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Week #10 Results
Jan 16, 2014, 2:10 am

Sorry, still no stats sheet and updated top shooter lists and print outs - still waiting for the score sheet from the Tackle Box for their home match against the Bankers on Dec. 19th. Barney said he has a copy so I will get it from him for the Bankers scores, but as the rules state, the Tackle Box will get zero points for the night since it is creeping in on 1 month ago. Individual stats will still be counted for both teams.


Here's what happened in week #10:

The Down Lo Damned were 'home' against the Down Lo Stickmen on January 9th. The score was tied at 6-6 going into the beer frame. Scott and Paul teamed up and beat Yuli and Stephen Wells 2-1. In the bottom half, Yuli came out and shot a 3-0 match, but Keith came right back with 3 of his own for the Stickmen. It was down to the final match to see who could get 2 out of 3 and give their team the win. Stephen got it, and got his team to an 11-10 win.

Over at the Oasis, the O-Team was hosting the Down Lo Playa's. It was all Playa's at the start, as they raced out to a 10-3 lead. Leland and Charles each got 3-0 wins in the top half. Leland stayed at the table and Kevin C. joined him for the beer frame against Brian V. and Mike Clarke - Playa's won 2-1. In the bottom half, Kevin C. got all 3 of his, but Aaron and Joel fought back to get 2 each to get their score to 6, as Down Lo ended up with 15.

The Rack Pack were home at the Last Call taking on the Tackle Box. This one was close as the Tackle Box came out on top 11-10 in the end. Matt and Gary got 3 wins a piece for the home team, and Rich Jr. got all 3 of his for the 'Box. Richie and Charlie couldn't beat Mike and Pat in the beer frame as the Last Call won 2-1.

Over at the Oasis, the Bulldogs were beating up on the Empire, who only fielded 6 shooters. Brenon started off the night with 3 wins, and Keith ended it with 3 more. Matt got 3 for his Empire brothers. James and Matt won the beer frame against Mario and Ed, 2-0. Final score: Bulldogs 14, Empire 7.

Over at the Eagles Club, the Oasis Bankers made the trek across town, but the visiting team was met with an onslaught of hot-shooting Eagles. David Napier started the night with a 3-0 win, and just about everybody else on his team followed with a 2-1 win. Chuck and Cox couldn't get the beer frame though, as they lost 2-1 to Mark and Mark of the Bankers. Final score: Eagles 14, Bankers 7.

Finally, Duffy's had a huge hill to climb as they were down 9-3 to the Oasis Outlaws. They almost made it, coming up just one short. Jimmy Scott and Rusty each got 3-0 wins for the Oasis, but Shawn and Steve each got 3-0 wins in consecutive games to wrap up the night, making the final score a close Oasis 11, Duffy's 10. Gregg and Kenny beat Kevin and Shawn in the beer frame 2-1. 

The Dragons were on the bye last week, the Eagles are matchless this week. Good luck to everyone else.

I'll print, post, and email standings and the rest once Barney gets me the score sheet this week or weekend. Sorry again for the delay.


Week #9 Results
Jan 9, 2014, 6:51 pm

Man, between Holidays and being sick, and having to work a job other than pool league, it's been real tough finding time lately for these posts, and stat compilation, and top shooter list. But here, alas, is the results from January 2nd. I'm still waiting for a score sheet from Tackle Box from December 19th versus the Bankers. So the stats for those 2 teams is not complete, so I haven't compiled an updated list. Once I get it, I will try to get something up and emailed.

The Rack Pack beat the Oasis O-Team 12-9 on Jan. 2nd. It was 10-2 'Pack at the break thanks to Mike D and Sam's 3-0 wins. But the O-Team made it respectable by getting the beer frame and 7 of the final 9 points. Stacy was involved in the Beer Frame win and he got 3 wins of his own to help the comeback cause.

Duffy's was home hosting the Tackle Box Humpers. It was close at the break as Ed got 3 for his Duffers, and Richie got 3 for his Humpers. Steve and Kevin beat Cody and Charlie in the beer frame, 2-1, to give Duffy's the free beer. In the bottom half teams traded 2-1 matches, and the Tackle Box got a free 3 points since Duffy's was short one player. Final score: Tackle Box 13, Duffy's 8.

The Damned were also short one player as they lost 13-8 to the Empire Club. They did steal the beer frame though - the Steve/Stephen team beat James and Casey 2-0. James did have the only 3-0 match for the night, though. 

