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Thursday April 18 2019 
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Week #1 Results!
Oct 30, 2012, 8:40 pm

Great news! After a few years of failed attempts, I have the web site hosting company (MySportSite) currently working on getting the win percentages to show up here on the website, eliminating the need for me to enter them all again in a spreadsheet to get the top shooter statistics. (Make that incredibly friggin' awesome news!) I'll update you as I know more. So no individual stats yet, but once it's ready I'll dump them all in. Sweeeet...! 

Ok, the first week is in the books! It looks like it got off without a hitch - including the inaugural night at Duffy's Tavern. Here's what went down...

The Eagles buzzed in the Oasis Bulldogs last Thursday at the 'Hall. The first half was close as the Bulldogs were up 7-5. Keith and Chris got 3-0 wins for the 'Dogs, as Bobbo kept things close with 3 of his own for the Eagles. Jon and Donny beat the Oasis tandem of Keith and Brian 2-1 for the Beer Frame win. In the second half Ed, Ty, and Steve-O got 5 points for the Bulldogs giving them a 12-9 victory on the road.

On the North end of town, the Last Call Rack Pack welcomed in the Durham Empire Club. Teams traded 2-1 games in the first half and the Empire was up 7-5 at the break. Bob Cody and Troy got the Beer Frame, beating Kevin L. and Pat C. 2-1. Troy went back to the table in the 5th spot and got 2, but Last Call Gary got 3 right back in the next frame. Empire failed to field a 7th shooter, so they gave the final 3 points to the 'Pack, making the final score 12-9 Last Call.

The Oasis O-Team was in a dogfight with the Down Lo Diamondbacks over at the Oasis. It was tied 6-6 at the break, and Mike Clarke and Slade got 2 wins each in the 5th and 6th spot putting them on the hill, 10-8. But Captain Mike Karol saved his stuff for last getting a 3-0 sweep in the last frame giving his team a last-second come-from-behind win on the road. Final score: 11-10 D-Backs.

The Down Lo Stickmen were home taking on the Spinners of the Tackle Box. Cele and Brian started off the season/night with back-to-back 3-0 wins. Sundy chipped in 2 more, but Tackle Box Bruce got 2 wins to stop the momentum. At the half it was 9-3 Stickmen. Scott and Madsack couldn't get the Beer Frame as Trevor and Bob took it 2-1. New Stickman Sam got 2 wins, as did Madsack in the bottom half. Keith finished the night with a 3-0 victory to give the Down Lo squad a 16-5 home win.

Also at the Down Lo, the returning champs from 2011-2012 started their repeat bid for the 2012-2013 season. Last season they went undefeated up until week 26, but they almost started this season 0-1. The Dragons were in the house bringing their A-game to table #10. It was 6-6 at the break, thanks to Kevin's 3-0 win. Micah, Steve, and Kenny each got 2 for the Dragons. Amer and Dwayne got the Beer Frame, defeating Aaron and John 2-1. Leo shot in the 5th spot and put some separation between them and the Oasis by getting all 3 of his. But Jeff won 2 of his, and Aaron won his first 2 to get the match tied at 10 going to the final game. Larry had to step up and save his team, which he did, in a close final matchup. I believe it came to each of them on the 8-ball. Great match, and the Playa's start out 1-0 as they win 11-10.

Way in the back of Duffy's Tavern lays a big 'ol table many people don't even know about. This year, Captain Ed Theis from the transplanted Towne Lounge II team is calling it home. They welcomed in their previous year's bar mates the Down Lo Damned Loungers (formerly Towne Lounge I). In another close match, the two teams were tied 6-6 after the 4th match. David Larabee got 3 for his Damned team, and Prana got 3 for his Duffy's crew. Ed Theis and Steve Swim couldn't beat the Yuli and Yang tandem and started their beer frame season 0-1, after getting 2nd place in 2011-2012. Ed stayed at the table and got 2 in the fifth spot, but Yang roared back and got 3 of his own in the sixth. In the final match, Steve McGrill got the winning point and one more to boot, giving his Damned Loungers a 12-9 victory.

The Oasis Bankers started their season on the bye once again (sorry guys), but at least now it's out of the way. This week the Empire Club 'gets' to stay in Durham (sorry guys).

Good luck in week #2. Remember: player dues (at the $17 rate) are due on November 6th, the Tuesday after this week's matches, at the Oasis. On November 7th, it goes up to $25 each player.

Keep watching for website stat updates.


Games Start Soon!
Oct 23, 2012, 3:55 pm

The 2012-2013 CMPL Season starts this Thursday! Check the schedule to see where you play.

Captains don't forget - team sponsorship fees ($40) are due Wednesday (Tomorrow) by 5:00pm. After Wednesday, the fee goes to $50!

Please turn in your rosters and player dues ASAP!


Attention All Captains!
Oct 3, 2012, 3:26 pm

As tradition states, it's that time of year - the 2nd Thursday in October is here next week:

2012-2013 CMPL Captains Meeting

Thursday October 11th, 7:00pm, at the Oasis

I'll be calling all captains as well to discuss topics, receive suggestions, and remind them of the meeting. If you can't make it, send a delegate.



