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Final results
Apr 15, 2011, 5:09 pm

The final standings are in! We have a tie for the 8th spot between the Lounge I and 8-Baller's team. I'm working on the tie breaker to see who is 7 and who is 8. Initially, I'm leaning towards Towne Lounge I as 7, 8-Ballers as 8 seed - Towne Lounge I scored more points between the team's two matchups (24-18 cumulative), and the Lounge I team has one more win than the 8-Ballers (8-7). I'll post the official decision well as the recaps...and the Top Shooter list...


EDIT: All right, it's official - Towne Lounge #7 seed. 8-Ballers #8 seed. Playoffs start this Thursday. Schedule has been posted... only bad thing is that every game is supposed to be at the Oasis (good for Stacy). The Playa's do have the option, according to our rules, as the home team with non-coin-op tables to play at an alternate location throughout the playoffs, as their substitute 'home' bar. I need to talk to Mike and the boys and find out what they want to do. I'll post an update...

Week #21 Results
Apr 12, 2011, 11:28 pm

'Sup Guys - Here's the scoop from the second to last week of the season!

The Oasis 8-Ballers were at home hosting the Durham Empire last Thursday. In a back and forth first half, the two teams were tied 6-6 going into the Beer Frame. In a long and tightly contested 'Frame, the 8-Baller tandem of Pops and Krad came away victorious against Pat and Julius, 2-1. In the bottom-half, the Empire got the upper hand and wrapped up the night, winning 12-9. Props to Empire Club James and Pat, and the 'Baller's Matt G. for getting all 3 of their games.

Back at the 'Lounge, the Lounge II squad was hosting the visiting Oasis Dragons. The Lounge was in control early as Steve Hale started the night with a 3-0 win, then Rusty, Ed, and Shawn each got 2 wins, putting the Home team up big at the break, 9-3. Micah and Aaron Scotched up a Beer Frame win, beating Paul and Steve Hale 2-0. In the second half, the Dragon awoke from its slumber and had it's way with the Lounge - in what could be the biggest come back of the year, the Dragons won 8 of their final 9 games for the come-from-behind 11-10 victory. Aaron got 3 wins, Jeff Brun got 3 wins, and Nate got the critical final 2 games to put them on top for good.

The other Lounge team, Lounge I, was over at the Oasis - they had their hands full as the Oasis O's went nuts on them! Stacy, Cap'n Mike, and Leland won 7 of the first 9 games - Leland got all 3 of his, and James chipped one in to make the halftime score 8-4, Oasis. Steve and Fahd did get the Beer Frame, beating Josh and Slade 2-0. In the bottom half, though, it was all Oasis. Josh got a 3-0 win, then Slade got a 3-0 win, and Joel wrapped it up with 2 more, giving the Oasis 8 of the final 9 possible points, and a final score of 16-5. Whoa!

Speaking of dominating performances, the Bulldogs were in complete control as they took on the Stickmen of Down Lo. The match was over at half time - 11-1 Bulldogs! But the 'Dogs didn't want to stop there - they went on and got the Beer Frame, as Ray and Frank beat Cele and Keith. Thanks to Larry and Leo of the Stickmen, it wasn't a complete embarrassment, as they each won 2 games, to make the final score an ugly 15-6 Bulldog victory. Congrats to Dennis, Chris, and Henry as they got the Golden Turkey - 3 shutout games in a row.

At the Last Call, the Hammerheads were hosting the Oasis Nuggets. The Nuggets finished the night winning by a final score of 15-6. Kenny Duff, Jimmy Scott, and Izzy all got 3-0 wins to help the cause. Kenny and Mike Karol shot the Beer Frame and won, defeating the Sean and Rich Jr. tandem. The win puts the Nuggets into 2nd place, but because they are on their bye next week, the two other teams behind them can catch or pass them to earn the #2 seed for the playoffs.

