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Jun 3, 2014, 12:35 am

I still need to get some score sheets, but I do know the results of a few games...

The Damned Loungers beat the Tackle Box at the Down Lo. The Eagles beat the Last Call at the Eagles house. So now the Damned will face off against the Eagles for the first ever B-Trophy! (We need to find a better name for these trophies...) It will take place at the Down Lo on Thursday night, 7:00pm, table #5.

Fortunately enough, for spectators and fans alike, the A-Trophy championship will be ocurring at the same bar at the same time. The Down Lo Playa's will be taking on the Oasis Outlaws on table #10, 7:00pm.

I still haven't made it down to the Oasis to get the score sheet from the 3rd/4th place game between the O-Team and the Bulldogs, and nobody has said anything to me, so I don't know as of yet who won. Once I find out, I will post the results.

Hopefully we'll see you downtown at the Down Lo this Thursday - should be some great matches!


Playoff Results
May 26, 2014, 11:34 am

Here's what happened in last week's A-Trophy playoffs:

The Down Lo narrowly got by the Oasis O-Team in an exciting match that went down to the wire - actually down to the 21st game, a semi-rarity in the playoffs. Kevin won all 3 of his games to get the Playa's out to a lead, but Joel offset that with 3 of his own. Dave of the Playa's was clutch, many considering it the biggest match of the night, as he beat Brian V. in a close 2-1 frame. It ultimately came down to Leo vs. 'Little' Jimmy. The teams were tied 9-9 going into the final match. Jimmy got the first one to go up 10-9, but Leo did what Leo does - held it together and got the final 2 points for a Playa's 11-10 victory.

Over at the Oasis, the Outlaws were hosting the Bulldogs. Kenny got all 3 to help his team to an 11-7 win over the 'Dogs. Ricky, Greg, and Bulldog each had 2 wins to help the cause.

Now the Outlaws will head to the Down Lo on June 5th for the championship.

This Thursday, May 29th, will be the 3rd/4th place match between the O-Team and the Bulldogs. It will start at 7:00pm at the Oasis, on table #1. The #3 seeded Bulldogs will be the 'home' team.


Here's what happened in last week's B-Trophy playoffs:

I still need to swing by the Oasis and pick up the score sheet for all the details, but a reliable source tells me the Tackle Box beat the Bankers for the Wild Card 12th seed. So on this Thursday May 29th, the Damned will play the Tackle Box at the Down Lo, on table #10, at 7:00pm. The Eagles will host the Last Call Rack Pack, at the Eagles, Thursday May 29th at 7:00pm. The winners of each match will play each other the following week (June 5th) for the B Trophy Championship.


Playoffs - Round 1
May 18, 2014, 4:20 pm

Here's what happened in last week's round 1 playoffs (for the A Trophy):

The #1 seed Playa's were playing the #8 seed Stickmen at the Down Lo. All the games went 2-1 Playa's except for the final matchup where Leo needed to get just one, and did. Final score was 11-5 Playa's. Kevin and Leland settled the first place tie with a race to 3 game playoff - Kevin won 3-0 so he is the #1 seeded Top Shooter, Leland #2.

The #2 seed Outlaws were playing the #7 seed Dragons at the Oasis. Despite both teams playing at home, a score sheet was never dropped off in the box so I don't know officially what happened. Rumor has it the Outlaws won.

The #3 seed Bulldogs were taking on the #6 seed Duffy's Tavern at the Oasis. Keith got all 3 of his in the first half to help the Bulldogs on their way to an 11-6 win.

The #4 seed O-Team were home taking on the #5 seed Empire Club, also at the Oasis. This was the closest playoff game of the night as it should be (#4 vs #5). The Empire was up 7-5 at the break thanks to Casey's 3-0 win. But in the bottom half Mike Clarke came right back with 3 of his own. Troy got 2 more for the Empire to make it 9-9 going to the final matchup. Brian V. played last and got the final 2 putting the O-Team up 11-9 and giving them the close win.

I don't know if Mike Karol and Steve Smith played their Top Shooter #7/#8 seed playoff tie-breaker game. I'll post the results if they did. If not, they will both be at the Oasis this Thursday so maybe they can take care of it then.

So assuming the Outlaws won, here's the Main Playoffs / "A-Trophy" schedule for this Thursday, May 22nd:

#1 seed Playa's vs. #4 seed Oasis O-Team at the Down Lo, Table #10, 7:00pm.