Top Shooter 2011-2012
Jun 13, 2012, 12:28 am

Congratulations to the CMPL Top Shooter for 2011-2012

Kevin Cibart

Kevin came through on top in a very exciting 8-man Top Shooter Tournament at the Oasis Bar and Grill last Thursday night. Kevin had to fight his way through some of the best in the league to take home top honors for the 2nd year in a row. In the finals, he had to beat his teammate, Jason Colabove, to become the king of the hill. For his hard work, he earned $100 cash plus the coveted Top Shooter trophy to be given to him this Saturday at the Down Lo during the end of the year pool party and awards ceremony. Congratulations Kevin!


Speaking of pool party - only a few more days remain before the official end of the 2011-2012 season. All players are invited of course, and a guest. As usual - free beer, free food (pot luck and tri-tip), awards, raffle, and many tournaments on the Down Lo array of tables. The party starts around 1:00pm on this Saturday, June 16th. Captains - please remind your players. And everyone - please bring a prize to be raffled! If we want to compete with the Women's prize table, to make more money for our league, we need to sell a lot of tickets and have some great prizes. Please help me out before we take a break for the Summer. Many captains expressed a desire to help me out during the Captain's meeting last October - here's your chance. Call me if you have any questions and/or prizes.


2011-2012 CMPL Team Champions - The Playa's!
Jun 1, 2012, 9:07 pm

The 2011-2012 Chico Mens Pool League Team Champions

The Down Lo Playa's

On Thursday, May 31st, the #1 seed Playa's hosted the defending champion #3 seed Oasis Bulldogs in the championship match. In the race to 11 format, the Down Lo squad got the required points in the 5th frame as Jason Colabove got the final 2 deciding points giving the Playa's an 11-4 victory. Charles and Leland each got 3-0 hat tricks, and Kevin, Leo, and Jason got the other 5 points. Again, congrats to the Playa's for an incredibly dominant season - they'll definitely be the team to beat in 2012-2013.


That just leaves the exciting top shooter tournament and the end-of-the-year Pool Party and Awards Ceremony. The Top Shooter Tournament will take place at The Oasis next Thursday, June 7th, at 7:00pm sharp. Those involved, the top eight shooters, are as follows (in order of seed placement):

Jason Colabove - Down Lo Playa's

Kenny Duff - Down Lo Diamondbacks

Charles Lintz - Down Lo Playa's

Leland Baxter - Down Lo Playa's

Kevin Cibart - Down Lo Playa's

Mike Karol - Down Lo Diamondbacks

Ed Theis - Towne Lounge II

Keith Whitworth - Oasis Bulldogs


1st Alternate: Mike Brandt, Sr. - Down Lo Diamondbacks

2nd Alternate: Dennis Bruch, Jr. - Oasis Bulldogs


Come watch it live as these guys battle it out for the Top Shooter Trophy and $100 cash!


And for everyone, from 13th place to 1st place, worst shooter to top shooter, you are all invited to the best event of the year - the infamous Pool Party as we celebrate another great season alongside the Women's League. Downstairs at the Down Lo, starting at 1:00pm, we'll have a tri-tip dinner provided by the Meat Locker and Mike Clarke, a huge pot-luck ensemble, FREE BEER (yes, FREE!), awards and honorable mentions, various pool tournaments around the bar, and the show-stealer of the night, the raffle! All the proceeds from the Men's raffle ticket sales goes right back in the bank for next season so the more tickets we sell, the more money our league gets. So to sell tickets, we need great prizes - that's where YOU come in! I need your help - I need prizes from your business, your friend's business, your unopened gifts-of-the-past in your garage, cash donations which your business will be recognized for (like Cox Fencing - thanks Jon!) whatever you can do to help. Call me if you have any questions or any great prizes - 966-5632.



3rd Place
May 29, 2012, 9:35 pm

Congratulations to the Down Lo Diamondbacks and the Oasis O-Team on a great season! They played their 3rd/4th place match at the Down Lo last Thursday. I haven't seen the score sheet, so I don't know the particulars, but I did hear from Captain Mike Clarke that the Diamondbacks were the winners and therefore the 2011-2012 CMPL 3rd Place Team! Congratulations!

So I'm getting closer to putting the trophy order in. I've got the Beer Frame Champions (Playa's), our 3rd Place team (Diamondbacks), and most improved (can't tell you yet). All that's left is 1st and 2nd place which we will find out this Thursday (at the Down Lo), and our Top Shooter (next Thursday at the Oasis). All these trohies will be handed out at the end-of-the-year party on Saturday June 16th at the Down Lo.

The Championship match will be as follows:

#1 Seed Down Lo Playa's vs. #3 Seed Oasis Bulldogs, at the Down Lo, 7:00pm, Thursday May 31st.

The game will be played on Table #8

All right then, we'll see you there!

Still looking for your raffle prize(s) by the way. You know who you are... just about everyone. Call me at 966-5632 if you have any donations, suggestions, or questions.