Only one week to go! The Oasis Nuggets are on a bye this week. Their playoff position is still up in the air - there's a good battle going on for the #2 spot. Other teams battling are those on the bubble, right around that number 8 spot. It's still up for grabs, too. Good luck in the final regular season game!


Week #20 Results
Apr 6, 2011, 12:20 am

And down the stretch they come...

The Empire were home hosting the Nuggets of Oasis. James, in consecutive weeks, got an 8-Ball Break and Run as he won all 3 games for the Empire to start the night off. But Bill and Kenny Duff roared back and each got 3-gamers themselves, leaving the score 7-5 Oasis at the break. The Nuggets earned free beer as a Mike and Mike duo beat Ty and James 2-1. In the bottom half it was back and forth, but the Oasis ended on top 12-9.

The Stickmen were at the Oasis again as they took on the Dragons this time. The first half was all Dragons, 8-4 at the break, but the Stickmen fought back in the bottom half to close within 1, losing a close one 10-11. Leo was the lone 3-game winner in the match. Sundy and Scott couldn't handle the pressure from Micah and Steve as they benevolently gave them the Beer Frame win.

The Hammerheads had their hands full at home as they hosted the Bulldogs of Oasis. They Bulldogs opened the throttle and handed the Last Call a resounding 18-3 whoopin'. Ed Bowers, Chris, Keith, and Frank all won their games 3-0. Ray and Brian also got the Beer Frame for the visiting squad, beating Sean and Rich Jr.

Their was a battle of the bar at the Towne Lounge as their two teams faced off against each other. In their first meeting this year, the Lounge II got the win 11-10. This time, Steve Hale got the first 3 wins of the night, but then Lounge I Steve got his 3 right back. The next two matches swapped 2-1 scores, so they were tied at 6-6 going into the Beer Frame. The Lounge II won the Beer Frame this time, as Shawn and Ed beat Fahd and Amer, 2-0. The #5 and #6 matches swapped 2-1 games as well, leaving it up to Prana and Howard as they faced off to see who could get 2 out of 3. Prana took care of business getting the first 2 games. Howard got the last one, but his team lost to the Lounge II squad for the second time this year, with the same score - 11-10.

The Down Lo Playa's were on the road this week, taking on the Oasis Original O's. The Playa's were up 8-3 at the break, thanks to Henry and Kevin's 3-0 hat tricks. Congrats to Oasis James - he got 2 out of 3, one of them via an 8-Ball Break and Run! Jason and Kevin beat Josh and Joel in the Beer Frame, giving the visiting team the win, 2-0. Jason won 2 of his, but Joel came back and got all 3 of his games for the Home Team. The Oasis apparently didn't have a 7th player, so they had to forfeit the final games, leaving Tom LeClaire at the table, alone. Word on the street is that he's still there waiting for an opponent. Someone let Tom know that his team won, 14-7.

Only 2 weeks to go! As predicted, the #8 playoff spot is still up for grabs. Now the Stickmen and 8-Ballers are tied for the #8 spot, but the Empire is right there in 10th only 3 points back, and the 6th and 7th teams - Lounge II and Dragons - are within 6 points. The two top teams will have the final 2 byes of the season. This could propel the Bulldogs past the Nuggets into 2nd place. The Playa's have a fairly safe hold of first place, as they are up by 60 over second place.

Good luck in week #21 - the last regular season match for the Nuggets! The Playa's will still be playing pool, just not for league - they've got the bye this week.

Captains (and players) - check the individual and team stats for errors - let me know if you see one before the end of the year - it could affect the playoffs or top shooters.


Week #19 Results
Mar 31, 2011, 12:19 am

Hey Everyone - here are the "better-late-than-never" results from week #19:

The Bulldogs were home hosting the Playa's of Down Lo. In a tight match, the first place Playa's sneaked out with an 11-10 victory, even without a last Playa. Jason Colabove got all 3 of his games, and also won the beer frame teamed up with Kevin C. Brian and Dennis let the Playa's get out of the Oasis with a free beer.

