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Week #23 Results
Apr 17, 2012, 10:39 pm

Here are the results from week #23, except for the Empire/Bulldog matchup - haven't received a score sheet from Mike Dixon yet...

The Diamondbacks climbed upstairs to take on the Empire II squad last Thursday. It was back and forth in the first half and the Lounge was up 7-5 at the break. Mike Brandt only got one this night, but it was in break-and-run style. In the beer frame, Mike Karol and Matt Fields lost to Ed and Shawn Bell, 2-0. In the bottom half, Shawn and Ed got their team to the hill, 10 points, but D-Back Paul Airth decided to play hero and won all 3 of his in the final match to take the 11-10 final score back downstairs.

Meanwhile, downstairs at the Down Lo the Stickmen were home hosting the other Towne Lounge team, TLI. This matchup wasn't close. The Lounge were all over the Stickmen as Yang, Steve McGrill, and Jason Jones all got 3-0 hat tricks helping them to a 15-6 whoopin' on the Down Lo. Jason and Kevin got the beer frame, beating Sundy and Madsack.

Over at the Oasis, the Bankers were hosting the traveling Eagles. It was all tied going into the beer frame as teams traded 1's and 2's. The Banker's Bill and Jim beat Jon and David 2-0 in the beer frame. In the bottom-half it was all Eagles - Jopn got 3, Roben got 2, and Terry got 3 to finish the night. Final score: Eagles 14, Bankers 7.

On the back table at the Oasis, the O-Team had to face the first-place Playa's. The O's were on a hot-streak lately, but the Playa's turned out to be a little too much for them. Remaining a perfect 21-0, the Down Lo scored their 21st double-digit victory as they came out on top 13-8. Charles and Gregg each got 3-0 wins. Maybe even bigger news is that Jason Colabove didn't get 3, as James got one off of him, but Jason did get a break-and-run during his match. One bright note on the O-Team's score sheet is a 3 spot in the left-hand column - it belonged to Slade as he got the sweep.

Way out on East Park Ave., the Tackle Box Spinners were home hosting the Last Call Pocket Raiders. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) no strippers this week and both teams had to concentrate on their game. The Tackle Box did it better as they won 11-10 in a close match. Rich Sr., Trevor, and Bob each got 3 for the 'Box. Last Call shooters Matt A. and Gary got 3 for their team. The Spinners had it won in the 6th spot after Bob got his 3, but Gary got the final 3 to make it a close 11-10 Tackle Box win.

As mentioned, no score sheet from the Empire Club as they were home against the Bulldogs. More information when it becomes available.

Good luck in week #23 - 3 games to go, except for the Eagles, Tackle Box, and O-Team as they have the last 3 bye weeks, in that order. Playoffs begin May 10th for the top 8 teams.

It looks like it's a two horse race between the Playa's and the Towne Lounge II for the Beer Frame Championship - both teams have amazingly won 17 out of their 21 possible match-ups!


Week #20 and #21 Results
Apr 11, 2012, 12:03 am

Sorry for the lack of stats/updates - been a crazy week and pool had to take a back seat. Here's this past week's results, plus a little from the March 29th week:

The Bulldogs were home taking on their barmates, the Oasis Dragons. Both are great teams and I hate saying it, but on paper this was a big upset. Jeff and Krad each got 3 wins in the first half, as did Dennis Bruch for the Bulldogs, to make the score 7-5 Dragons at the break. The Dragons got 6 more in the bottom-half, thanks to Kenny's 3-0 showing, to win fairly big - 13-8. The Dragons also got the beer frame as Micah and John beat Steve and Ed. In the week prior, the Dragons lost to the Empire 10-11. The Bulldogs were across town at the Last Call where they beat the Pocket Raiders 16-5.

Speaking of Last Call, the 'Raiders were on the road last week taking on the Oasis O-Team. A 21-0 sweep was just one win away from the O-Team as they did everything else right, winning 20-1, including Mike and Brian's beer frame win over Kevin L. and Matt A., 2-0. Stacy, Brian, James, Slade, Captain Mike, and Troy all got 3-0 wins. Mike Clarke got one of his via an 8-ball break-and-run. The Oasis O-Team had another great week the week before beating the Eagles 18-3. That's 38 of 42 possible points in two weeks! Looks like they warmed up at the right time - they have to play the Playa's (who had a bye April 5th) this week.