The Stickmen were on the road at Oasis taking on the Bankers. It was all Bankers as they came away on top 13-8, even with only fielding 6 shooters. Barney, George, and Alec each had 3-0 wins for the Bankers. Sundy and Cele won the beer frame, beating George and Bill 2-1.

The Eagles hosted the Oasis Outlaws at home, but it was all Oasis all the time. David Napier got 2 of the total 5 Eagles points, one of those wins was via an 8-ball break and run. Ricky, Mike Brandt, and Kenny Duff each had 3-0 wins for the Outlaws. Bulldog and Izzy beat Bobbo and Jon for the Beer Frame honors, 2-0. Final score: Outlaws 16, Eagles 5.

The Dragons and Bulldogs faced off in an interbar match up at the Oasis. It was 9-3 at the break in favor of the Bulldogs - Brenon, Russ, and Mario each had 2-1 wins and Paul had a 3-0 win. Chris and Ed beat Aaron and Micah in the beer frame, 2-1. The Dragons still had a player or 2 on vacation and couldn't field a full team, so they threw the Bulldogs a 3 point bone. Final score: Bulldogs 16, Dragons 5.

The Playa's were on their bye week last time, so everyone crept a little closer to them in the standings.

It seems like a lot of teams had issues fielding their rosters this week. In year's past we had taken 2 weeks off for Christmas and New Year's, but with the long schedule running into late June, we voted at the captain's meeting to make it only a one week hiatus. We'll revisit this next October and see if we should go back to 2 weeks off again or not.

This week the Dragons are on their bye week. Everyone else - good luck!


Week #4 and #5 Results
Dec 12, 2013, 6:44 pm

Okay- Sorry. I got a little busy, and a little lazy. But now it's all caught back up. Until tonight, at least. All the stats are in, the Top Shooters are updated, and the Beer Frame Counter is coming soon.

Briefly, here's what happened in Week #5 (November 21st):

The O-Team beat The Tackle Box 12-9. James V. got 3 for the O-Team, as did Joel Russo. Joel got not only the final 3 winning points, but his 15th straight win - he's 15-0! Richie got 3 for the Gator Humpers. Mike Clarke and Brian V. got the beer frame from Trevor and Charlie, 2-1.

The Playa's smacked the crap out of the Stickmen, 18-3. Cele and Cal got the only Stickmen wins. Kevin, Leland, Kevin L., Leo, and Jason each got 3-0 wins. Leland and Amer beat Wheez and Madsack, 2-0, in the beer frame.

The Damned were also home on the 21st. They hosted the Eagles on Table 5. The Eagles put it to the home bar 14-7. Yuli got 3 for the Damned, but Jon, Rob, and David got 3 each for the 'Birds. Terry and Bobby won the beer frame for the Eagles, too, beating Steve McGrill and Tony 2-1.

The Bulldogs and Bankers faced off at the Oasis. The Bulldogs also won big, 16-5. Dennis, Chris, and Ty each got 3-0 hat tricks. Steve and Robbie beat Bill and Mark for the beer frame honors, 2-0 Bulldogs.

Out in Durham, a close one took place between the Empire and Duffy's. It came down to the final game as Ian needed one more from Prana for the win. He got it, and the Empire won 11-10. Casey was the lone shooter with a 3 in the win column. Ed and Baback beat Mike P. and Tom D. for the road beer frame win.

The Rack Pack were home at the Last Call as the Dragons made the trip north. This match also went down to the wire. Tonight's hero was Steve Hambek. He got the necessary 1st and 2nd games of the final match to get to 11 points. Gary chipped in one himself to make the final score 11-10 Dragons. Nobody had 3-0 wins, but Mike D. got 2 and one of them via an 8-ball break and run. He and Kevin did lose the beer frame, though, to the Dragon's Kenny and Steve, 2-0.  

The Outlaws had the bye in week #5.

Here's what happened last week, Week #6 (December 5th):

The Bankers were home at the Oasis where they invited in the Playa's for a quick match. Charles, Kevin C., Leland, and Leo each had 3-0 wins as they cruised to a 17-4 win. Leland and Kevin C. also got the beer frame as they beat Mark Murgia and Bill 2-0. Props to Banker George - he got 2 of the total 4 wins.

The Outlaws were also at the Oasis - they were playing their barmates, the Dragons. It was 6-5 Outlaws at the break thanks to Izzy's lead-off 3-0 show. Matt and Ricky beat somebody in the beer frame, 2-0. Ricky stayed at the table and kept his hot shooting rollin' with a 3-0 win of his own. Welcome to the Top shooter list, Ricky. Mike Karol and Matt tidied things up and made the final score 13-8 Outlaws.