#2 seed Outlaws vs. # 3 Bulldogs at the Oasis, Table #1, 7:00pm


The B-Trophy playoff schedule for May 22nd is:

#12 seed Bankers vs. #13 seed Tackle Box at the Oasis, Table #2, 7:00pm


The B-Trophy playoff schedule for May 29th is:

#9 seed Damned vs. winner of Tackle Box/Oasis at the Down Lo, Table #5, 7:00pm

#10 seed Eagles vs. #11 seed Last Call Rack Pack at the Eagles, Table #1, 7:00pm


I'll update the results once I get that other score sheet.


Pre-Playoff Notes
May 15, 2014, 2:38 am

Hopefully everyone's seen the past emails, or been online, and have passed word on to their teammates regarding the playoff situations and locations. If not, see the post below this one.

The only thing I didn't realize until today is that there is also a tie in the Top Shooters for 7th and 8th seed. We already have Kevin and Leland going against each other for the top spot, but we also have to have a playoff between Steve Smith and Mike Karol. They will both be at Oasis Thursday night so if they want to do their race to 3 playoff to see who plays Leland and who plays Kevin in the tournament, they can do so. I realize it will be a crazy bar as it is so if they want to wait and do it at another time or next week if it works out, that's fine. We got time.
And also - to avoid any confusion created last year, the home team will put up their first 4 players just like we've been doing all year at 7:00pm. The visitor will then put up their first 4 players. Just like all year, those first 4 players need to be visible in the bar by 7:05 or forfeits will occur. Refer to the rules if you are unclear.
Attached to an email I just sent out is the final print outs for the year. They will also be posted at the Oasis. 
Everything on the web site is also up to date - Top Shooters, stats, beer frame results, and standings. 
Good luck in the playoffs - I'll see most of you Thursday night. I'll post results of the playoffs ASAP.
Remember that the B Trophy Playoffs will not officially start until May 22nd (NEXT Thursday), so teams 9-13 will not play for at least one more week, 2 weeks if they are seeded 9-11.
Hope that all makes sense. Call me if any questions.

Playoff Update
May 13, 2014, 2:01 pm

We're going to wait until next Thursday, May 22nd, to start the "B Trophy" playoffs with the Bankers Playing the Tackle Box, at the Oasis, 7:00pm. Race to 11 points. Then, on May 29th the winner of that match will play the Damned at the Down Lo. That same night (May 29th) the Last Call will play the Eagles, at the Eagles, 7:00pm. Race to 11 points. Then, on June 5th, the winner of each match will play each other for the B Trophy Championship.

This Thursday, May 15th, the "A Trophy" playoffs will begin. The schedule has been updated online ("Game Schedule" - green, left-hand column), but here's what's happening and where for Thursday night:


"A Trophy" Playoffs - Round #1 - Thursday, May 15th

#1 Playa's vs #8 Stickmen - Down Lo, 7:00pm, Table #10

During this match, at some point, Kevin and Leland will face off to determine the true #1 seeded Top Shooter in a race-to-3 playoff.

#2 Outlaws vs #7 Dragons - Oasis, 7:00pm, Table #1

#3 Bulldogs vs #6 Duffy's - Oasis, 7:00pm, Table #2

Hopefully sometime during these Oasis Matches, at some point, Mike Karol and Steve Smith will face off to determine the true #7 seeded Top Shooter in a race-to-3 playoff.

#4 O-Team vs #5 Empire Club - Oasis, 7:00pm, Table #6

Tables at the Oasis were picked at random. Tables #1 and #2 are set as is. If both teams (O-Team and Empire) mutually agree to play on Table #3 instead of #6, that is their option. But we may not know until game night which table they choose, so practice on days prior will be shady. I'll try to get Casey and Stacey to communicate and decide ahead of time.

May 22nd will be round #2 (2 matches) at the higher seeded team's place.

May 29th will be the 3rd/4th place game for the losers from May 22nd.

June 5th will be the Championships - both for the A and B Trophies.

June 12th - Top Shooter Tourney at The Oasis

June 21st - Pool Party Awards and Banquet - Eagles Hall, time TBD.


More to come. Keep watching.


Final Results
May 11, 2014, 2:06 am

Okay, it's a wrap...

The season's over. The stats are all in from the final games last Thursday. I never received any score correction requests so it is FINAL. I don't have time for a recap at this moment or the printouts, but here's a sneak peak of what the end of the season brought:

Kevin and Leland ended the season in a tie for the top of the Top Shooters at an incredible 83.3%. Same amount of wins, same amount of games played.

The Playa's are Beer Frame trophy winners.