The Stickmen were Down Lo hosting the visiting Oasis Bankers on April 5th. The Stickmen got out to a good lead of 9-3 thanks to Cele and Brian Norman's 3-0 wins. Scott and Paul Wall couldn't get the beer frame from Mark and Bill. Keith came to the table and got 3 more for the Stickmen to help in their 15-6 victory. The prior week the Stickmen held their own against the Diamondbacks, losing 9-12. The Bankers were victorious over the Tackle Box the previous week, but just barely, as Bill brought his team back from an 8-10 deficit to an 11-10 win as he got all 3 of his in the final match of the night.

On April 5th, the Towne Lounge I squad was at home versus the Empire of Durham. It was close - all players had either 1 or 2 wins - no 3-0 shut-outs for either team. There was a 2-0 shut-out in the beer frame, as recently returned and hopefully healthy, James Williams and Eric Monlux beat Jason Jones and Kevin Kinnell for the honors. James did get 2 on the night, but Kevin had the biggest 2 as he shot last and got the 10th and deciding 11th point of the match. In the week before, the Empire was on the other end, as they won in the final frame, beating the Dragons in an 11-10 close one. The Lounge I team lost to the Playa's 5-16, but without Jason Jones or Kevin K., they were short 1 player and gave up 3 the easy way.

The Diamondbacks were also home last Thursday as they hosted the Eagles. Izzy, Kenny, Rusty, Mike Karol, and Matt Fields all got 3-0 wins for the D-Backs. David Napier did all he could for his Eagles - he got all 3 of his games, 3 of their 5. Terry got the other 2. Final score, D-Backs 16, Eagles 5. The Eagles did win the beer frame, though. In a rare loss, Bulldog and Mike K. (I think) lost to Jon and hot-shooter David 1-2. In the prior week, the Diamondbacks beat the Stickmen 12-9, and the Eagles lost to the O-Team 3-18.

The TLII team travelled South to take on the Tackle Box Spinners. From what I heard, the Spinning was taking place on the stripper pole as it was definitley ladies night at the 'Box. Fighting through the distractions, both teams battled to the end in un-imaginable conditions. But through all the adversity, Tackle Box Bob got the 11th and winning point in the final match, giving his team the well-earned 11-10 victory. To celebrate his and Prana's beer frame win over Trevor and Zook, Ed and his crew drank for free - but that's all. Contrary to any rumors, Ed did not strip on stage. In the week before, the TLII team had a bye, and the Tackle Box lost to the Bankers 10-11.

Okay, week #22 is upon us. That means including this week there are only 4 more regular season games to go - except for the Dragons, Eagles, Tackle Box, and O-Team - they each have a bye week left (in that order). So watch the standings - that could change things with these teams sitting out. Good luck in week #22!


Week #19 Results
Mar 29, 2012, 2:11 pm

Here's the results of the March 22nd matches:

In a Down Lo showdown of the top 2 teams, #1 Playa's 'hosted' the #2 Diamondbacks. This heavyweight matchup was a back and forth barn-burner. Each of the seven games was 2-1, nobody won 3 or lost 3. In fact it literally went 2-1 Playa's, 2-1 Diamondbacks, 2-1 Playa's, and so on, the whole night. The teams were, of course, tied in the final game as well as Playa' Amer was taking on D-Back Jimmy Scott. Amer got the first one, then Jimmy got the second, and in the 21st game Amer came through and kept the Playa's undefeated season still intact, making the final score 11-10 Playa's.

The Oasis Bulldogs remained home last week, welcoming in the Stickmen of Down Lo. It was tied 6-6 at the break. It could have been worse but Ed came up big and won all 3 to keep it close. Keith and Louis couldn't beat Brian and Ty for the beer frame honors as they lost 2-1. Louis stayed at the table and got all 3 of his match games, and Keith got 2 more to make it 11-7 Stickmen. But Captain Steve came through at the end and got 3 of his own to make it as close as it can get - 11-10 Down Lo.