The Stickmen went next door to Duffy's Tavern last week. It was all 2-1 games the whole night - no one lost all 3, no one won all 3. Final score was 12-9 Duffy's. Shawn and Kevin (barely) beat Scott and Cele 2-1 for the beer frame win. ;)

The Tackle Box hosted the surging Empire Club on the 5th. It was all Durham, all the time, as they beat the 'Box 17-4. James, Tom D., and Casey each had 3-0 wins. James and Casey cashed in for a free beer as they beat Richie and Charlie in the beer frame, 2-0.

The Eagles were in another prize fight as they hosted the Rack Pack of the Last Call. It was 6-6 at the beer frame as the teams traded 2-1 punches. Gary had a 3-0 knock out for the 'Pack, but David fought back with a 3-0 decision of his own. Bobby and David squared off against Mikey and Matt, but the Eagles came out on top 2-1 for the beer frame honors. Robin came out of his corner for the 5th round and scored a 3-0 take down, and Chuck piled on 2 more wins for the critical 10th and 11th points. It was 11-7 Eagles, but Mike came back in the final round and got 3 wins for his Last Call brothers and made the final score a close 11-10 Eagles win. Look out for Eagles vs. Rack Pack II in the Spring!

The Damned were home at Down Lo last week taking on the Oasis O-Team. Probably the story of the night was whether Joel could keep his perfect season alive - he marched down the stairs and into the bar with a 15-0 record to start the season. The first half was all O-Team as they were up 8-4, partly thanks to Brian V.'s 3-0 victory. Joel and James beat Yuli and Steve McGrill 2-1 for the beer frame honors. Stephen Wells got 2 for his club to make it 9-6, but Slade came right back with 2 for the night's win. With the decision in the books, it was up to Joel Russo, shooting last, to continue the streak. He was up against Wei Yang. Joel won the first 2 games, and had control in the 3rd game, but he errantly knocked the 8-ball in prematurely giving Wei the win, and stopping the streak at an admirable 17 in a row. Now he sits atop the Top Shooter board at 18-1 (94.40%). Good run, Joel. 71-1 would be a good total for the season! The O-Team won 13-8.

The Bulldogs had the bye on December 5th.

Good luck tonight - except for the Damned, they are on their bye week.


Week #4 Results
Nov 21, 2013, 3:05 am

Just a reminder - this Saturday, November 23rd is Frank Jarvis' Celebration of Life party at the Oasis. There will be a 50/50 pool tournament starting at 1:00pm with a $10 buy in. Feel free to come early for practice. This tournament should be well attended, and many if not all of the top players in Chico should be present. I would imagine it is a double-elimination format, possibly a single game match (?). There will also be a raffle at 3:00pm. It will be a pot luck event so please bring a side dish to share.


Here's what happened in Week #4:

The Oasis Outlaws were home hosting the Durham Empire Club. The 2 teams were tied at 6 points at the break as teams traded 2-1 matches. Mike Karol and Kenny beat James and Andy in the beer frame, 2-1. The Outlaws came out big in the second half getting 7 of the possible 9 points. Mike Karol got all 3 of his games. Empire captain Casey got one of his wins with an 8-ball break and run. Final score: 13-8 Outlaws.

The Bulldogs were also home at the Oasis taking on their bar mates, the Oasis O-Team. The Bulldogs were up big (9-3) at the beer frame thanks to Keith and Dennis' 3-0 victories. But the momentum shifted in the beer frame as Joel and Brian V. beat Mario and Ed 2-1 for an O-Team victory. Joel kept his record a perfect 12-0 on the year as he scored 3 wins, as did James V. This propelled the O-Team into a 9-9 tie going to the final match. Slade got the first game to put the O-Team up 10-9. But Bulldog captain Steve got the final 2 games to put the Bulldogs back on top for good, sending them to an 11-10 victory. 

And the final game at the Oasis was the Bankers versus the Dragons. This one was all Dragons as they won 16-5. Steve H., Micah, and Jeff Brun each got 3 wins for the Dragons. Aaron and Jason beat Alec and Russ 2-0 for the Dragon beer frame victory. Props to the Bankers George for getting 2 of the Team’s total 5 points. 

