Larry Hiller. As mentioned, the Playa's picked up Brian Griffin for the season, and the Stickmen acquired Larry Hiller from the Playa's and picked up rookie sensation Kris Orduno from their farm club, the Corning Olive Pitters.

So that's the stories from week #1. Hopefully everyone had a smooth start with the 'new' rules and Beer Frame format. I didn't get any calls, but I was in the DownLo bunker so I didn't have reception anyways. Let me know what you think - in the forums, email, or in this weeks online poll (see right side column, bottom end).

Good luck in week #2 - except for Towne Lounge I - they have the bye this week.


2010-2011 Schedule Posted!
Oct 15, 2010, 2:51 am

All right guys - the first night of Pool League is here! Games begin on Thursday, October 21st at 7:00pm.

The schedule has been posted online - click on 'Game Schedule' in the left-hand column. Don't forget to choose '2010-2011' Season at the top of the green left-hand column. You can always go back and forth to see last year's schedule and stats for reference.

Captains - please turn your rosters, bar sponsorship fees, and player dues in as soon as possible. They can be given to me or left with the bartender or Stacy at the Oasis. The team binders - consisting of schedules, NEW rules sheets, roster sheets, and scoresheets - are ready to be picked up.

Speaking of rules sheets - there are new rules, amended old ones, and other new, updated information - so please read through carefully and make sure your team is fully aware. Don't get caught off-guard when the other captain knows the rules and you don't! Again, they will be in the binders, and they are available for download (in the 'Downloads' section), as well as originals of other league documents (scoresheets, rosters, etc.).

There are 11 teams this year. We added Towne Lounge II, and the Nick's (previously Quackers) Stickmen have moved again - they are now the Down Lo Stickmen. Having 11 teams means 1) the season will be a little longer, and 2) there are bye weeks in play. Each team has one per half.

That's it for now - be sure to get out and practice! See you next week!


New Dad in the League - Congratulations to Mike Madsack of the Stickmen and his wife, Cathi - they had twin boys, Seth and AJ, on 10/11/10. Everyone's healthy and good! Hopefully we'll see them in the League in 21 years!

Sep 5, 2010, 1:37 pm



Welcome to the 2010-2011 Chico Mens Pool League!


It's that time of year again - school's back in, football is here, weather's cooling off, and, most importantly - time for a new Pool League season!

The website has been turned over to a new season. Last year's schedule, results, and stats are still available, you just need to click on the year range at the top of the green column on the left-side of the screen. All the individual stats for 2010-2011 have been cleared and zeroed, and the schedule has not been made until we get a final confirmation and payment for the participating bars.

Unless changed at the Captain's meeting for some reason, the first games will happen on October 21st.

CAPTAINS- A few notes for you:

  • Captain's Meeting - Thursday, October 7th - 7:00pm at the Oasis. This has been traditionally the day of the meeting for many years now - the first Thursday in October, so please no complaints on the picked day if it doesn't work for you.
  • One captain and one teammate from each team may attend to voice concerns, ideas, and to vote on league measures. The teammate should be considered an alternate/co-captain.
  • Player's dues ($15/player) and bar sponsor fees ($40/team) will be collected. Team rosters (minimum of 7, max of 11) will be submitted at that time. Either collect your players and bars dues prior and bring to the meeting, or pay for it yourself and have your team pay you back later. All rosters need to include players first and last name, phone number, and email. Blank 2010-2011 roster sheets are available to download in the 'downloads' section in the green column to the left. One version is in .pdf (print and fill out by hand), the other in Excel (fill in on your computer and print out or email). Pricing could change at the meeting if a motion for it is voiced.
  • We will be utilizing (upon a consensus vote approval at the meeting) the standardized, officially recognized, nationally approved and used BCA Pool League rule book. I will deliver a condensed copy to each bar for pick up by the captain in the next few days, or it can be downloaded in it's entirety, from the download section, again in the green left-hand column. All captains are strongly encouraged to look it over in detail and share it with your players PRIOR to the meeting, when we will discuss it's contents, pro or con. A supplemental Chico Men's League addendum will also be created for our league-specific details as a result of our meeting to compliment the Rule Book.
  • I would like to get all captains (mandatory) to become a registered user of this site, and encourage all players to do the same. This will make it more efficient to send out information and updates to either captains or players, or both. I will have a laptop available at the meeting, or you can do it now - black tab near the top of the screen - "Create User Account". Obviously it's free, spam-free, and safe.
  • Please contact me in advance if you have any questions/concerns that will inevitably turn into powder kegs at the meeting. We will discuss and resolve it prior, or find a way to discuss it civilly at the meeting.
  • I will post a basic agenda for the meeting in the downloads section, left-hand column, shortly.

I have my concerns and points to bring up at the meeting, as I'm sure many of you do, too. Players (non-captains): don't forget if you want to have items brought up, talk to your captain, or become a registered user of this site and visit the 'forums' (left-hand column) where there is a thread for 'Suggestions For Next Season' (this season).

The core subject for the meeting will be how to make the rules standardized and concrete, to cover any or all situations, to make the game less stressful for everyone involved. In the past we were a simple league with simple rules, but now that we have moved into a more technical, rules-driven league, we need to make it more standardized. The proposed league rule book is cumbersome, but it is detailed, without much room for ambiguity. But please remember, this is a gentlemen's game, and superseding all rules is the core values of sportsmanship, recreation, and fun.

Thanks for your time in reading this - hopefully you're looking forward to the upcoming season as much as I am. Again, please contact me if you have any questions:


End of the 2009-2010 Season
May 20, 2010, 12:02 am

Thanks for a great year!

The Pool Party/Awards Banquet held at the Empire Club in Durham was a great success - thanks to all those that helped and participated. I believe we had a record amount of raffle prizes - both the Women's and Men's league raised a substantial amount of money to start off the 2010-2011 season. Many went home with great prizes - especially Joby who won the Dale Perry custom cue. Congratulations to all! Thanks to the many businesses and people who provided and donated the great gifts. To name a few:

Master's Music and Vending

Tuscan Ridge Golf Club

Leo Oviedo

FunLand / Cal Skate Chico

Butte Community Bank

Oasis Bar & Grill

and special thanks to all the Women's League players who brought gifts of their own!

Keep practicing over the Summer - and we'll see you in the Fall!

For more pictures of the event, check out the photo gallery link in the left-hand column.




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