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Week #19 Results
Mar 27, 2013, 4:18 pm

Here's what happened last week...

At the Down Lo, the Bankers strolled in looking to have a nice, fun night out playing pool. They left not too happy. The Playa's ripped them 20-1. In the Bankers defense, they didn't have their 7th player so they forfeited 3 right there. Props to Jon Akerson for getting their 1 point and thwarting the dreaded shut out. Of course that means a ton of Playa's got 3-0 wins - here's the roll call: Charles, Kevin, Leland, Dwayne, and Leo. Tom got 3 by default, but not for reals. Hopefully the Diamondbacks can slow them down as they play each other this week. 

The Oasis Dragons were home taking on those aforementioned Diamondbacks. The teams were knotted at 6 at the beer frame, but the D-backs poured it on in the second half getting 2 from Jimmy and Kenny, and 3 from Mike Karol. Mike Brandt also got 3 for the Down Lo in the first half. Steve and Aaron did get the beer frame though as they beat Mike Karol and Ricky Martin 2-1.

The Oasis O-Team was home as well, playing on the main table against the Down Lo Damned. These teams were also tied at 6 points heading into the beer frame, thanks to Stephen's 3-0 win for the Damned and James V.'s 3-0 win for the O. Stephen and Yuli beat James and Jimmy in the beer frame, 2-0. The teams traded 2-1 matches in the 5th and 6th spot and were tied heading to the final 7th spot, but no drama here. The Loungers didn't have a 7th player so they gifted 3 free games and the night's win to the Oasis, 12-9.

The Down Lo Stickmen were home hosting their upstairs neighbors, Duffy's Tavern. It was all Tavern all the time. Cele started the night with 3 wins, but Duffy's countered with 3-win efforts from Ed, Ice Cream, Prana, and Shawn Bell. Shawn and Prana got the beer frame, too - beating Sam and Madsack 2-0. Final score 15-6 Duffy's. 

The Alligator Humpers of the Tackle Box headed out to Durham to take on the Empire. James started the night (as usual) with 3 wins (as usual) to help his team to an early 8-4 lead. Eric and Bob Cody won the beer frame for the home team, beating Joe and Rob 2-0. Captain Mike got 2 more, Bob Cody got 3 more, and by the 'Box not having a 7th player, they received 3 the easy way to make it 16-5 Empire in the end. 

Just got these results: The Last Call Rack Pack were in a close match versus the visiting Eagles. The 'Pack was up 7-5 at the beer frame thanks to 2-1 victories by Kevin, Matt, and Nicky Tits. Nicky and Matty also won the beer frame, beating Donny and Terry 2-0. In the bottom-half though the Eagles brought it back to a tie thanks to Jon and Tino's 2-1 wins in the 5th and 6th spot. It was all up to Robin and Gary's match to find a winner. Robin got the first one, then Gary got the second one to make it tied again at 10. In the final game, Robin came out on top to give his Eagles a slim 1 point win, 11-10. 

Good luck to everyone this week, except the Damned Loungers - they are on their bye week.


Results from Week #18
Mar 20, 2013, 5:11 pm

Here's what happened last week around town...

The Oasis Dragons welcomed the Last Call Rack Pack into the Oasis last week. The Dragons were on fire in the first half winning 10 out of the first 12. Aaron and Jeff each got 3 wins a piece. In the second half, the Pack made it a little more respectable by getting 5 of the final 9 points. Steve and Krad teamed up for the beer frame win against Mike and Gary. Final score: 14-7 Dragons.

The Eagles were also at home as they hosted the Down Lo Damned Loungers. The Eagles were down 4-8 at the half way point. The Damned must have thought they had this one in the bag, especially getting 3 wins from Tony and Pat. Robin got 3 for his squad to keep them in the game. But the momentum swang starting in the beer frame when David and Jon teamed up against the Chinese Connection - Yuli and Yang. The Eagles got it 2-1, and stayed hot from there. David stayed at the table and got 3 wins (with a broken foot), then Chuck got 2, and Captain Jon wrapped it up with a bow and a 3-0 victory. With the Eagles scoring 8 of the final 9 points, they swept into the lead and won 12-9.

Duffy's was home at the Tavern hosting the Empire of Durham. Thanks to Ice Cream's 3-0 win, the 'Duff was up 9-3 at the break. Rick and Eric won the beer frame for the Empire, beating Evan and Kevin 2-1. Kevin Kinell stayed at the table and got all 3 of his games, but that was the last they were going to score. Rick and Bob Cody swept the last 2 games with 3-0 wins to get the Empire back to a semi-close 12-9 loss.

