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2012-2013 Pool League Party
Jun 25, 2013, 9:23 am

2012-2013 Season is finally in the books. Hope everyone had a fun time at the Pool Party - thank you to our hosts, the Durham Empire Club. In 2014, we're back in Chico at the Oasis. Congratulations to Eagles player James Skellenger. He was the big winner of the Meucci cue and case. Couldn't have gone to a better person - he's only played a handfull of games this season, and didn't have his own cue. So the lucky guy will be starting out with a great cue for next season. He'll have all Summer to practice with it! I threw a few of the pool party pictures up here, but you can find the rest in the 'gallery' (left hand column).

Have a good Summer! Don't forget - captains meeting for the 2013-2014 season is coming up on October 3rd, season kicks off on October 17th.



On a less lighter note, Kym from the Oasis had her car broken into I think on Saturday night at the Oasis. As she stated in her police report, her car was hacked into behind the Oasis in their parking lot. She had her pool case with her cues stolen, as well as her pool league binder and information. Nothing else was stolen or targeted, but apparently the thief knew she had some good cues in there. One of them was the Dale Perry autographed stick she won at last year's party at the Down Lo. She had another one stolen, but I can't remember the details of it. I will try to post more information once I get it from her. She gave me her phone number to post - 518-4018 - to call if you hear or see anything. That cue shouldn't be too hard to spot, so let her know once you find it.

Top Shooter!
Jun 21, 2013, 9:14 am

 Congratulations to the 2012-2013 Top Shooter - Charles Lintz!


It was a line up of the best shooters in town for sure. Many on hand saying this was the best group of top shooters they've seen in a long time. All the games were a race to 3, single elimination, winner take all ($100 and a trophy). Here's what happened-

In round 1, Kevin Cibart defeated Gregg Taylor 3-0. On table 5, Dennis Bruch (the 2nd alternate - Mike Brandt was sick, and Yang was in China) was taking on James Williams of the Empire. James won 3-0. On table 10, Mike Karol beat Leo 3-1. In a very close match, Charles defeated Steve Hambek 3-2 on table 5.

In the 2nd round, it was Kevin vs. James, and Mike Karol vs. Charles. James defeated Kevin 3-1, and Charles beat Mike Karol 3-0.

That set up the championship on table #8 - James vs. Charles. Charles got the first game, but James came right back to tie it at 1 a piece. Then Charles went on a two-game run and took home the championship with a 3-1 victory. So once again, congratulations to Charles - our 2012-2013 Top Shooter!

Okay - that's it for the 2012-2013 season. It's finally over! Just one thing left to do - party! The pool party and awards banquet is THIS SATURDAY - JUNE 22nd! Empire Club in Durham, starting at 1:00pm. Free beer, free pool, free food, TONS of raffle prizes, and lots of fun. If you have a raffle prize to donate, bring it with you - anything is good! See you there!



2012-2013 CMPL Champions!
Jun 17, 2013, 3:38 pm

Congratulations to the 2012-2013 Chico Mens Pool League champions - the Down Lo Playa's!


In a very close match, the Down Lo Playa's hosted the Down Lo Diamondbacks. It was the #1 seed vs, the #2 seed. Charles started off the night with a 3-0 win, but Mike Karol came back with a 3-spot of his own. Mike Brandt followed him with 2 more points, but Kevin came back with 2 as well. So after 4 matches, the score was tied 6-6. Larry got 2 for the Playa's, as Rusty got 1 against him, which made the score a close 8-7 Playa's lead. Dwayne decided not to let anybody else on his team play (we think Leo was on deck), and 'selfishly' won all 3 of his games to put it away for the Playa's. Final score: Playa's 11, Diamondbacks 7. Congratulations to both teams - great job 2nd place Diamondbacks.

Ok - this is it - the final week of the 2012-2013 season! We have the Top Shooter tournament on this Thursday at the Down Lo, then the pool party in Durham on Saturday! Speaking of Top Shooters - here's the 'Monster' line up facing off this week:



James Williams - Empire Club

Leo Oviedo - Down Lo Playa's

Mike Karol - Down Lo Diamondbacks

Kevin Cibart - Down Lo Playa's

Steve Hambek - Oasis Dragons

Charles Lintz - Down Lo Playa's

Gregg Taylor - Down Lo Diamondbacks

Mike Brandt, Sr. - Down Lo Diamondbacks

1st Alternate - Zhaoyang Wang - Down Lo Damned Loungers

2nd Alternate - Dennis Bruch - Oasis Bulldogs

3rd Alternate - Shawn Bell - Duffy's Tavern


As you can see, it's a great list. It should be a great tournament! Come down and check it out - Thursday night, 7:00pm at the Down Lo.

