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Week #19 Results
Mar 27, 2014, 1:48 am

Here's what happened in week #19 (March 20th):

The Tackle Box made the trip out to Durham last week to take on the Empire. Germain got 3 in the first half to get the Empire to 8 at the break, as well as James and Casey's 2 pointers. Tackle Box scotch doubles teammates Bob Strobel and Kent got the beer frame 2-0 against Troy and DJ. Besides Pops' 2 points, it was all Empire in the second-half. Tom and DJ each had 3-0 wins to get the home team's final score to 15, Tackle Box had 6.

On the complete other side of the CMPL map, the Last Call Rack Pack hosted the Eagles. The two teams were tied at 6-6 going into the beer frame. Donny helped his Eagles squad with a 3-0 win. Chuck and Jon Cox got the beer frame 2-0 against Curtis and Rob of the 'Pack. Chuck, Jon, and Robin all got 2-1 wins in the bottom frames to seal the win, 12-9 Eagles.

Downstairs at the Down Lo, the Playa's almost had a skunk against the Oasis Bankers. Charles, the Kevins, Leland, and Jason each had 3-0 wins. Dave and Kevin C. won the beer frame 2-0 against George and Mark. Mark did have 1 win, but it was the only one on the visitor's side of the scoresheet. The Bankers forgot a player at the Oasis and only fielded 6, which didn't help the cause. Final score: Playa's 20, Bankers 1.

Also at the Down Lo was the match between the Stickmen and Duffy's. The front-half was even at 6 as each team had their own 3-0 shooter: Baback for Duffy's, and Brian Norman for the Down Lo. Cele and Scott couldn't beat Ice Cream and Ed in the beer frame, as they won the free beer 2-0. Ed and Ice Cream each got 2 to start the second half, putting them on the hill up 10-8. Keith shot last for the Stickmen and came up big getting all 3 and propelling the Stickmen to an 11-10 come from behind win.

I just got back from Vegas this (Wednesday) evening and obviously haven't been able to make it to the Oasis to pick up the scoresheets from the 2 remaining O teams that were at home last week (Dragons vs. Outlaws and O-Team vs. The Damned). I assume they are in the box waiting for me and I will update this post and the stats Thursday afternoon.

This week the Down Lo Damned are on their bye week. Good luck to everyone else.


Week #18 Results
Mar 19, 2014, 1:18 am

Getting back on schedule, here's what happened in week #18 - March 13th, 2014:

Leading off the stories of the week has to be the outcome of the Playa's vs. Stickmen matchup. In the past, the Stickmen (or previously Wild Hare, or Quackers, or Nick's) has come up just short a couple times versus the Playa's or their equivalent moniker, but hasn't broken the 11 point barrier. Finally, last week, the Stickmen were able to crack the code and get by the Down Lo Playa's, beating them 12-9. Yes some rolls went their way, yes luck came into play a few times. It happens in all wins. But when it all comes down to it, quoting Leland, skill always outlasts luck. On this night everything clicked and the decision came out in the Stickmen's favor. No it wasn't a playoff game, just a regular night, but the Stickmen were able to enjoy it just as sweet. The teams were tied in the first half 6-6 as teams traded 2-1 wins. Cal and Brian each won 2 during their matches. Doc and Madsack lost to Leland and Dave in the beer frame, 2-0. In the bottom half, where it counted, Cele came through clutch-style getting all 3 of his games to put the Stickmen up 9-6. Keith got 1 getting the Stickmen to the hill - making it 10-7. “All through the night, I was thinking ‘OK, we got 6 against them. We’re good. Ok, we got 9 against them. We can live with that. But as it got closer to the final matches, I was like ‘Whoa. We might get this thing!”, Scott stated in a post-match interview. Then the closer, the Wheezel Dog, came in and got 2 more, including the capping 11th and 12th points. To all other teams, as the Bulldogs know, the Playa's are beatable. It's not even close to easy, but possible. Hopefully this biased rant makes other teams a little more confident going up against these skilled shooters. Anything can happen on any given night.

"In other news..."

Duffy's was home taking on the Empire of Durham. The infamous 10 or 11 pointers, aka Duffy's, was down 4-8 at the half. James got 3 wins for the Empire, one of them via an 8-ball break and run, and Tom got 3 himself. Casey and Matt beat Ed and Shawn in the beer frame, 2-1. In the second-half it was all Duffy's as they got 7 of the final 9 points. Ice Cream got 2 scoops, Kevin got 3, and Evan finished it off with 2 on his end. Final score was another close one for Duffy's, victorious this time 11-10.