The Oasis O-Team travelled South to take on the Empire of Durham. One of the Empire shooters didn't show up so Mike's team was down a man and facing an uphill battle against the O's. It was 9-3 at the break thanks to Stacy and Aaron's 3-0 games. Slade and James teamed up for the beer frame and ended up beating Bob L. and Eric 2-0. Troy got 3 to start off the second half, and Slade chipped in 2 more. With the 3 freebies by way of forfeit, the Oasis O-Team ended up on top 17-4.

Over at the Towne Lounge, the TLII team were home against the Eagles. 6 of the 7 TLII players got 2 wins each, and one got 3. Math anyone? That makes 15 points for the home team, 6 for the visitors. Greg Smith got the only non-2, getting all 3 of his games. Ed and Steve beat Jon and Donny, with a score of (of course) 2-1.

Last Call was the home team as the Oasis Bankers crossed town - well, five of them did at least. Jim Wilson started the night off for the Bankers and got all 3 of his, as did Gary for the Pocket Raiders. It was 7-5 Last Call at the break. Bill and Hugh did get the beer frame, as they beat Curtis and Gary 2-1. Bill stayed at the table and got 3 of his own, giving his Bankers an 8-7 lead. But as I mentioned, only 5 Bankers made the trip, so they forfeited the final 6 points to Last Call which kept them at 8 and made the final score 13-8.

The Tackle Box was home hosting the travelling Oasis Dragons. The Dragons shot out of the gate with a 10-2 first-half lead, thanks to Kenny Smith and Micah's 3-0 showings. Steve joined Micah at the table for the beer frame, as they defeated Trevor and Zook 2-1. In the bottom-half, the Tackle Box got 5 of the final 7 points to make it a not-so-bad 14-7 beating by the Dragons.

Good luck this week. The Towne Lounge II team will be matchless as they are on a bye this week. You should be able to find them at the Lounge cheering on their barmates as the TLI squad takes on the Playa's.


Week #18 Results
Mar 20, 2012, 12:26 am

All score sheets are now in - the Tackle Box/Empire results are below.

Also - while Mike Dixon, Empire Captain, was at the Tackle Box, his cue came up missing. Last I talked to him it was still un-accounted for. I don't have any pictures of it to post yet, but here's a description from Mike: Burgoyne cue, blonde butt with fiddle-back maple, blackish/white silk wrap, with a 'B' engraved on the butt end. He is offering a $100 reward for its return, so check right here for more information to come. 

Here's a recap of last week:

The Oasis O-Team was home versus the Towne Lounge I team. The Lounge was up 8-4 at the break, thanks to Tony's 3-0 lead-off effort. Captain Mike and Slade got the beer frame for the home team, defeating Pat and Jason 2-0. In the bottom-half, Steve McGrill got 3 for the Lounge, and Mike finished off the night with 3 for the O. Final score: TLI 13, Oasis O-Team 8.

Also at the Oasis, the Dragons were home hosting the old Oasis Nugget team, the Down Lo Diamondbacks. It was 7-5 D-Backs in a fairly close first half, but it was all Down Lo in the bottom half as they wrapped up the night with a 15-6 win on the road. Mike Brandt, Kenny Duff, and Jimmy Scott all had 3-0 games. John and Jason of the Dragons couldn't get the beer frame as Paul and Kenny won 2-0.

Over at the Last Call, the Pocket Raiders were hosting the Eagles. In a very tight first half it was tied 6-6 going into the beer frame. Eagles lead-off shooter David got all 3 of his to start the night. David teamed up with Captain Jon to win the beer frame for the Eagles, beating Rob and Kevin L., 2-1. Andrew shot in the 5th spot, getting all 3 of his, propelling his Eagles squad to a 12-9 victory.

The Stickmen of Down Lo travelled upstairs to take on the Towne Lounge II players. Each of the first four TLII shooters got 2 points, making it 8-4 at the half. Scott and Madsack lost a close beer frame to Ed and Shawn, 2-1. Shawn stayed at the table and kicked some butt and got all 3 of his, but Madsack was up in the 6th spot and got 3 right back. Keith chipped in 2 more for the Stickmen making it a respectable game, 12-9 Towne Lounge II.