If not there, then we'll see you on Saturday, June 22nd at 1:00pm at the Empire Club in Durham for the party and awards. and food. and prizes. and free beer. and pool. and fun. and...




Playoff Update
Jun 13, 2013, 12:44 pm

The 3rd/4th Place match was played last Thursday at the Oasis. It wasn't too close in the first half as the Bulldogs were up 8-4 thanks to Ty and Chris getting 3 wins each, but in the bottom half the Damned Loungers made a game out of it and almost took home the trophy. Yuli and Yang, the famed 'Chinese Connection' were not available, so it was up to Dave Larabee, Pat, and Tom. Dave and Pat each got 2 wins for the Loungers which made it 10-8 Oasis. Tom A came to the table and got a break and run in the 7th spot to make it 10-9, but Brenon got the next game to get them to 11 points and give the Oasis the title of 2012-2013 3rd Place team. They will get a team and individual trophies next Saturday at the pool party in Durham. Congratulations to both teams for a great year.

This Thursday (tonight) is the Championship as the Down Lo Playa's take on the Down Lo Diamondbacks. It should be a great matchup as both teams have some top shooters in their line up. More than likely it will come down to which team has the most depth on their roster, which was evident in the aforementioned 3rd/4th place match up - they needed all 7 of their players. So come down and check out the action. It will be happening on table #10 at the Down Lo (probably the worst table for spectators, so get there early for a good spot) starting at 7:00pm.

Don't forget - Top Shooter tournament next Thursday, also at the Down Lo, starting at 7:00pm. There will be 2 tables used for the preliminary rounds, tables #5 and #10. The championship will happen on table #8. 

The trophies have been ordered, the meat is marinating, the raffle prizes are being purchased, the keg has been delivered - everything is set for next Saturday's Pool Party and Awards Banquet (June 22nd, 1:00pm). This is what you paid your dues for - come and take advantage of the free pool, free beer, and free food! Save your money for the raffle prizes, I got some good ones. Here's a sneak peak at one of them:


 Meucci Original 84-4 White Cue and Case!


I still need more raffle prizes, and that's where you come in. PLEASE - if you have one, or know someone that can donate one, help me out! More prizes = more money for OUR league.

I'll be at the Down Lo tonight (and next Thursday) if you have any questions. See you there!


Playoff report
Jun 5, 2013, 9:05 am

The final four played their matches last week to see who went on to the Championship, and who went on to the third/fourth place match. 

The Diamondbacks were home playing the visiting Oasis Bulldogs. It was pretty much all Diamondbacks as they got 9 points from their first 4 shooters. Mike Karol got all 3 and Kenny, Brandt, Greg, and Izzy got 2 out of 3 each. Final score: 11-4 D-Backs. The Diamondbacks will be heading on to the Championship match, at the Down Lo's main table (#8), on June 13th at 7:00pm.

The Playa's were also home at the Down Lo playing their bar mates, the Damned Loungers. This match was a little closer, but the Playa's prevailed in the end by an 11-7 score. Leland was the only player to score all 3 wins, as Jason, Larry, and Leo scored 2 each. Tony and Dave Larabee each scored 2 points for the #5 seeded team in a losing effort. The Playa's will then move on to play the Diamondbacks in the Championship, again, at the Down Lo on June 13th, 7:00pm, table #8.

The two losers from last week (Bulldogs and Loungers) will face off in the third/fourth place match which will be held at the Oasis since the Bulldogs are the higher seeded team. This will be played at the main table by the bar, starting at 7:00pm, Thursday June 7th.

And as your filling out those calendars, be sure to note that the Top Shooter Tournament will be held on June 20th (Thursday night, 7:00pm) at the Down Lo. Let me know if you are one of those top 8 players and can't make it so I can get in contact with the alternate(s), the #9 and #10 shooters, and get them prepared. Either way, those alternates should be there and ready to go in case somebody doesn't make it.

And last but not least, the Pool Party and Awards Banquet will be at the Durham Empire Club on the Saturday after the Top Shooter tourney - Saturday, June 22nd starting at 1:00pm. Again, raffle prizes are needed so let me know if you know someone who owns a business, or if you got connections somewhere, so you can help me out by hooking me up with a raffle prize. Call me at 966-5632 if you have any questions or leads. Thanks in advance for your help!

Ok, so see you at the Oasis tomorrow night, and the Down Lo the next 2 Thursdays after that.


Round 1 Playoff results
May 30, 2013, 9:47 am

Okay, sorry for the late posting, but here's what happened last Thursday in the first round of the playoffs, in case you haven't heard.