The Dragons were home versus the Rack Pack of Last Call. This one was ALL Dragons. Krad, Micah, Aaron, and Steve Hambek all had 3-0 wins to help their squad post a 17-4 victory. Matt and Mike had the last laugh though, they beat Aaron and Steve to earn free beer from the scotch doubles match. 

The Bankers were also involved in a fairly lop-sided match as they lost to the Oasis Bulldogs 15-6. It didn't help that they were short one player. Chris was the lone 3-0 winner for the 'Dogs as almost everyone else had 2-1 wins. Ed and Dennis did lose the beer frame though - Russ and Barney beat them 2-0.

Continuing the rough matches, the Oasis Outlaws opened up the throttle and beat the Tackle Box 17-4 on the 'Humper's own table. Everybody on the Oasis team had 2 wins, except Brian, Joel, and Mike Clarke - they each had 3-0 wins. Coincidentally enough, in this match as it was in the other 2 big beatings, the Tackle Box also won the beer frame. Bob and Kent beat the tough match-up of James and Joel, 2-1.

Over at the Eagles clubhouse, things were a lot closer. The two teams were tied at 6-6 going into the break. Donny, Bobby, and Bobbo each had 2 wins for the Eagles in the 1-2-3 spots, but Stephen Wells put a stop to that with a 3-0 win for his team in the 4th spot, tying up the score at 6. Rob and Tony won the beer frame against Robin and Jon, 2-1. The Eagles then got a streak of 2-1 games in the bottom-half and ended up on top 12-9. There was some heated discussion in the 5th spot as it was supposed to be Robin's break after the beer frame, but nobody was paying attention and Yuli broke and almost ran out. He eventually won that game, and after they noticed the error in break schedule, and with no amicable decision made between the captains (besides letting Robin break the next two games), they contacted me for a ruling. Nothing covered this in our rules, so I made the decision to keep the win for Yuli, since this similarly resembled rule 1-23.2 in the 2012-2014 BCA rule book. Quoting, "Any foul not called before the next stroke is taken is considered to have not occurred." Technically I guess it's a foul on Yuli for shooting out of turn, but it wasn't called. Yes this leaves an opening for unsportsmanlike play to occur - someone maliciously "quick-breaking" and calling ‘ignorance', or "my bad", but I'm assuming those players don't play in our league and this will not occur again. We'll further discuss this at next year's captains meeting to get it in our ever-evolving rule book.

The Outlaws were on the bye last week, the Bulldogs get the week off this week.

Good luck to everyone else. Print-outs will be posted on Wednesday at the Oasis. Everything online is up to date, except top shooter and beer frame tracker. Soon! I promise.


Week #17 Results
Mar 18, 2014, 1:40 am

Okay, sorry again. I got behind, but here's the results from week #17, March 6th, including (edited) the Tackle Box home bout - I forgot Stephen Wells had sent me the results. 

The Oasis O-Team faced off against the Bulldogs in an inter-bar bout. It was close, but the Bulldogs pulled it out in the end with an 11-10 win. Stacy got all 3 of his matches, as did Dennis. Mike C. and Joel won the beer frame 2-0 against Steve and Robbie. The teams were tied at 10 after James got 2 in the final frame, but Keith got the final and important 11th point in the final inning.

The Dragons and Bankers were also both at home at the Oasis. Both Jims for each team got 3-0 wins in the top half to make it 7-5 Dragons at the break. Jeff Brun and Aaron got the beer frame against Barney and Bill, 2-1. Kenny wrapped up the night with a 3-0 showing to make the final score 13-8 Dragons.

Last Call was at home versus the Duffy's Tavern in a very close match. Prana got 3 wins to help his team go into the beer frame up 7-5. Ed and Kevin K. got the beer frame 2-1 against Curtis and Mike D. But the 'Pack came back strong in the bottom frames getting 7 of the final 9 points. Kevin got 3 wins to help his team record a final score of 11 to Duffy's 10.

The Empire welcomed the Oasis Outlaws to Durham, and the Outlaws left with a 15-6 win. Ricky and Kenny finished the night strong with 3-0 wins for each of them. Izzy and Greg beat Casey and Matt in the beer frame 2-1.