The Dragons were the only Oasis team on the road, as they headed downtown to take on the Towne Lounge I crew. In another close 11-10 match, the visiting Dragons left with the victory. Brenon started the night off right with a 3-0 whoopin', and he later teamed up with John Chamberlin in the beer frame. The Dragon duo took care of Fahd and Kevin, 2-0. Jeff Brun was the hero of the night as he got the final 2 games to put his squad out in front for the final 10th and 11th points.

Out in Durham, the Empire was hosting the Towne Lounge II team. James seems to be healthy again, as he came in and got the first win of the night via an 8-Ball break and run. He got 2 wins, then Empire's Troy got all 3 of his. Rusty stopped the momentum with a 3-0 hat trick for his Loungers. Ian got 2 wins, giving the Empire a 7-5 lead at the break. Ed and Mark teamed up and beat Paul and Mike in the Beer Frame, 2-0. Pat Sands stood up big and got all 3 of his games, and Ty Kaye got the final 2 games for the Empire, leaving the final score Durham 13, Chico 8.

The 8-Ballers were 'home' hosting their bar-mates, the Oasis Nuggets. It was tied 6-6 at the Beer Frame as teams traded 2-1 wins. Kenny and Bill got the Scotch doubles win as they beat the 'Baller's Matt A. and Pops. Jimmy Soto got 2 for the 8-Ballers, but then Mike Karol got 2 for the Nuggets leaving the score tied at 9 heading into the final match. Mike Brandt, Jr. took care of business and won all 3 of his games, leaving the Nuggets out in front with a 12-9 victory.

Also at the crowded Oasis, the Original O's were home hosting the Down Lo Stickmen. The O's struck first and hard getting out to an early 8-4 lead, thanks to Leland's 3-0 showing. Josh and Slade kept the flow going by beating Cele and Weezel Dogg in the Beer Frame. In the bottom half, Slade and Joel each got 2 wins, but Madsack finished off the night on a high-note getting 2 out of 3. Final score: Oasis 13, Stickmen 8.

The playoff race is heating up as a few teams are fighting for that final 8th playoff spot. Just a couple weeks to go! The 8-Ballers, tied for 5th place, will be on their bye this week- hoping the playing teams around them in the standings don't do too good. The four teams below them are only, at the most, 12 points behind, and with their bye weeks out of the way. If they aren't lucky, they could be knocked out of the top 8! It's definitely that time of year...

Good luck in week #20!


Week #18 Results
Mar 13, 2011, 5:52 pm

Here's the results for Week #18-

The Dragons were home hosting the Empire Club of Durham. Ty got a 3-0 win to start the night off for the 'Club, but Micah came back and got a 3-0 win for his Dragons soon after that. The teams went into the Beer Frame with Durham up 7-5. Nate and Steve got the Beer Frame, defeating Ian and Paul 2-1. The Dragons put the pedal to the metal and finished the night getting 8 of the last 9. Aaron and John each got 3-0 wins, as Steve got 2, giving the Dragons a 13-8 home win.

The Nuggets were also home at the O, taking on the Original O's. The Nuggets jumped to an 8-4 lead at the break, thanks to Kenny Duff's 3-0 effort. Kenny stayed at the table and teamed up with Mike Karol to take on Mike Clarke and Slade. The Nuggets kept the heat on the Playa's in the Beer Frame trophy race by beating the O's 2-1. Mike Clarke got the O's right back in it in the 5th frame by getting all 3 of his. Leland came up next and got 2 for the O's, making the score tied 9-9. Mike Karol came to the table and won decisively 3-0 to put the Nuggets up for good, 12-9.

The Towne Lounge I squad was at home hosting the Oasis 8-Ballers. Both teams were tied 6-6 going into the Beer Frame. Tony got all 3 of his games for the Lounge, and Matt Gabbard got all of his for the 'Ballers. Matt G. was joined at the table by Rob to help him in the Beer Frame, as they faced Amer and Tony. The Lounge came away winners, 2-1. In the second half, Kevin and Jason each got 2 putting the Lounge up 10-8 going into the final match. Doug got the first two of his games tying it up at 10, but Amer came through in the 21st game, getting the Lounge the deciding point and an 11-10 victory.