Downstairs the Playa's were home hosting the Oasis Bankers. It was all Playa's in the first half as they were up 9-2, thanks to Charles, Gregg, and Kevin getting all 3 of theirs. Kevin also had a break-and-run win in his match-up. Hugh got 2 of his for a bright-spot on the Banker's half of the score sheet. Charles and Mike got the beer frame against Mark and Bill, 2-0. Jason started the bottom half with another 3-0 win. Larry and Leo got 2 each to wrap up the night, making the final score 17-4 Playa's.

The Empire came to Chico to take on the Tackle Box last Thursday, but they forgot to bring the whole squad. The Empire only had 5 players but managed to squeak out 7 points to the Tackle Box's 14. Rich Jr. came up big for the 'Box geting all 3 of his games, as did Troy for the Durham club. Eric and Rick got the road beer frame win, beating Trevor and Zook.

Good luck in week #19, the Towne Lounge I team will be on their bye week.


Week #17
Mar 8, 2012, 5:35 pm

Sorry - more late score sheets so no time for recaps or top shooter updates this week. All the stats and games are now in, so the standings page and individual stats are all current. Good luck this week (tonight), except for the Diamondbacks who are on a bye this week.


Week #16 Results
Feb 29, 2012, 5:07 pm

Here are the results from Thursday, 2/23/12 - minus the Towne Lounge I vs. Oasis Dragons match - no score scheet from the Lounge as of Wed., 2/29.

At the Oasis, the O-Team was hosting the Lounge II group. Brian, Sean Wasson, and James got all 3 for the Oasis club, and Steve Hale put up 3 for his team. Prana and Matt beat James and Slade for the beer frame honors, but the O-Team won for the night - 13-8.

The Eagles were home hosting the Tackle Box. Robin, Terry, and Captain Jon got all 3 of their matches for the Eagles, and Bob got 3 for the 'Box. The Eagles got the beer frame 2-0 as Jon and Donny beat Trevor and Zook. The Eagles ended the night on top, 13-8.

The Stickmen were home downstairs as the travelling Empire made the trip to town. The Empire came to play as Bob Cody wrapped up the first half with a 3-0 victory. The Stickmen got the beer frame as Madsack and Sundy beat Rick and Paul, 2-1. In the end it was Empire wth the win, 12-9.

Also at the Down Lo, the Diamondbacks were hosting the Oasis Bankers. The Bankers were fighting up hill the whole time, as the D-Backs jumped out to a 9-3 lead at the break. Mike Karol and Matt beat Bill and Mark in the beer frame, 2-1. In the bottom half, Rusty and Matt got 3 wins each to help the Diamondbacks to a healthy 16-5 win.

Over at the Oasis, the Bulldogs were home taking on the Down Lo Playa's. Dennis and Jim put up 3's to help the Bulldogs to an early 8-4 lead, threatening to derail the undefeated Playa's. Kevin and Leo got the beer frame against Dennis and Ed, 2-1. In the bottom half, the Playa's mounted a come back and got the final 8 of 9 points for a 12-9 victory. Leo got 3, Jason got 3, and Tom got 2.

As stated, no sheet from the Lounge I crew vs. the Dragons. I'll update when it's turned in. More money for the pool party!

Good luck this week. Happy Leap Day. The Stickmen are on the bye this week.


Week #15 Results
Feb 22, 2012, 12:50 am

After a good week comes a bad week - the Tacklebox was back at home, as was the Diamondbacks. I haven't received scoresheets (as of Tuesday night) from either home captain, so penalty money will be collected this week, and I'll post scores as I get them. Probably no updates to the Top Shooter list, or individual stats this week because of it.

Here's the results from Thursday, February 16th:

The Stickmen were on the road celebrating Louis' birthday at the Eagles Hall last Thursday. In between cans of beer and pieces of cake, a game was played. It was tied 6-6 at the break thanks to the Birthday Boy's 3-0 win, and Robin's 3-0 win to tie it up. Louis and Sundy played the beer frame against Jon and Donny. Eagles won 2-0. In the 6th spot, Stickman Keith got 3 to help the Down Lo team to a 12-9 victory.

Over at the Towne Lounge, the TL1 team hosted the Oasis Bulldogs. The 'Dogs were up 8-4 halfway through, thanks to Dennis and Brian's 3-win efforts, and Stephen Wells got 3 to keep it close. In the bottom-half, the TL1 guys mounted a charge propelled by Howie's hat trick, but in the end Keith got 2 of 3 to get the 10th and 11th point, giving the Bulldogs an 11-10 win. Keith and Ty won the beer frame versus Jason and Kevin.