The Playa's were home at the Down Lo taking on the Eagles squad. The Playa's jumped out to a 9-3 lead half-way through thanks to Charles and Kevin C.'s 3-0 hat tricks. Leland and Leo teamed up to beat Jon and David Napier 2-0 in the scotch doubles match. Larry and Leo got 2 each in the final half, and Tom Leclaire came up big with an impressive 3-0 win to help his team record a final score of 16-5.

Sorry - Stephen sent me the score sheet for this match via text and I forgot that I had it: The Tackle Box was home versus the Damned Loungers on the 6th. If it wasn't for Richie's 3-0 showing, it would have been an even worse night as he scored half of the 'Box's points. Tony, Pat, and Yuli each had their own 3-0 wins for the Down Lo squad. Don and Stephen W. beat Richie and Charlie 2-1 in the beer frame. Final score was 15-6 Down Lo Damned.

The Stickmen were on their bye week.

Sorry again for the delay. I have all of the score sheets for March 13th entered and I'll post the results probably Tuesday night, Wednesday at the latest, as well as the printouts emailed and posted.



Week #16 Results
Mar 5, 2014, 1:48 am


If you didn't make it to Reno, you missed out. Whether you competed or just cheered us on, we had a blast. Missing from the picture was Dave Kaplan, Jackie Karol, and Kevin Lombard. I think Dennis was the big Chico winner as he made it to 92nd place (out of 222). Cele and Scott got to 122nd place. Scott and Cele lost in their first round, but Dennis stayed on the winner's side. Cele lost to Shane Van Boening (#2 player in the world - #1 didn't make it to Reno) 5-0. Scott lost to Jayson Shaw (#24 in the world) 5-1, but got one off him with an improbable 5 ball out. It all didn't matter though. Chico represented and placed twice as high as they did in 2013. And we had fun. Especially on Friday night as the Chico crew hit Reno in the late night hours. Scott and Wendy had the honor (and blast) to play with Shane Van Boening and Dennis Orcolu at the craps table. We got there just as the 2 were about to start shooting, and they shot well - Wendy ended up taking in at least $300 with those guys rolling. The guy next to me cashed out at $1450 - he started with $200! All I can say is make plans for 2015.


All the stats have been entered for week #15. Here's what went down:

The Eagles were home hosting the Tackle Box on Feb. 20th. The two teams were locked at 6-6 at the beer frame. Donny got a 3-0 win for the home team, Bob Cody got 3 wins for the visitors. Terry and Jon of the Eagles beat Jonny and Joe for the beer frame honors 2-0. Kent got the score to 8 with his 2 wins, but Chuck, Robin, and Jon scored 6 after that to make the final score 12-9 Eagles. Robin had a 3-spot in that bottom half.

The Stickmen were at home at the Down Lo as the Empire made the trip into town. It was all Stickmen as Cele and Wheez each got 3 wins to help the Down Lo get to a 9-3 beer frame lead. Sundy and Paul Wall couldn't beat Matt and Casey in the beer frame. In the bottom half it was back and forth 3-0 matches: first, Casey got 3 wins, then Scott got a 3-0 hat trick, then DJ wrapped it up in style with 3 of his own. Final score was Stickmen 12, Empire 9.

The Damned were also home at the Down Lo as they welcomed in the Dragons of Oasis. It ended up being a Damned 11-10 win, but it was only close because the Dragons got 6 of the final 9 points. In the first half, it was 8-4 Damned. Every player either got a 2 or 1 for their score. Steve and Micah beat Pat and David for the beer frame.

The Bankers and Outlaws faced off at the Oasis last week. This one was all Outlaws as they scored all of the final 9 points. Greg, Mike K., and Bulldog each got 3-0 wins. Mike and Bulldog beat Alec and Bill in the beer frame. The final score was Outlaws 15, Bankers 6. 

The Bulldogs were also home at the Oasis as the Playa's made their way across town. This match was close all the way through. The teams were tied at 6 at the beer frame thanks to Charles' 3-0 showing. Leland and Charles beat Ed and Paul in the beer frame, 2-1. In the second half it was back and forth 2-1 games. It came down to the final match - the teams were tied at 10. Steve was playing the Playa's newly acquired ringer Dave Kaplan. Steve was able to steal it away at the end and give the Bulldogs an 11-10 win, handing the Playa's their first loss of the season.