Playoff results - Round #2
May 23, 2012, 9:58 am

Here's the results of the second round of the playoffs:

The #1 seed Playa's were home again hosting the #5 seed Oasis O-Team. In a fairly close match, the Playa's came out on top, 11-6. It was 8-4 Playa's at the break, thanks to Charles and Kevin's 3-0 wins. Jason Colabove and Leo put up a total of 3 points in the second half to get their team to the required 11 wins. The Playa's are on to the Championship on May 31st.

The #2 seed Diamondbacks were on the neighboring table taking on the #3 seed Oasis Bulldogs. Frank came back for the playoffs and got 3 wins in his match to help his team to a 7-5 halftime score. Izzy came back and got 3 in the 5th spot to give the lead back to the D-Backs 8-7, but Captain Steve of the Bulldogs struck back with 3 of his own to put the 'Dogs back in the lead and on the hill. Ed Bowers needed one and got one in the final frame putting the Bulldogs over the top 11-8. The Bulldogs will go on to the Championship versus the Playa's on May 31st, at the Down Lo.

The two teams who came up short last week will play in the 3rd/4th place game this Thursday, at the Down Lo.

Here's the schedule:


3rd/4th Place Game - Thursday May 24th, 7:00pm - Down Lo

#2 seed Down Lo Diamondbacks vs #5 seed Oasis O-Team

Championship Match - Thursday May 31st, 7:00pm - Down Lo

#1 seed Down Lo Playa's vs #3 seed Oasis Bulldogs

Good luck to those teams!

Remember - awards party is coming soon - I NEED PRIZES FROM YOU! Let me know what you can do to help.


Playoff results - Round #1
May 15, 2012, 1:28 am

The first week of the playoffs are complete. Here's what happened and what lays ahead this week...

You've heard the mythical and legendary tales - David vs. Goliath, Buster Douglas vs. Mike Tyson, the 'Miracle on Ice' U.S vs. U.S.S.R Olympic ice hockey game, and last week it was #8 seed Stickmen vs. #1 seed Playa's. But (unfortunately) this match won't be included with those forementioned upsets. The Stickmen did hang in there, though, and fought it out. Unlike Mike Tyson, the Stickmen didn't have the clap to blame for their demise. Similar to the Dragons, the match was played on the home-chosen and difficult pro-cut pocketed table 2, the true home team had the home field advantage and it showed. Louis started off the night with a win against Charles, but Kevin came back and got all 3 for his squad. Leland beat Wheez 2-1, and Gregg got Sundy 2-1. Cele came back in the 5th spot and got 2 against Mikie. Down 10-5 it was up to Scott to keep the Stickmen alive against former teammate Larry Hiller. Larry got the first, only, and deciding victory in the 6th match and gave the Playa's an 11-5 victory. It needs to be noted that the Playa's were down their currently #1 top shooter, Jason Colabove, and the Stickmen sorely missed their own Keith Abarra. So things could have been different one way or the other.

Also downstairs at the Down Lo, the #2 seed Diamondbacks were home against the travelling Oasis Dragons, the #7 seeded team. After Kenny Duff started off with a 2-spot, Rusty and Mike Brandt, Sr. got back-to-back 3-0 wins to put the D'backs up 8-1 after 3 matches. But Micah stepped up and got all 3 of his to get them back in it, down 8-4 at the break. In the bottom-half Mike Karol got 2 to put the Down Lo on the hill. With their backs against the wall, Krad got the first one with some great long bank shots against Matt Fields, but Matt came back with an excellent long cut-shot on the 8-ball and won the 11th and deciding point. Diamondbacks win 11-6.

The #3 seed Bulldogs were home hosting the #6 seed Towne Lounge I. It was all Bulldogs as they won 11-3. Tony and Dave Larabee got the lone points for the Lounge, as Tony tallied 2 to start the night. The Bulldogs got 3-0 wins from Dennis and Chris, as captain Steve got the final 2 deciding points in the fifth and final match.

In the closest match of this year's playoffs (so far), the #4 seed Towne Lounge II team was home hosting the #5 seed Oasis O-Team. In a very close match, the teams were tied 6-6 at the break as each team traded 2-1 victories. In the 5th match, Slade got 2 to Shawn's 1 to make it 8-7 Oasis. Prana came back and got 2 against James to make 9-9. It came down to the seventh and final match, and Oasis O Aaron Rooney got the first and final 2 points to give the Oasis team the razor-thin 11-9 victory.


So 4 more teams are out of the playoffs, and only the final four remain. Here's the lineup for Round #2 - Thursday, May 17th 7:00pm:

#1 seed Down Lo Playa's vs. #5 seed Oasis O-Team at the Down Lo

#2 seed Down Lo Diamondbacks vs. #3 seed Oasis Bulldogs at the Down Lo

As you can see you can watch both of these matches in one place, at the Down Lo. So come down and cheer on your favorite team or player and see who makes it to the Championship on May 31st! The 2 losers will face off in the 3rd/4th place match on the 24th, location TBD.

Good luck!


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