Below the streets of downtown Chico, the Down Lo Damned hosted the Tackle Box squad last Thursday. The Down Lo was up 8-4 at the break thanks to Tony and Yuli's 3-0 wins. Joe helped the Tackle Box cause with 3 of his own. Joe kept his hot-hand at the table as Charlie joined him for the beer frame against Steve McGrill and Tony. The Damned won 2-1. The Alligator Humpers fought back in the 2nd half as Pops got 2 and Kent got 3. That tied the score at 9 with one match to go. Steve McGrill took care of business and got all 3 of his games to give the Down Lo Damned a 12-9 victory.

The Last Call Rack Pack headed downtown and met the Duffy's squad in their back pool room. The Last Call was all over Duffy's as they were up 8-4 at the break. Kevin L. and Sam Miller each got 3 wins for the 'Pack, as Duffy's Shawn started the night 3-0. Mike D. and Matt A. got the road beer frame win against Prana and Ice Cream, 2-1. But in another comeback story, Duffy's came back in the end and got 7 out of the final 9 points, but only after Matt A. got the 'Pack to 10 points. Ice Cream got 3 wins, as Ed and Prana got 2 each. Ed got the crucial final 2 wins to put Duffy's on top for good 11-10. 

The Down Lo Playa's went over to the Eagles house for week #4. Kevin Cibart and Leo each got 3-0 wins to help their team win 13-8. Leland 'only' got 2 wins, but one of them was via an 8-ball break and run. He and Kevin got the beer frame win, beating Donny and Robin 2-0 for the on-the-road free beers. The Playa's must have left a shooter behind at the Down Lo as they failed to field a 7th shooter. Eagle Chuck was quoted saying "Yeah, I would have smoked that guy anyways." He got his team 3 points, but unfortunately none for his personal stats. 

The Stickmen were on the bye last week. The Outlaws get to start their Thanksgiving break a little early as they have this week off for a bye, and next week off like the rest of us for Turkey Day. At least they will be able to play in the Frank Jarvis Tournament THIS SATURDAY, from 1:00pm to ??? at the Oasis. Bring a dish (with food on it)!

See you there!


Week #3 Results
Nov 14, 2013, 2:59 am

Here's what happened last week (November 7th):

The Oasis Dragons were home hosting the Down Lo Damned. It was a close one, but the Dragons came out on top thanks to Kenny's 2 out of 3 match in the final spot. Kenny paired up with Steve Hambek to get the beer frame from the Damned's Yuli and Yang, 2-0. Yang was the lone 3-0 winner on the night for both teams.

At the Down Lo, the Playa's were up against the Oasis Bulldogs in another close match. Thanks to Leland's 2 out of 3 performance in the final match, the Playa's won 11-10. In a close contest, neither team had 3-0 winners. Leo and Leland got the beer frame, beating Steve and Dennis 2-0.

Out in Durham, the revamped Empire Club just got a little better as they signed the free agent James Williams to a one-year deal. The Stickmen (namely Scott) was 'lucky' enough to be his first victim of the season. In an approximately 6 minute match, James won 3-0, with an 8-ball break and run in the 2nd match. Every other match on the night was a 2-1 contest and the Durhamites came out on top, 12-9. Casey and Tom beat Brian (Doc) and Sam for the beer frame victory, 2-1.

The Alligator Humpers of the Tackle Box were home as the Eagles made the trip to the south side of town. The Eagles soared in ready to play as they were up on the 'Box 9-3 at the break. Donny got all 3 of his to help out their cause. Trevor and Charlie got the home beer frame win as they beat Bobby and James 2-1. Kent stormed back in the 5th spot with a 3-0 win for the Humpers, but Terry got 2 and Chuck finished the night with 3 to make the final score 14-7 Eagles.

There was an Oasis vs. Oasis match as the Outlaws took on the Bankers last Thursday. It was pretty much all Outlaws as they came out victorious 17-4. The Outlaws got 3-0 wins from Kenny Duff, Mike Brandt, Matt Fields, and Rusty Piazza. Jon Akerson was the big winner for the Bankers as he got 2 out of 3. Ricky and Mike Karol lost the beer frame to some undisclosed players, 2-0. 

Unfortunately it was one of the few nights that there had to be three matches at the Oasis. It was just the way the schedule had to be, given that there are 5 teams calling the Oasis home. The final match in the crowded bar was between the O-Team and Duffy's. In a close contest, the teams were knotted up 6-6 at the break. Sean Wasson got all 3 of his for the O, and Matt Gabbard went 3-0 for Duffy's. The O-Team's Mike and Brian beat Matt and Shawn for the beer frame, 2-1. Joel got the next 3 games for the Oasis, then Mike Clarke got the necessary 2 points to give the O the necessary 11 points. Steve Swim made it close by getting all 3 of his in the final match, but it was too little too late. Final score: 11-10 Oasis. 