Duffy's was stuck at 10 again last week as they lost another close one to the Oasis O-Team at their home bar. Again, as close as it can get - 6-6 in the front half (James V got all 3 of his games), 6-4 in the back half. Oasis squeeked it out in the very end as Stacy got one more than Woot and put the O up 11-10. Mike and Sean Wasson lost to Ed and Prana in the beer frame.

Good luck to week #15 shooters, except the Down Lo Stickmen - they are on the bye this week.




Week #15 Results
Feb 19, 2014, 7:26 pm

Here's what happened in Week #15:

The Playa's were out at the Tackle Box last week, but they forgot a playa'. Actually they may have forgotten two, but they picked up Dave Kaplan - to most of you he is known more commonly as Wendy's bitch. Welcome to the league, Dave ;) The Playa's won the first 13 in a row and took the match in the first half. Leland, Charles, Dave K., and Kevin C. all got 3-0 wins. Leland got his second one via an 8-ball break-and-run. Larry and Charles beat Richie and Charlie in the beer frame 2-1. Final score: Playa's 15, T-Box 6.

The Down Lo Damned were home hosting the Oasis Bulldogs. It was close in the first half as the teams traded 2-1 matches, Bulldogs were up 7-5 at the break. Ty and Ed beat the Damned's Rob and Pat 2-1. It was all Bulldogs in the 2nd half as they got 7 of the final 9 points. Keith was the lone 3-0 shooter.

Over at the Oasis, the Outlaws were home hosting the Last Call. It was close in this first half, too, as the Outlaws were only up 7-5. Ricky got them into the lead with a 3-0 hat trick. Greg and Matt beat Mike D and Kevin of Last Call in the beer frame, 2-0. In the bottom frames it was all Outlaws. Thanks to Greg and Mike Karol's 3-0 wins, and Kenny's 2-1 win, the final score ended up a lopsided 15-6 Outlaws victory.

The Bankers were also at home at the Oasis as Duffy's made the trip west. Continuing the theme of the night, it was close in the front half as The Bankers were up 7-5 thanks to Jim W.'s lead-off 3-0 win. Bill and Jon got the beer frame for the Bankers, beating Kevin and Woot 2-1. But then Duffy's awoke and scored 8 of the final 9 points. Paul Lampright and Kevin Kinnell each got 3-0 wins back to back, and Woot scored the first 2 wins but as he went for the back-half sweep he lost the final match of the night. Either way, Duffy's come back was complete and they won 13-8.

At the Eagle's clubhouse, the Stickmen were buzzed in for a night of billiards and cans of MGD. The Stickmen started off strong getting to 9 points at the break, thanks to Cele and Cal's 3-0 victories. Brian Norman chipped in 2 to keep the run going. David Napier and Robin beat Sundy and Paul Wall in the beer frame, 2-1. In the bottom half the Stickmen kept it going as Wheez got all 3 of his matches and Keith wrapped it up with 2 more. Final score: Stickmen 15, Eagles 6.

In the final match of the week, the Oasis O-Team was 'home' taking on the Oasis Dragons. This match was tied at the break 6-6 thanks to Steve Hambek's 3-0 victory. Brian V. and Mike Clarke beat Steve and Krad in the beer frame. Kenny Smith started off the back half with a 3-0 win to help propel the Dragons to a 12-9 victory over their bar-mates.

Good luck this week, except for the Rack Pack - they are on their bye week.

We all have a bye week NEXT week (Feb. 27th) as some, hopefully most, of us are heading to Reno for the 2014 US Bar Table championships. See the flier in the previous post for more information. Hopefully we'll see you in Reno!

I'll try to get standings printed and emailed here shortly and send in a separate email. If not, I'll definitely have them up for next week.


Week #14 Results
Feb 13, 2014, 3:10 am

Sorry, I've been too busy lately for the weekly recaps. I wasn't able to do week #13's recaps, and I'm struggling to get this past week's (week #14). I will try to get it up if I have time on February 13th to do so.

The stats have been entered on both weeks, just no recaps. All the score sheets have been turned in fine, and the stats have been up to the minute. Just no commentaries.

I will be sending the print outs via email in a few minutes and posting at the Oasis on Thursday. The Top Shooter standings are also updated on the website and current.

So everything is fine - sorry again for the lack of written results.

Good luck to everyone as we are now in the 2nd week of the second-half.

