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Week #1!
Oct 25, 2011, 5:33 pm

Hey Everyone-

Hopefully it was a fairly stress-less start to the 2011-2012 season. It looks like everyone went to where they were supposed to go. 

Believe it or not, I still need to get money and rosters from some teams, listed below. Penalties (points and/or fines) will be initiated on Thursday if no attempt has been made. It is completely unfair to those that paid and made the effort to handle it on time, in addition to my hassles of being bill collector.
Tackle Box: 8 player's team dues and $40 bar fee
Oasis Bulldogs: 4 Players due, 4 Players paid, $12 credit
Empire Club: 7 player's team dues
Oasis Bankers: 7 player's team dues (haven't played yet, bye in week #1)
Oasis O-Team - Need to pay for Aaron (played beer frame on 10/20)
Towne Lounge I - Need to pay for Joe S. (played match on 10/20)

Please take care of this ASAP.
Here's what happened in week #1:
The Empire Club was on the road taking on the Last Call Pocket Raiders. Well, at least 2 of them were. The rest of the team didn't make it so the Last Call squad got an easy 11-0 win without even taking their cues out. No individual stats were recorded for the forfeit, and they opted not to play the beer frame. Hopefully everything is OK with the Durhamites - they are on a bye this week - hopefully this will give them time to get things sorted out. I'll let you know for week #3.
The Playa's were Down Lo hosting the Oasis Dragons. The Playa's were up 8-4 at the half, thanks to Tom LeClaire's 3-0 showing. Charles and Jason got the beer frame against Jeff and Aaron. In the bottom half, the Playa's kept pouring it on, getting 7 of the final 9 games. Larry Hiller got all 3 of his. In the end, it was Playa's: 15, Dragons: 6. Special note: Charles and Kevin each got 8-Ball Break-and-Runs ('B & R' boxes on your score sheets), starting off the season in style.
On another table at the Down Lo, the Stickmen were home hosting the new boys - the Tackle Box Spinners. Some familiar names are on their roster, though: Pops, the Boelen Boys (Jr. and Sr.), among others. The newer-looking Stickmen club were up 7-5 at the break, but Zook and Trevor beat Wheez and Madsack in the beer frame. In the final 3 frames, each team got 3-0 wins. Brian Norman and Wheez stepped up getting all 3 for the Stickmen, and Bob did the same for the 'Box. Final score was 13-8, Stickmen.
The third Down Lo team, the Diamondbacks (aka the Team Formerly Known as The Nuggets), were on the road at the Oasis taking on the O-Team. In a very close match, both teams were tied 6-6 at the beer frame. In the beer frame, Mike Karol and Paul teamed up against Aaron and Brian. The D-Backs came away with free beers. In the bottom-half, recently transplanted Brian Vignon got 2, and long-time 'O Troy got the deciding 3-0 victory in the 6th spot. Paul came back and got the final 3 to make it look close, making the final score 11-10 in favor of the O's.
Over at the Eagles Club, the 'Birds had some Bulldogs all over them. Thanks to B-Dog Keith's 3-0 lead-off performance, the 'Dogs were up 9-3 at the beer frame. The Eagles did strike back and get the aforementioned beer frame, as Robin and Rick beat Ed and Ty for the cold, frosty, free can of beer. The Eagles stayed stuck on 3 wins as the Bulldogs emphatically won the final 3 matches 9-0. Ty, Frank, and Steve won each of theirs 3-0, helping their team to an 18-3 victory.
Back downtown their was an in-house battle between Towne Lounge I and II. Both teams were locked at 6 going into the beer frame. Ed and new shooter Ben Beeler got the honors, beating Tony T. and an unknown player, in the scotch doubles match. In the second half, it was all Lounge II as newbie Ben got all 3 of his and Steve Swim got 2. Prana was waiting by himself at the table for the final match - the Lounge I squad didn't field a 7th, giving the Lounge II the victory - 14-7.
The new Oasis team, the Bankers, were on a bye this week, hopefully getting all their players in order. I'll post their players once I get a roster. The Empire Club will look to do the same this week, as they have the bye in Week #2.
Good luck this week - hopefully I'll have the above mentioned administrative work done and no penalties will be handed out. Again, I do appreciate those that have paid - thank you!!!

Almost there...
Oct 20, 2011, 9:41 am

Hey Everyone-

- I still need to get team rosters and  payments from most teams.