The Stickmen were home underground hosting the Hammer Heads of Last Call. The Hammerheads were up early 7-5, thanks to Rich Sr.'s lead-off 3-game winner. Rich Jr. and Sean shot the Beer Frame (surprise), taking on Cele and Keith. Keith's kilt wasn't enough to distract the Last Call duo, and they won the beer, 2-1. The Stickmen woke up in the second half, winning 8 in a row. Keith got all 3, as did Leo. Madsack almost got the clean-sweep, but lost the final game to Rich Jr, making the final score 13-8 Stickmen.

On the main table at the Down Lo, the Playa's were hosting their upstairs neighbors, the Towne Lounge II club. The Playa's were doing their thing as they were up 9-3 at the mid-way point, thanks to Gregg and Kevin's 3-0 wins. Charles had to settle with 2, making the him and Kevin tied again at the top of the Top Shooter list. Jason and Kevin had their turn in the Beer Frame, needing a win to keep ahead of the Nuggets in the Beer Frame trophy race. They got it done, beating Ed and Steve Swim 2-0. The Playa's failed to play a 7th Playa', so they forfeited the last match. The final score was a relatively close 12-9 Playa' win.

The Bulldogs were on their bye week. The Hammerheads now have a week off when we all play again March 24th. Again, no games on March 17th - St. Patrick's Day. The bars are going to be just too crazy to have fair games around town. Practice where you can, and good luck in week #19!


Results from Week #17
Mar 9, 2011, 6:03 pm

Here's the scoop-

The Bulldogs were home at the Oasis taking on the visiting Towne Lounge I. The 'Dogs were up big, 9-3 at the half, but the Lounge fought back and ended up losing 'just' 13-8. Dennis Bruch had a 3-0 match, including the first one via 8-Ball Break-and-Run. Frank also had a 3-0 win for the Bulldogs in the final frame. Jason Jones stayed hot as he got all 3 and climbed up the top shooter list, currently tied for third. Nothing was written in the beer frame section, so no details as of yet.

Out at the Last Call, the Hammerheads were home against the Empire Club. The Empire handled the Sharks pretty well, and ended up winning 11-10, even while forfeiting the last match because of a lack of players. Sean and Rich Jr. were back together again in the beer frame, and beat Eric and Ian.

The Oasis O's were 'home' versus their bar-mates, the Oasis Dragons, where it was feast-or-famine night. Each game, except for Kenny vs. Stacy, was a 3-0 match, one way or the other. The O's were up big at the half, 8-4, thanks to Mike Clarke and Josh Vazquez - they each got 3. Brennon kept it from getting out of hand with his 3-0 hat trick. Leland and Slade won the beer frame, beating Nate and Steve. Hot-shooter Steve stayed at the table and got 3 to make it 8-7, but Leland and Joel shot 6th and 7th and each got 3 wins, giving the Oasis O's a final score of 14-7. Very strange night!

The Towne Lounge II team was taking on the 'Ballers of Oasis. Mike Von Ritter of the Lounge got all 3 of his games, as did Matt Altenburg of the 8-Ballers. The tandem of Rob and Matt Gabbard won the beer frame for the Ballers, as they defeated Mike and Ed. The final score was 12-9 in favor of the Lounge II.

The last match of the week was at the Down Lo, as the Playa's were home hosting the Nuggets. The Playa's kept their weekly average up, scoring 14 to the Nugget's 7. Charles moved to the top of the Top Shooter's list, as he got all 3 of his games. Captain Leitner got all 3 of his as well. The Playa's couldn't get the beer frame, as the Mike Karol/Mike Brandt Sr. team took care of business against the Charles/Jason duo. The Nuggets beer frame win gets them within one win of the Playa's in the Beer Frame standings - the Playa's have 13 wins, the Nuggets have 12 beer frames.