Duffy's got into the playoff's #8 seed by winning the Wild Card Playoff as they beat the Oasis Bankers last Tuesday. They came back to the Down Lo to take on the #1 seed Playa's. It wasn't too pretty for the Duffy's crew - Ed got 2 points, and that was it. The Playa's got to 11 thanks to Charles, Kevin, and Leland's 3-win efforts.

The Diamondbacks were also home at the Down Lo taking on the Eagles at table #5. The #7 seed Eagles got out to a great start as Robin and Larry each got 2 wins to put the Eagles up 4-2. But that was the last points they would get as the D-Backs swept the next 9 games and won 11-4. Mike Brandt, Kenny, and Rusty each got 3-0 wins for the home club.

There were two games held across town at the Oasis, but ironically enough the only 2 score sheets I got were from the games downtown - all 3 of the Oasis teams that were playing at home didn't turn a sheet in so I don't have stats or details for the 2 Oasis matches. I do know the end results, though. 

The #4 seed Oasis O-Team was hosting the #5 seed Down Lo Damned Loungers but according to reports from Stacy, the O didn't fare too well. We think it was an 11-4 or so loss. The Damned Loungers now go on to face the Playa's in the 2nd round, at the Down Lo on table #10, tonight at 7:00pm. 

On the main table at the Oasis, the #3 seed Bulldogs were facing their barmates the #6 seed Dragons. Again, I have even less information to go on for this match but I'm pretty sure the Bulldogs won. If so, the Bulldogs will then travel downtown to take on the Down Lo Diamondbacks on table #5 at 7:00pm.

The third/fourth place game will happen next Thursday, and the Championship the Thursday after that. Then comes Top Shooter tournament, then the pool party/awards banquet.

Come down to the Down Lo tonight and see some great pool action!



Wildcard Playoff Results
May 20, 2013, 6:28 pm

It was a great night of pool at the Oasis last Thursday as the bottom 6 teams battled it out for the #8 seed rights. In a party-like atmosphere, three matches took place. These 6 teams, consisted of mainly those players in the league for one reason - to have fun, and it showed as all the games were enjoyed by all in attendance. 

At the main table, the Duffy's crew played the Tackle Box Alligator Humpers. This game ended fairly quickly as Duffy's won 7-1. I don't have the individual results to highlight any of the shooters.

On Table 4, the Empire took on the Oasis Bankers. This one went back and forth as both teams headed to a sudden death game for the final winning 7th point. The Bankers came out victorious 7-6.

On Table 3, the Stickmen were up against the Last Call Rack Pack. This game also went to sudden-death as Madsack cameout victorious in the final match. The Stickmen also won 7-6.

As a result of their dominant game, Duffy's received a 2nd round bye and was invited to the Championship game. 

The Bankers then had to face the Stickmen for round 2 - winner would move on to face the Bankers in the Championship. Teams again went back and forth, but the Bankers came out victorious in the end as they won 7-5. 

So now the Bankers and Duffy's Tavern will duke it out for the #8 seed on Tuesday night. Both teams agreed to play at the Down Lo instead since the only night that worked for everyone was Tuesday, but that's Women's league night at the Oasis. So the teams will play on Table #5 (the middle table) in a 'normal' playoff game in a race to 11 points, not 7. The winner will then come back to the Down Lo to play in the normal playoffs versus the #1 seed Down Lo Playa's, on table #10, on Thursday May 23rd.

Here's the playoff schedule for round 1, again starting on Thursday:

(8) Duffy's or Bankers at the (1) Down Lo Playa's [Table 10]

(7) Eagles at the (2) Down Lo Diamondbacks [Table 5]

(6) Oasis Dragons at the (3) Oasis Bulldogs [Table 1, 3 or 4 – I’ll let you know soon]

(5) Down Lo Damned Loungers at the (4) Oasis O-Team [Table 1, 3 or 4 – I’ll let you know soon]

Single elimination. No beer frames. Race to 11 like usual. Winners play the following week, May 30th, at the highest seeds home bar.

So, here we go! Good luck to the playoff teams. If you're not one of those teams, come down and cheer on your favorite (or root against your nemesis (peacefully)) tomorrow night and Thursday night.


End of the Regular Season Results
May 12, 2013, 11:40 pm

Updated play off information at the end.

Here's what happened on the last day of the regular season...

The Stickmen were home taking on the Rack Pack at the Down Lo. The Stickmen were up 7-5 at the break, and went on to win 12-9. Brian Norman was the sole 3-0 winner for both teams. Nickas and Gary beat Sam and Kris in the beer frame for a free road beer. Both teams are still in the bottom 6 and will actually face each other in the Wild Card Playoff on Thursday in the first round.