- Again, Crazy Horse is now the Tackle Box (375 E. Park Ave.)

- The schedule is posted both online here ('Calendar' and 'Game Schedule' links - green, left-hand column), as well as downloadable/printable ('Downloads' section). Plenty of copies have been given to the Captains in their binders (available for Captains at the Oasis) to pass out, too.

- Be sure to visit our Chico Mens Pool League Facebook page and 'like' us to get even more updates and interactions:

- Become a registered user on this site (free, spamless) to be involved in the weekly email reports/recaps, and to have access to the forums ('Forums' link, green left-hand column).

- Game Schedule can be sorted by future games and past games for easier access, as well as filtered by teams.

More to come! Good luck this Thursday - except for the Oasis Bankers, they have the first 'bye' week.


Oct 16, 2011, 12:13 pm
...still waiting for more rosters and payments. After I receive them, I will post the teams. EVERYONE: I'm looking for sponsors who want their business logo on our home page, like FunLand (who supplied paper and printing supplies for the binders - no fee to the league) and Mike Clarke's Chico Mobile Air & Auto Repair (big discount on meat for party last year). The spot will be $25 for the year. We have almost 15000 views so it is seen by many players and families. So if you run a business, or work for one, see if they are interested. Thanks! -Scott-

Oct 14, 2011, 12:16 pm

Crazy Horse is out - Tackle Box is in! Crazy Horse team will be moving and playing for Tackle Box in the 2011-2012 season.

Schedules (updated with Tackle Box) are available to download - download section in green left-hand column. Online schedule coming soon.

CAPTAINS: Your binders are ready to be picked up from Stacy at the Oasis. Please pay your dues and get me a roster ASAP, if you haven't already.


Coming soon...
Oct 9, 2011, 11:16 pm

I'm working on it...trying to get everything online for the new season. Here's a few things that are finished:

  • Captain's meeting complete - no serious injuries
  • 2 new bars, 3 new teams, some relocating
  • Eagles and Crazy Horse Saloon now have a team, Oasis Bankers joining the league, Oasis Nuggets now the Down Lo Diamondbacks. This makes 13 teams!
  • Voted to include and use 9-foot tables in the playoffs and Top Shooter Tournament
  • Top Shooter Tournament: at the Oasis
  • 2011-2012 Pool Party: at the Down Lo (date TBD)
  • Bar Sponsorship fee still $40, individual player dues: $17
  • Getting closer every year to use a standardized BCA rule book - not this year. The existing CMPL rule book has been modified again this year and a new copy is available for download from this site - green, left-hand column 'Downloads' tab. Be sure to get 'CMPL Info and Procedures', the 'CMPL 8-Ball Rules', and arguably most importantly 'Sportsmanship & Communication'.
  • Teams have been formed on this site. Those captains that have submitted rosters (or partials) have been posted. More players to come once fees and rosters are submitted no later than this Thursday (11/13/11)
  • First games: 11/20/11. Note: with 13 teams, each team will have 1 bye week each half

More to come, as soon as I find some time. I've been busy playing on my new glass-rail pool table lately. Check it out:






2011-2012 CMPL Season!
Sep 27, 2011, 6:48 pm



Welcome to the 2011-2012 Chico Mens Pool League!


It's that time of year again - school's back in, football is here, weather's cooling off, and, most importantly - time for a new Pool League season!

The website has been turned over to a new season, 2011-2012. Last year's schedule (and 2009-2010), results, and stats are still available, you just need to click on the year range at the top of the green column on the left-side of the screen. All the individual stats for 2010-2011 have been cleared and zeroed, and the schedule has not been made until we get a final confirmation and payment for the participating bars.

Unless changed at the Captain's meeting for some reason, the first games will start on Thursday, October 20th.