Quick note: You will realize that there are no games scheduled for the last week in February. As we discussed and agreed to at the captains meeting, we will take it off in hopes that many will make the trek to Reno for the US Bar Table Championships. I have a few confirmed playing in it, and a few more going to watch and cheer us on. Hopefully you can make it. The deadline to enter before the price goes up is this Friday, February 14th. To find out more information, follow this link:

Here's the flier:


Week #12 Results
Jan 28, 2014, 3:21 am

Quick update and minor change/addition to the beer frame rules and procedures.

This is how it should work: after the beer frame, the losing team captain can either at that time go to the bar and pay for up to 11 roster players (per team) – they would pay for however many total names are on the beer frame list, which could be less than 22. Not just those that have been crossed off the list - the total number of players listed for both teams. Or, they can wait until the end of the final match and settle up with the bartender for those that actually got a beer/drink and their names were crossed off. This could still be 11 for each team if everybody got a drink and were crossed off, or it could be less if not everybody got a drink. The idea is to not pay too early, depriving those saving their drink for closer to the end of the matches or those showing up very late, but at the same time having the choice of not having to pay for people who did not even have a drink. This kind of falls in line with the printed rules, but with a small change for if the captain wants to pay early. Let me know if you see a problem with this and we may change accordingly if it makes sense to do so. Sorry for any confusion.


I finally received the score sheet from the Tackle Box and Last Call for their home bouts on January 16th. Here’s what happened:

The teams were close going into the beer frame with the Outlaws up 7-5 on the Tackle Box. Mike and Kenny beat Richie and Bob Cody in the beer frame, 2-0. It was all Oasis after that as they racked up 7 of the final 9 points, Mike K. finished the night with a 3-0 win. Final score: Oasis Outlaws 14, Tackle Box 7.

Last Call lost 14-7 to the Down Lo Damned. All the matches were 2-1 affairs, most of them in favor of the Down Lo Damned. Jason Jones was the only player to record a 3-0 victory during the night. Damned shooters Steve McGrill and Rob got the beer frame, beating Brian and Matty Ice 2-1. 

On to last week’s bouts for January 23rd:

An interesting match enveloped at the Down Lo as the top-seeded Playa’s were home against the aforementioned Last Call Rack Pack. It was all, literally, Playa’s in the first half as they swept and won at the Beer Frame 12-0. Kevin L., Kevin C., Charles, and Leland all recorded 3-0 smack downs. They kept the streak going through the beer frame as Leland and Amer swept it as well, 2-0, versus Matt A. and Mike. Just as it was looking dismal for the ‘Pack, the tide turned in the bottom-half. The Last Call stormed back and recorded 7 of the final possible 9 points. Mike and Robbie got 2 each and Matt Altenberg got a 3-0 win in the final match-up to get the team back to a very respectable 14-7 loss. It could have been a LOT worse.

Duffy’s was home versus the Oasis Dragons in week #12. The teams were tied thanks to Duffy’s Baback and the Dragon’s Steve Hambek – they each got 3-0 hat tricks. Ed and Steve couldn’t get the beer frame against Aaron Smith and Steve H. In the bottom half again one team dominated it getting 7 of the final 9 points. This time it was Duffy’s as Ed and Steve got 2 each and Kevin K. got all 3 of his. Final score: Duffy’s 13, Dragons 8.

The Outlaws were home facing the very tough Oasis Bulldogs. It was all Bulldogs out of the gate as they were up 9-3 at the beer frame. Brenon started the night with 3 wins. Greg and Kenny beat Ed and somebody else in the beer frame, 2-0. Greg got it back to 9-6 Bulldogs as he got 3 for the Outlaws, but Keith and Steve wrapped it up with 2 each and gave their Bulldogs a final 13-8 win.

Over at the small table, table #6, the Stickmen were the visitors against the O-Team. The Stickmen started off decent with the first 2 shooters getting 2 wins each, but then Slade showed up and started the ass kicking. He started a run of four players in a row with 3-0 matches – he, Brian V., Mike C., and James rolled 3-0 wins on the Down Lo squad. Scott stopped the bleeding in the final match with 2 wins, but it was way too late as the O-Team came out on top 15-6.

The Bankers were also home at the Oasis facing the Down Lo Damned. In another 13-8 match, the Bankers just couldn’t keep up. Tony led off with 3 wins and that set the tone. Jason Jones and Stephen got the beer frame, too – 2-1 against Russ and Barney.