Last Call was on the bye in week #3. The Down Lo Stickmen are off this week. Next week, November 21st, there are games as usual. The following week, November 28th, is Thanksgiving so no matches obviously that night.

Good luck in week #4!


Frank Jarvis Celebration of Life
Nov 11, 2013, 7:28 pm

It looks like we'll have a chance to get together and remember Frank the way he probably would have wanted us to - as friends, family, and teammates together in one location. Remembering and reminiscing about Frank and his life might be one of the things we have all been doing the past few weeks, but the theme of this get together is actually being called a 'Celebration of Life' - a chance for us to celebrate the fact that we were lucky enough to have Frank in our lives one way or another, and to share those experiences with others who knew him.

If I have the information correct, it will be at the Oasis on Saturday, November 23rd at 1:00pm. It will be a pot luck style event, with the possible addition of a BBQ'd main course. We will also be having multiple 50/50 drawings and pool tournaments throughout the afternoon, with the proceeds going to Carolyn and the Jarvis family to help with the many details they now have to deal with. Of course, other donations will be gladly accepted if you don't want to be involved in the tournaments or raffle. Please see the previous post (below) regarding Frank for ways to directly donate to the memorial fund that has been set up through Tri Counties bank if you can't make this event.

Feel free to bring anything you might have to celebrate Frank's life with (pictures, mementos, articles) and of course memories.

I have received a little (more) information on Frank's official memorial service, including the date, time, and location. The family has decided to cremate Frank so an urn will be on display during a Visitation at Newton-Bracewell Funeral Home (680 Camellia Way, Chico) on Friday November 15th from 5-8pm. Frank's obituary can be viewed and an online guest book can be signed by following this link: CLICK HERE


Frank Jarvis
Nov 3, 2013, 7:41 pm

Frank Jarvis



Unfortunately I have to post another one of these. Last week we lost a member of the Chico Mens Pool League in a truck accident. Frank Jarvis was driving his rig down Highway 70 when it struck a boulder in the road, which caused him to crash into the side of the hill. According to reports he died on scene early Tuesday morning, October 29th. 

Frank was an amazing guy. He was one of the few opponents you see every few weeks and whether you were playing against him or with him, he would be the one guy you knew for sure would respond to your 'hi' with a genuine smile and sincere "Hey, how are you?", always with direct and honest eye contact, usually accompanied by a firm 'down-home' handshake. When you start looking up these adjectives to describe Frank, it's ironic that one of those words in the synonym list is, of course, 'frank'. He was one of those guys you actually looked forward to playing against. Not because you would have a good chance of beating him, which essentially nobody in our league could realistically and consistantly believe, but that you knew it would be a good, clean, fair match. When you came up on the losing end against him, you knew you would get an honest and humble acknowledgement at the end that he appreciated playing against you. Over the years, Frank had become one of those upper-level players that would regularly show up on the Top Shooters List. In fact, I think he won his first 15 games to start last season or the year before. 

I can't say that I knew Frank any more than a good acquaintance but he was one of those people that you could almost consider a friend, even with limited interaction. I don't know his wife, Carolyn, that well. We just met a couple of times, but I know she is going through a very rough time and I want to ensure her and her family that they are in my thoughts and prayers, as well as the hearts and prayers of hundreds of others in our Pool League brotherhood and beyond. We are all very sorry for her great loss.

Some of the initial newscasts of the accident mentioned the driver, Frank, as being 48 years old. Of course, they were a decade off - he was 58. But just hearing the age of 48, even though it was untrue, still rang a few bells in my head as well as others I have talked to in the league. Some of us 'veterans' of the CMPL are reaching those ages of 48, or 58, or 68 and this reminds us of how much we have acquired over these years and what we have to lose. Not material acquisitions, but more acquired friends and acquaintances over the years, more relatives and in-laws, more kids and grandkids, more life experiences. Through these discussions I had, one thing was universal - you never know when it is going to be 'your day' and all these people you've acquired are going to miss you when you're gone. They will all say the same - I wish I could have talked to him/her one more time, or seen him/her more often. We all decided that we would try to do things different in light of Frank's death. Maybe call that friend you haven't seen in a while, or say a few more 'I love you's', maybe take a few more pictures with your friends and teammates. 'Film' is cheap these days - we all have camera phones. Snap away! Definitely stop taking this game we play for fun so seriously. We are all involved in a sport or hobby that we each enjoy so much. We are all brothers and sisters in a similar activity - a relationship and a love for the game of pool that 'outsiders' just don't understand. So take time and spend it with your teammates and/or your opponent for the night - we all don't know if we will see them the next time on the schedule.