CAPTAINS- A few notes for you:

  • Captain's Meeting - Thursday, October 7th - 7:00pm at the Oasis, pending Stacey's approval. This has been traditionally the day of the meeting for many years now - the first Thursday in October, so please no complaints on the picked day if it doesn't work for you.
  • One captain and one teammate from each team may attend to voice concerns, ideas, and to vote on league measures. The teammate should be considered an alternate/co-captain. No bar owners, unless they are a player too.
  • Player's dues ($15/player) and bar sponsor fees ($40/team) will be collected. Team rosters (minimum of 7, max of 11) will be submitted at that time. Either collect your players and bars dues prior and bring to the meeting, or pay for it yourself and have your team pay you back later. All rosters need to include players first and last name, phone number, and email. Blank 2011-2012 roster sheets are available to download in the 'downloads' section in the green column to the left. One version is in .pdf (print and fill out by hand), the other in Excel (fill in on your computer and print out or email). Pricing could change at the meeting if a motion for it is voiced and passed.
  • We will be utilizing (upon a consensus vote approval at the meeting) our previously modified rules we had in place last season. We will of course vote on new rules or changes at the meeting, and eventually year by year, we will get closer to using the standardized, officially recognized, nationally approved and used BCA Pool League rule book, essentially the same rules we used all Spring and Summer at Jackie's Down Lo leagues. I'll bring up the motion to use it this year as I have in year's past, but changes are very slow in this league and I don't see it happening this year, again. Both the 2010-2011 CMPL rule book and the BCAPL rule book can be downloaded in it's entirety, from the download section, again in the green left-hand column, for your information and reference. I might be modifying the CMPL rule book before the meeting - I'll post any new versions as I work on it. All captains are strongly encouraged to look it over in detail and share it with your players PRIOR to the meeting, when we will discuss it's contents, pro or con.
  • I would like to get all captains (mandatory) to become a registered user of this site, and encourage all players to do the same. This will make it more efficient to send out information and updates to either captains or players, or both. I will have a laptop available at the meeting, or you can do it now - black tab near the top of the screen - "Create User Account". Obviously it's free, spam-free, and safe.
  • Please contact me in advance if you have any questions/concerns that will inevitably turn into powder kegs at the meeting. We will discuss and resolve it prior, or find a way to discuss it civilly at the meeting.
  • I will post a basic agenda for the meeting in the downloads section, left-hand column, shortly.

I have my concerns and points to bring up at the meeting, as I'm sure many of you do, too. Players (non-captains): don't forget if you want to have items brought up, talk to your captain, or become a registered user of this site and visit the 'forums' (left-hand column) where there is a thread for 'Suggestions For Next Season' (this season).

The core subject for the meeting will be how to make the rules more standardized and concrete, to cover any or all situations, to make the game less stressful for everyone involved. In the past we were a simple league with simple rules, but now that we have moved into a more technical, rules-driven league, we need to make it more standardized. The proposed league rule book is cumbersome, but it is detailed, without much room for ambiguity. But please remember, this is a gentlemen's game, and superseding all rules is the core values of sportsmanship, recreation, and fun.

Thanks for your time in reading this - hopefully you're looking forward to the upcoming season as much as I am. Again, please contact me if you have any questions:


Jun 1, 2011, 2:17 pm

Here's your official invitation/reminder/cue/hint/notice/prompt/poke:

Pool Party and Awards Ceremony
Saturday, June 4th, 2011
(THIS Saturday!)

Oasis Bar and Grill

Free food, free beer, free pool, tournaments, raffles, and tons of fun!
Guests are $5.00

PLEASE - Bring a raffle prize to give a way so our raffle line-up doesn't look too sorry compared to the Women's prizes (again)!!!
I won't be able to make it, but I hope you all have a good time - thanks for a good year - Captains, I'll see you in October.

Top Shooter - Kevin Cibart
May 20, 2011, 6:52 pm



Kevin Cibart

2010-2011 Top Shooter

After an exciting Top Shooter Tournament, Kevin Cibart came out on top. In a thrilling final match, Kevin got the final deciding game by beating his teammate, Charles Lintz. Kevin was up 2-0 in the race to three format, but Charles stormed back and tied it up 2-2. Charles had a run, but missed a tough shot leaving Kevin to clean up, which he did. Kevin won the $100 bill and will receive his Top Shooter trophy at the pool party on June 4th at the Oasis. Congratulations Kevin and good job to all the other contestants.

Again, despite rumors (by me) of a possible change, the Pool Party and awards ceremony REMAINS on June 4th like the schedules state. I won't be able to make it, but everything will be under the Women's League's control, as well as other Men's League delegates. As always, free beer will be flowing, free food will be served, table tournaments will be played, awards will be passed out, and the always popular raffle will be happening with awesome prizes. Leland got me a pair of Tuscan Ridge golf rounds because he works there - ask your business if they can help out - either prizes or cash. 

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