The Oasis Bulldogs were home as the Tackle Box visited to close out the regular season. The Bulldogs won 14-7 as Kieth and Brennon each got 3-0 wins. Richie and Trevor did get the beer frame though for the Tackle Box, beating Ed and Steve 2-1. The Bulldogs settled in 3rd place this year, as they crept past the idle O-Team by 2 points. The Bulldogs will play the Dragons in the first round of the regular playoffs, May 23rd at Oasis. The O-Team will host the Down Lo Damned Loungers that same night (4 seed vs. 5 seed).

The Empire Club was home in Durham taking on the Oasis Bankers. I just recently got the individual results from the match. Empire won 11-10 even though they were short a player. A lot of feast or famine games. Jon and Bill each got 3 for the Bankers. Paul, James, and Troy got 3 for the Empire. Eric was the only shooter (and his opponent) to record something besides a 3 or 0. James and Bob Cody won the beer frame, causing Jon and Barney to buy the rounds. Since James Williams got all 3 of his games, he will head out of the season and into the Top Shooter Tournament as the #1 seed at an amazing 81.8%. As it stands, the Empire finished in 9th place and will face the Bankers again in the wild card playoff this Thursday at the Oasis.

The Damned Loungers were at home as they had the 'visiting' Down Lo Diamondbacks on their table. Before the results, need to mention that D-Back Ricky had a break and run last week against the Bulldogs, but it failed to make it on the home team's score sheet and make it to me. So good job Run Out Ricky. The Damned had their hands full as the D-Backs won big: 17-4. Rusty, Kenny, Greg, and Izzy all got 3-0 wins. Mike Karol and Greg (who both snuck into the top shooter tournament with the minimum required games played) beat Stephen W. and Yuli in the beer frame, 2-0. The Diamondbacks finish the season in 2nd place and will play the 7th seed team in the first round of the regular playoffs May 23rd, at the Down Lo.

The other playoff spots that were still to be determined was the important 7th and 8th spot. 7th place you’re in the playoffs, 8th place you have to fight your way in via the wild card matches. The 2 teams fighting for it were Duffy's Tavern and the Eagles.

Duffy's Tavern had the pleasure of playing The Playa's in the final regular season night. They needed 8 points to stay in a tie at 7th place. Unfortunately they came up 1 point short and got 7 to the Playa's 14. Charles and Leo each had 3-0 games for the Down Lo, and Kevin and Leland got the beer frame. So Duffy's will be in the wild card playoff as the highest seed taking on the Tackle Box Thursday night at the Oasis. The Playa's will be the top seed and have to wait and see who wins the wild card playoff matches to see who they play the next week.

The Eagles were home in an important game against the Dragons of Oasis. The Eagles were up 7-5 at the break thanks to Robin's 3-0 win. Jeff and Kenny got the beer frame from Terry and James, 2-0. Larry got 2 in the 5th spot for the Eagles, but the biggest points of the night were from Chuck and Jon - they each got 'only' 1 point, but those 2 points gave them 1 more point than Duffy's Tavern - so the Eagles are officially the 7th and final regular playoff seed! So the Eagles play the Diamondbacks on May 23rd, and again, the Dragons will be playing the Bulldogs the following week.

So here's the matchup on Thursday, May 16th at the Oasis for the Wild Card Playoff:

Main table by the bar: Duffy's vs. Tackle Box

Table 3: Bankers vs. Empire Club

Table 4: Stickmen vs. Rack Pack

Race to 7 points - everything else the same as a normal league night, no beer frame. Single elimination. Highest seed is the 'home' team. The team with the biggest win differential (say 7-2) in the first round will receive a bye to the championship game. The other 2 teams (say with 7-5 and 7-6 scores) will play each other again that same night, same format, to see who plays that aforementioned bye team in the championship. That championship round will be a normal race to 11 points (no beer frame) played on a mutually decided day and time at the Oasis (before the following Thursday). 


Here's the playoff schedule for the Regular Playoffs, May 23rd:

(8) TBD Wild Card Champ at the (1) Down Lo Playa's [Table 10]

(7) Eagles at the (2) Down Lo Diamondbacks [Table 5]

(6) Oasis Dragons at the (3) Oasis Bulldogs [Table 1, 3 or 4 – I’ll let you know soon]

(5) Down Lo Damned Loungers at the (4) Oasis O-Team [Table 1, 3 or 4 – I’ll let you know soon]

Single elimination. No beer frames. Race to 11 like usual. Winners play the following week, May 30th, at the highest seeds home bar. More info to come...

See you all at The Oasis this Thursday at 7:00pm sharp!


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