Rest in peace, Frank. 


Sean and Ronda Wasson of the CMPL and CWPL have set up a memorial fund for Frank Jarvis at Tri-Counties Bank. Hopefully with enough of our support and donations, the tough time Carolyn and the Jarvis family are facing can be a little less daunting. There are also donation cans at various bars around town. I know the Eagles donation can had to be emptied at least once already – keep it up! The CMPL as a whole will be donating to the fund from our account. If you want to make a cash or check donation directly through the bank, you can do so at any Tri Counties Bank location using the following deposit account number: 290029995. You can also write a check directly to ‘Ronda Wasson’, but be sure to write ‘Frank Jarvis Memorial Fund’ in the memo field. She can be reached at (530) 321-7835 if you have any questions. A copy of the poster/flier that the Wassons have put up around town can be found at the CMPL website ( in the ‘Downloads’ section, in case your bar or workplace needs one.


Week #2 Results
Oct 30, 2013, 12:27 am

Here's what happened in Week #2:

The Duffy's Tavern shooters were home taking on the Oasis Bankers. The Bankers, who were playing their first match of the year, almost made the improbable comeback last week. Ice Cream and Ed each got 3 wins for Duffy's in the first half, and along with Evan's 2 wins and Woot's 1 win, Duffy's was up 9-3 at the beer frame. Kevin and Ed won the beer frame for Duffy's 2-0 versus Jim and Bill. That must have got the Bankers fired up as they fired back at the 'Tavern like they were a bad check. Like a $35 bank fee, Jim W. got all 3 of his. Then, Banker Bill retaliated with an interest-rate-raising 3-0 win of his own. Captain Ed noted that Bill made not 1, but 2, back-to-back do-or-die clutch bank shots to win. If either of his bank shots missed, his opponent had sure-fire outs in hand. This tied the game at 9-9 going into the final match. But Mr. Clutch himself, Matt Gabbard of the Duffy's squad, fired back with a bank-robbing 3-0 win to seal the deal at 12-9.

The Rack Pack were home at the Last Call welcoming in the Oasis Outlaws (aka Diamondbacks). The Outlaws were up only 7-5 at the break. Pat Carmichael got all 3 of his games for the 'Pack. Matt Fields got all 3 of his for the Oasis. Mike Karol and Ricky got the beer frame, beating Kevin L. and Rob F. 2-1. In the second-half it was all Outlaws as they got 7 of the final 9 points - Ricky got all 3 of his games. Final score was 14-7 Oasis.

In an inter-bar match at the Oasis, the Dragons were playing the O-Team. The O-Team was up big early, 10-2 at the Beer Frame. James and Brian V. each got 3 wins. But Steve and Kenny came back in the beer frame and beat Mike and Joel 2-0. Joel stayed at the table and won his match 3-0 to put the O up 13-2. But Kenny got 2 and Steve got 3 to get there score to a respectable 7 to the O-Teams 14.

The Playa's were on fire as the Tackle Box played the combustible. Here's the 3-0 winners for the Down Lo: Charles (one via an 8-ball run out), Dwayne, Leland, Kevin, Larry, and Jason. Leo got 'only' 2. That's 20 team points. Here's the Tackle Box game winner: Pops. He got his team 1 point. Leland and Kevin got the beer frame, too, beating Trevor and Bob 2-1.

Also at the Down Lo, the Stickmen were hosting the Eagles on table 5. Cele started out the night with a 3-0 victory. Every other Stickman had at least 1 win. Paul Wall and Dunes couldn't beat the Dave and Terry tandem giving the Eagles the road beer frame win. Final score: 12-9 Stickmen.

The Bulldogs won big versus the Down Lo Damned at the Oasis last week. Keith, Brenon, Dennis, and Mario each got 3-0 wins. Tony got all 3 of his for the Damned. Ed and Rob beat the Stephen/Steve tandem for the beer frame, 2-1. Final score: 16-5 Bulldogs.

Remember - no pool this Thursday (Halloween). The Rack Pack will have a 2-week vacation as they have the bye next week (November 7th).

There will be some very bad news coming to light here very shortly regarding one of our pool playing brothers. I can't say anything yet, but unfortunately you will all hear about it undoubtedly very soon. It's probably a good thing we have this week off. I'll post more once it is official.


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