The Oasis O-Team was short-handed even after picking up newcomer Dave, and gave the Dragon's a 3 point gift. This helped the Dragons on their way to a 14-7 victory. Mike Clarke got all 3 of his, but so did Krad and Kenny for the Dragons. Jason and Steve couldn't get it going in the beer frame as they lost to Mike and Stacy of the O-Team, 2-0.

Also at the Oasis, the Bankers welcomed in the hot Towne Lounge 2 squad. The Bankers also didn't have a 7th player so the TL2 team got 3 the easy way. Paul Lampright, Matt Gabbard, and Ed Theis each got 3 points each to lead their team to a 17-4 win. The Bankers did get the beer frame as Mark and Bill beat Ed and Greg, 2 out of 3.

Again, no score sheet for the Tackle Box/Playa's match. Still waiting for the Diamondbacks sheet for their match versus Last Call.

The Last Call Pocket Raiders are on a bye this week, so they'll be singing karaoke at their bar while everyone else plays this week. Good luck to all!


Week #14 Results
Feb 14, 2012, 12:34 am

...and the 2nd Half has begun. Here are the results from week #14:

The Oasis Dragons were home hosting the 1st place Playa's. The Down Lo got 10 of the first 12 possible points, thanks to Gregg, Mikie, and Leland's 3-0 efforts. In the beer frame, Jeff and Steve of the Dragons took care of Leo and Leland, winning 2 of 3. In the bottom frames, it was still all Playa's as they wrapped up the night with a 15-6 win.

Also at the Oasis, the Bulldogs were hosting the visiting Eagles. The final score was 14-7 Bulldogs, as Keith and Chris each got 3 wins, as did Terry for the Eagles. John and Terry couldn't pick up the beer frame win as Dennis and Ed Bowers got the Scotch doubles win.

Over on Park Ave., the Stickmen started the second half on the road at the Tackle Box. At the half, it was 7-5 Down Lo. Cele and Scott teamed up for the beer frame against the Tackle Box shooters Bob and Randy. The visiting squad drank for free, getting 2 out of 3. In the bottom half the Stickmen wrapped it up, winning 12-9 as Scott got 3 for the Down Lo, and Trevor got 3 for the Spinners.

At the battle of the bar, Towne Lounge I was squaring off against Towne Lounge II. TL1 shot out of the gates with a 9-3 lead, mainly due to Tony and Stephen Wells getting 3 each. Matt and Ed of the TL2 team got the beer frame win against Howie and Fahd. This must have been the momentum swinger as the TL2 team accomplished the comeback of the year so far. Getting 8 of the final 9 points propelled them into the lead, and the win, 11-10. Matt and Steve Swim got 3, and Greg Smith got the final 2 to end it.

At polar ends of the CMPL map, the Durham Empire Club welcomed in the weary travelers, the Last Call Pocket Raiders. It was all tied at 6 at the beer frame, as Paul Leroy got 3 wins just before the beer frame. Kevin and Jimmy got the always sweet on-the-road beer frame win against Paul and Bob L. In the bottom-half, Durhamites Rick, Bob Cody, and Bob Lithgow each got 2 wins to seal the deal, 12-9 Empire.

After a 3 or 4 day electrical issue, it came down to the wire and the Diamondbacks were able to play downstairs hosting the Oasis O-Team. In a very close match, both teams battled until the final shooters. Stacy and Kenny Duff each got 3 wins for their respective teams to make it 7-5 at the half, Diamondbacks up. Kenny and Izzy got 2 out of 3 in the beer frame against Slade and Troy for the win. In the bottom half, Slade and Troy played back-to-back getting 2 each, making the score tied 9-9. This left it up to the final shooters, and Captain Mike Karol came up big getting 3 out of 3 for the 12-9 Diamondback victory.

Thanks Captains for getting your scoresheets in on time - everyone will be rewarded with finally knowing the current standings and top shooter positions. It will be posted online, at the Oasis, and in your email box Tuesday or Wednesday. Please keep it up!

Good luck to all those except the Empire Club this week - the Durham squad will be on their bye week.


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