The Oasis O-Team was on the road visiting the Alligator Humpers of the Tackle Box. It was close in the first half as the O-Team were up 7-5 thanks to Joel's 3-0 effort (with a break and run) at the half. Mike and Brian won the beer frame on the road against Trevor and Jonny, 2-0. Kent came back with 2 to tie the game at 7-7, but Mike and Slade swept the bottom spots with 3-0 wins to put them ahead for good, 14-7. 

The Stickmen got their asses beat by the Playa's, 16-5. Here's the big 3-0 winners for the Playa's: Charles (with a break and run), Leland, Dwayne, and Leo. For the Stickmen: Scott. The final score was 16-5 Playa's. Leland and Jason also beat Scott and Cele in the beer frame, 2-1. Just like paying taxes, luckily everyone has to play them.

In a battle of the bar, the Oasis Bankers were home versus the 'visiting' Bulldogs. It was all Bulldogs in the first half as Keith, Chris, and Dennis each got 3-0 wins to put the score to 10-2. Steve and Ed got the beer frame against Barney and Mark. In the second half, the Bankers fought back to make it respectable, getting 5 of the final 9 points. Stats still aren't entered for the Bankers for this match - waiting to hear which Marks played when (no last names or initials), which earns the Bankers a $50,000 penalty. Cash, please.

Good luck this week, except for the Bulldogs - they will be on their bye week doing whatever it is they do - probably practicing on their two new big tables at the Oasis. (I haven’t seen them personally, but rumor has it). Now that the Oasis has big tables, that just leaves the Last Call with solely bar-sized tables. We'll see if the arguments/complaints will switch to "The Last Call has the advantage with their small tables, we can't do playoffs there - they'll always win!"


Week of 3/7/13
Mar 13, 2013, 11:52 pm

Here's the scoop from last week...

The Playa's were home at the Down Lo hosting the Eagles Club. Leland and Kevin each got 3 in the first half, and Charles and Dwayne got 2 to get the score to 10-2 Playa's at the break. Kevin and Leland got the beer frame 2-1 against Donny and Robin. Eagle's Jon got 2 in the 5th frame, but Amer and Leo finished the night with 3-0 wins to make the final score 17-4 Playa's.

The Last Call Rack Pack welcomed in the Duffy's Tavern crew, and a close match entailed.  Pat C. got 3 for the home club to help them get to 9-3 at the beer frame, but Steve, Shawn, and Ed stormed back in the bottom half. Steve got 2, Shawn got 3, and Ed got 2. But Gary got 1 in the very last match to put the Rack Pack over the hump and win with a final score of 11-10. Shawn and Ed did get the beer frame, though - beating Nickas and Pat 2-0. 

Out in Durham, the Diamondbacks made the trek out to the 95938 zip code. The teams were tied 6-6 at the beer frame. James got 3 for his squad, and Greg got 3 for his. Kenny and Ricky beat Mike Dixon and Rick in the beer frame 2-0. Rick came back with 2 in the 5th spot, and Mike Dixon got 1 to make the score tied 9-9. But unfortunately the Empire didn't have a 7th player again and gave Izzy and the D-Backs a free 3 points, making the final score 12-9 Diamondbacks.

In a battle at the Oasis, the O-Team was up against the Bulldogs. Jimmy, Stacy, James, and Mike each got 2 wins in the first half making the score 8-4 O-Team at the break. Paul and Steve got the beer frame win for the 'Dogs, beating Joel and Slade 2-0. But Joel and Slade stormed back with 3 wins each in the 5th and 6th spot, and Aaron kicked in 1 more in the 7th spot to make the final score 15-6, a resounding win for the O-Team.

Never got a score sheet from the Tackle Box Alligator Humpers for their match against the Down Lo Damned Loungers. I'll update once the stats come in, but because of the missing data I can't update the stats sheet and top shooter list, and the team standings.

The Diamondbacks are on the bye this week - so everyone else, good luck!



Week of 2/28/13
Mar 7, 2013, 12:17 am

Sorry about the late posting, but I was up in Reno with Cele, Brian Vignon, Steve Hambek, and a few others for the 20th Annual BCAPL Bar Table Championships at the Grand Sierra Resort. Cele, Steve, and I competed individually in the 8-ball division against some of the world's best (Corey Deuel, Francisco Bustamante, Oscar and Ernesto Dominguez, Vivian Villa Real, Shane Von Boening, Darren Appleton, and others to name a few). We played well, maybe to the best of our abilities, but came up short in the competition, but had an absolute blast. We saw a ton of great matches, probably the best was Corey Deuel vs. Francisco Bustamante (Bustamante won 5-4 in a race to 5). We're definitely heading back next year to do better - as we hope you come with us next time as well. Here's a couple pictures of our trip:



Here's what happened last week (in Chico)...