Out at the Empire Club, the Eagles flew south as the visiting club. The teams were tied at 6 half way through. James got all 3 of his for the Empire, and Bobbo got all 3 of his to knot the score. Casey and Matt were able to beat James and Robin in the beer frame, 2-1. DJ was next up for the Empire and scored 2 putting the Durhamanians (Durhamites?) up 8-7. But the Eagles weren't done as Robin and Cox rattled off 6 straight wins to come back and win 13-8 on the road. 

Now that I have all score sheets up to date, I will compile the stats and get a print out posted at the Oasis and sent out via email. I will also adjust the online Top Shooter standings.

We’re on to the final week of the first half of the season. The O-Team will relax as they have the bye week.

Good luck to everyone else!


Week #11 Results
Jan 23, 2014, 2:35 am

Ok, looks like we are having problems getting score sheets turned in. This of course makes my 'job' suck, and other players not able to see the updated stats on time, which makes me look bad, which also sucks. I'm starting to hate this 'job', and if it continues to suck, we need to find a new president next year.

I got the score sheet from Barney and finally from Tackle Box for their match on December 19th. In fairness to the players, I need to report the outcome:

The Oasis Bankers made their way to the Tackle Box to take on the Humpers on Dec. 19th. Bill Ide got all 3 for his Bankers to help his team take the 8-4 lead at the beer frame. Jim and Bill couldn't get the said beer frame from Richie and Johnny, as they won 2-0. In the 2nd half, Charlie came out with 2 points for the 'Box, and Samoan Joe got 3 as well. Joe's 3 got the teams all tied going to the final match. Barney came up big and got all 3 of his for the Bankers, to give them a final score of 12-9, but since the score sheet was so late, the Tackle Box gets 0 team points as per the league rules. All individual stats for both teams still count.

And now moving on to the results from last week, January 16th.

I again don't have a score sheet from the Tackle Box for their match against the Oasis Outlaws, as well as the score sheet from the Last Call for their home match versus the Down Lo Damned. My apologies to those teams - your stats aren't updated - and to everyone else, I can't update the top shooter list and individual stat print outs until these scores are in. The info on the website is all up to date, except for these 2 matches. Once I get the sheets, I will update the web and print/email the stuff. But again, if I don't get the sheets, as per the rules, team points will not count.

One of the 4 score sheets I do have is from the Bulldogs. They played at home versus the Duffy's crew. It was 8-4 Bulldogs at the break. Dennis got a 3-0 win to help his team out. Steve and Paul Airth lost the beer frame to Kevin and somebody named Mike who added last minute. Keith got 3 in the bottom half, and his Bulldogs ended with 13 to Duffy's 8.

The Stickmen of the Down Lo were home hosting the Oasis Dragons. The Down Lo was down 5-7 at the break, mainly because of Steve Hambek's 3-0 win. Steve and Aaron played in the beer frame and beat Doc and Keith 2-0. In the bottom half, Keith, Scott, and Madsack all got 2 wins to propel the Stickmen to a close 11-10 win.

The Playa's were also at home hosting Durham's own Empire Club. It was all Playa's as Kevin L, Kevin C, Larry, and Leland all got 3-0 victories. Leland and Leo beat Casey and DJ for beer frame honors, winning 2-0. James finished the night and got 2 points to account for half his team's score. Final score: Playa's 17, Empire 4.

The 4th and final score sheet I got was for an inter-bar matchup, the Oasis O-Team was 'home' against the 'visiting' Bankers. The Bankers got all of their points in the first half, as they were down 8-4 at the break. Stacy had a 3-0 win in the first half, and Joel, James, and Slade had a clean sweep in the second half - 9 straight points. Joel and Jimmy won the beer frame for the O-Team, as they beat Alec and Hugh 2-0. Final score: Oasis O-Team 17, Bankers 4.

I also still need to get payments from the Dragons for Jim H., the Bankers for Hugh Mattingly, and Duffy's for Mike unknown. Those players are ineligible until they are paid for. Captains: call me with updated information or if I made an error. 

Sorry again for the late postings and lack of email/posted print outs, and my ranting. I'm doing what I can. Thank you to those captains getting the score sheets in on time. I really do appreciate it. 

Good luck this next week, except for the Tackle Box - they are on their bye week.


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