It will be down to the wire in these last few weeks - in the standings, the beer frame trophy race, and the Top Shooter standings. Can't wait to see how it all shakes out!

The Bulldogs will be on their bye week this week, which should shuffle around the top of the standings. Don't forget - no pool league on St. Patrick's Day, March 17th.

Good luck in week #18!


Week #16 results
Mar 3, 2011, 1:34 am

All righty. Here's the results from last Thursday:

The 8-Ballers of Oasis were 'home' taking on the Bulldogs. The Bulldogs were on fire and ended the night with a 15-6 romp. Keith, Frank, and Steve all got 3-0 wins to help the cause. It wasn't all bad for the 'Ballers - the Matt G. and Rob tandem got the Beer Frame honors.

Also at the Oasis, the Original O's were home hosting the Hammerheads of Last Call. This game was even uglier as Josh and Slade each got 3 wins, and everyone else got 2 wins for the O, as the Originals cruised to a 16-5 thumping of the Hammerheads. Making it worse, the Last Call squad had to take the dreaded Beer Frame receipt back to their bar as Rich Jr. and Lloyd couldn't win against Leland and Slade.

Making the Oasis even more chaotic, the Dragons were also at home hosting the first place Down Lo Playa's. As Stacy's bartenders were slinging drinks left and right, a good match was taking place on the back table. The Playa's were only up 7-5 at the Beer Frame. Gregg helped his team with a 3-0 hat trick, and Steve Hambek helped keep it close with a 3-0 effort of his own. Charles and Kevin beat Nate and Aaron in the Beer Frame. Aaron came back to the table and got one win, his dad was next and got two, and Jeff Brun finished the night with three - thanks to the Playa's not able to field a 7th Playa. The Dragons finished on top with a close 11-10 victory.

Downtown the Stickmen of Down Lo were hosting their upstairs neighbors, the Towne Lounge I team. Tony struck first and quickly with a 3-0 win to start the night - helping his team get to 8-4 at the break. Mark Nobriga and Sundy swept the Beer Frame 2-0 against Tyler and David Larabee. Leo shot sixth and got a 3-0 victory, but Jason Jones shot last and got 3 for himself, leaving the Lounge with a win, 13-8.

Meanwhile, upstairs at the Lounge, the other team - Lounge II - was hosting the only Oasis team on the road - the Nuggets. This match was very close as both teams were tied 6-6 at the Beer Frame. It must have moved quickly as in the top half Mike Karol, Mike Brandt Sr., and Rusty Piazza all got 8-ball break-and-runs in their matches. Kenny Duff and Jimmy Scott teamed up for the Nugz against Shawn Bell and Rusty in the Beer Frame. Kenny and Jimmy were victorious, getting 2 out of 3. Shawn got 2, and Richard got 2, for the Lounge putting them on the hill, up 10-8 going into the final match. Kenny Duff turned out to be the hero as he won all 3 of his games in the final match and propelled his team to a close, come from behind, 11-10 Oasis win.

Looks like we are back on track - everyone got their scoresheets in on time - THANK YOU!

The Stickmen have a bye this week - word is that Weazel Dogg will be at the Down Lo buying free drinks anyways this Thursday. So stop in and get a freebie on the 'Dogg. Congratulations to former Stickmen player Jesse Uribe - he'll be tying the knot as he and his fiance Roxanna are getting married on Saturday. Nice knowing you, Jesse!

Good luck in Week #17. Only six weeks to go (five weeks to go if you haven't had your second-half bye yet)!


Bad news from the Empire
Mar 3, 2011, 1:03 am

It doesn't seem like the Empire can ever get a break. Unfortunately the team lost a good friend, Larry Rohde, on February 16th, 2010. Now, almost exactly a year later, Mike Dixon has recently informed me that his teammate James Williams is currently in intensive care, battling a bad case of pneumonia. He is currently hospitalized in Oroville, room 603. His captain, his teammates, and his family all ask you find some time and send a prayer his way. Get well soon, James.

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