The Bankers were at home, but they opened the door to a monster - aka the Diamondbacks. Kenny, Ricky, Mike B and Mike K, and Rusty all got 3-0 wins. Barney and Mark M. were the only bankers to salvage a win. Final score: 19-2 D-Backs. Mike K. and Izzy got the beer frame, too - beating Bill and George 2-0.

The Bulldogs were also at home, taking on the Playa's. They didn't do too much better than the Bankers as they scored 7 to the Playa's 14. Kevin was the only 3-0 winner for the Down Lo squad, but almost everyone else got 2 wins each. Ed and Steve from the Bulldogs did get the beer frame from Kevin and Leland, 2-0.

The Stickmen were home at the Down Lo last week hosting the Empire Club of Durham. Cele shot first and went 0-3 against James, and Scott went second and got all 3 of his. They then took off on the road to Reno that night to practice before they played in the Bar Table Championships the next morning, leaving the rest of their squad to take on the Empire. It was all Durham as the visiting club won 14-7. Kris and Sundy lost the beer frame to Bob and Mike 2-0. Eric Monlux and Bob Cody went 3-0 for the Empire.

Duffy's was home versus the Oasis O-Team. The Duffers were down 4-8 at the break, thanks to Sean W.'s 3-0 win for the O. That's when the tides turned, though. Shawn Bell and Ice Cream won the beer frame 2-0 against Mike and Aaron. Shawn then got 3 in the 5th spot, Prana got 2 in the 6th spot, and Steve Swim got the final 3 in the 7th spot giving the Duffy's Tavern a 12 -9 victory. They scored 8 of the possible 9 points in the 2nd half for the win. 

Also down at the Down Lo, the Damned Loungers were taking on the Oasis Dragons. The Damned were down 5-7 at the break, but came on Duffy's-style getting 8 of the final 9 possible points and pulling out a 13-8 victory. Yang got 3, Yuli got 2, and Steve McGrill got 3 wins to wrap up the night in style. Aaron and John couldn't handle the Chinese connection as Yuli and Yang got the beer frame 2-0.

The Eagles were home hosting the Tackle Box last Thursday. The Eagles soared to an 8-4 lead at the half, and piled on another 8 points in the back half to make the final score 16-5 Eagles. Bobbo, Chuck, and Jon got 3 wins each for their club. Robin and Terry beat Zook and Jonny for the beer frame - 2-1. 

Good luck next week - the Stickmen are on their bye week, but will be down at the Down Lo in case you want to play for some money. Sorry, Wheez won't be there for obvious (???) reasons. 


February 21st Games
Feb 28, 2013, 11:24 am

Here's what happened last week:

The Tackle Box Alligator Humpers (their new name) hosted the Playa's but came out on the losing end - going down 14-7. Tom and Leo each got 3-0 wins, and Kevin and Leland beat Trevor and Bruce in the beer frame, 2-1.

At the Down Lo, the Damned Loungers were home against the Oasis Bulldogs. The 'Dogs were up 7-5 at the break thanks to Dennis and his 3-0 win. The two Steves from the Damned beat Ed and Brian in the beer frame. Final score: 12-9 Bulldogs.

The Stickmen were on the road at the Eagles Club. In a tight match, the Eagles pulled out an 11-10 victory. Cele got all 3 of his games to start the night, and Keith got all 3 of his to end the night. For the Eagles, David Napier and Chuck each got a hat trick as well. Robin and Donny beat Sundy and Paul Wall in the beer frame.

The Bankers also had a close home match against Duffy's. Jon Akerson got a 3-0 win for the Bankers, as did SteveSwim and the Woot for Duffy's. Prana and Steve couldn't get the beer frame from Bill Ide and Jim Wilson. Final score: Bankers 11, Duffy's 10.

In a battle at the Oasis, the O-Team were all over the Dragons last week. Slade, Jimmy, and Sean Wasson each got 3-0 wins for the O-Team. Stacy and Brian also got the beer frame as they beat Krad and Micah. Final score: O-Team 16, Dragons 5.

 The Diamondbacks were home downstairs at the Down Lo as the Last Call Rack Pack made the trip South for the night. The Diamondbacks were victorious, winning 15-6. The D-Backs got 3-0 wins from Mike Brandt, Sr. and Izzy. Mike also got one of his wins via an 8-ball break-and-run. Adding to his great night, Mike Sr. and Bulldog got the beer frame, too - beating Matt A. and Kevin.

Good luck this week. And good luck to Brian Vignon, Cele, and myself - we're heading up to Reno to compete in the 20th Annual US Bar Table Championship at the Grand Sierra! 

The Last Call has the bye this week.


Top Shooter Page updated!
Feb 22, 2013, 9:45 pm

Okay, now that we are in the second half and the Top Shooters list has stabilized, I've updated the list to reflect all the games and stats up to February 19th (through February 7th games). Remember - you must have played in 75% of the total games so far to be eligible. The total games possibly played (as of Feb. 7th) was 39 games, and 30 games out of 39 is about 77%. I'll try to keep up on this list better coming down the stretch of the season.


Other Leagues and Tournaments
Feb 17, 2013, 8:24 pm

We've got pool leagues and tournaments all over town right now. As mentioned, Jackie has moved her leagues, tournaments, pro shop, and lessons from The Down Lo to The Oasis. Her newest 9-ball league starts on February 25th, and sign-ups begin now. If you want to sign up and play some free pool (until 9:00pm), go find her at The Oasis tomorrow night, February 18th.


At the Down Lo, Kevin Cibart wanted me to pass on some downtown tournament information. He's got 9-ball and and 8-ball weekly tournaments already started:


So if my calculations are correct, you can play 9-ball at The Oasis on Mondays, practice on Tuesdays, 8-ball league at the Oasis on Wednesdays or the Down Lo 8-ball tournament, Thursday CMPL (best league ever), party on Friday night, 9-ball Down Lo tournament on Saturday, and then see your distant family on Sundays after free pool at the Down Lo.



Week #14 Results - 2nd Half!
Feb 13, 2013, 2:17 am

Here's what happened last week, Feb. 7th:

The Diamondbacks were home as the Oasis O-Team travelled downstairs. It was all Down Lo in the first half as they went into the beer frame up 10-2, thanks to red-hot Matt Fields and Kenny Duff - they each got 3 wins. Jimmy Scott and Ricky Martin beat Joel and James in the beer frame, 2-0. Joel stayed at the table and held off the inevitable defeat for one match as he got all 3 of his, but Rusty was up next and got 2 to put the D-Backs over the hill. Mike Karol put up a rare 1 out of 3 to get his team's score to 13. The O-Team ended up with 8.

The Down Lo Stickmen were on the road out at the Tackle Box. After a few frog legs and kangaroo burgers, the Stickmen went to work and were up 8-4 at the break, thanks to Brian Norman's 3-0 win. Madsack and Dunes couldn't get past Trevor and Joe, as the 'Box got the beer frame 2-1. Scott, Paul, and Keith got 8 of the final 9 points (Paul Wall and Keith got 3 wins each), making the final score 16-5 Stickmen.

The Bulldogs were hosts to the Eagles and won decisively 14-7. Five of the seven Bulldogs got 2 wins each, Dennis got all 3 of his. Conversely, five of the seven Eagles got 1 win, except for David Napier who got 2 wins. Chris and Ed of the Oasis got the beer frame from David and Donny, 2-1. Robin only got 1 win, but it was with an 8-ball break-and-run.

The Empire would be having a decent season right now if they could just get enough players each week. Again, they only had 6 players and had to forfeit their final 3 points against the visiting Last Call Rack Pack. Even with those 3 gimmees, they made it respectable but lost 13-8. Gary was the big winner of the night getting all 3 of his games. Matt and Kevin (Nickas?) got the beer frame from Bob and Cody and enjoyed some free BIG beers.

The Playa's were on the road taking on the Oasis Dragons last week. In a great match, the Dragons came out on top 12-9. It was tied 6-6 entering the beer frame as the two teams traded 2-1 wins back and forth. Aaron started the separation as he went big and got all 3 of his games in the fifth spot. Jason followed with one win in the sixth spot. And Jon Chamberlin was the hero as he got the winning 11th and final 12th point of the match shooting last. Kevin and Charles did get the beer frame, though - beating Steve and Aaron 2-0. 

Still waiting for Stephen of the Damned Loungers to get his score sheet in for their home match against Duffy's. Once it's in-hand, I'll post the results.

Once I have his scores, I will update the Top Shooter standings on the web site. Again, the top 8 shooters make the tournament, but they must have played in 75% of the total available matches. Keep checking the green column on the left under 'Top Shooters'. I'll keep it up to date on (hopefully) a weekly basis, now that we have entered the 2nd half of the season. The Beer Frame standings need to be adjusted as well - they are off somehow on the printouts, and I'll get them cleaned up and accurate here this week.

Speaking of this week, it's Valentine's Day this Thursday so I decided to keep everyone out of hot water and give everyone the week off to do something special with someone special. 

Games resume on the 21st, except for the Empire Club who will be on the bye. Hopefully they will be looking to recruit some players! Maybe if you aren't getting the playing time you want/deserve, give Mike Dixon a call and play out in Durham, possibly every night! Let me know and I'll get you in contact with him.

Good luck-


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