The Stickmen beat the Rack Pack and the Damned lost to the Outlaws so those teams swapped positions - Stickmen are the #8 seeds, the Damned are the #9 seed. The Stickmen will play the Playa's (#1 seed) this Thursday, at the Down Lo, on table #10. The Damned will have a bye week and play the winner of the Bankers (#12 seed) and the Tackle Box (#13 seed) in 2 weeks as part of the "B Trophy" playoffs. The Bankers and Tackle Box will face off at the Oasis this Thursday, May 15th. The Eagles (#10 seed) will play The Rack Pack (#11 seed) in 2 weeks as well, at the Eagles. But see below regarding this week at the Oasis...

In the "A Trophy", aka Main Playoffs, again Playa's vs Stickmen, Outlaws vs Dragons (at Oasis), Bulldogs vs Duffy's (at Oasis), and The O-Team vs Empire (at Oasis).

This will make for 4 games at Oasis this Thursday - 3 main playoff games and one B Trophy playoff game. I haven't figured tables out yet, but initially I'm thinking Bankers and Tackle Box on Table 6 (small table by the bar), and the others on tables 1,2 and 3, chosen by random draw. I know we haven't used table 3 all year but it looks like this will be the only way it can work. Another option is pushing the B trophy games out one week to avoid a very crowded Oasis. Then do a random draw for tables 1, 2 and 6 this Thursday. This might be better now that I'm typing this...

The Top Shooters are: Kevin C., Leland, James Williams, Dennis Bruch, Brian Norman, Keith Whitworth, Steve Smith, and Mike Karol. Charles didn't play the final week so he is ineligible. The 2 alternates who need to be present as well are Ed Theis and Joel Russo. Congratulations to all those great shooters! The tournament will be held at the Oasis on June 12th - let me know if you can't make it and your name is listed above. It's not listed in the rules but I could of sworn we voted at the Captain's meeting in October that instead of year's past doing a random draw and seeding for the tourney that we would do it as the end of the year standings, #1 shooter plays #8 shooter, and so forth. Of course this year we have an unprecedented tie at the top, so we might have to have a playoff match between Kevin and Leland to find the #1 seed. Or if we do random draw seedings it wouldn't matter. I'll be talking to captains and players as we go, and checking my notes, to see how we actually do it.

I'll also be talking to playoff team captains to see how we figure out the crowded Oasis situation ASAP. So let me know your thoughts.

It's not over yet, but thanks again for a great season. Good luck in the playoffs.

Check here or your email box for updates in the next few days regarding the decisions above that need to be made.


Week 23 and 24
May 5, 2014, 2:08 am

It's the FINAL WEEK!

Ok, I'm behind on recaps and results, BUT all the stats are entered, including last Thursday, May 1st. The Top Shooter list and Beer Frame tracker are current, as well as the individual stats, and of course the Team Standings are current. Again, everything is good except for my recap write-ups. I'll get those on here ASAP. The printouts will be emailed and posted tonight or Monday.

The standings are tight, especially around the 6-10th spots where only a few points separate the teams. It will definitely go down to the last matches - this Thursday, May 8th. The Top Shooter standings have been mixed up a little after last week, so check them out - it will also go down to the wire to see who is in the top 8. Some shooters NEED to play this week to be eligible, look for them with the red numbers. The Beer Frame trophy will be up for grabs this Thursday, too, as The Playa's (in first by 1 win) and The Outlaws (in 2nd behind by 1 win) will play for the Beer Trophy. If the Playa's win, they get the trophy. If the Outlaws win, and the Playa's lose, we'll have a tie and have to do some kind of playoff tie-breaker. Or have co-champions, we'll see.

More info on the "B-Trophy" tournament will be coming soon, too. Again, the 12th and 13th seed will play eachother in 2 weeks to see who becomes the true 12th seed. That team plays the #9 seed the following week, as well as the 10th vs 11th seed. The winner of each of those will play eachother for the "B-Trophy". Location(s) are still yet to be determined.

Thanks for your patience. Good luck this week. Watch for recaps once I get a few minutes. They will be in a separate email. 

The O-Team is done for the year - they have the final bye week this Thursday.


Week #23 Results
Apr 24, 2014, 3:30 pm

Here's what happened last week (4/17):

The Empire club was home out in Durham last week as the Bulldogs made the trek south. The teams were tied at 6 at the end of the first half. James, Mike, and Casey each got 2 wins for the Empire, but Captain Steve got 3 wins for his 'Dogs. Ty and Ed beat Matt and DJ in the beer frame 2-0. In the bottom frames, the Bulldogs got a few more wins than the Empire and came out with a 12-9 victory. Dennis also had a 3-0 win for the road team.

The next closest team to the Empire, the Tackle Box, was home hosting the Rack Pack of Last Call. This match was all Tackle Box as they had the match won before the beer frame. With almost a perfect sweep from the 1-4 shooters, the 'Box was up 11-1 thanks to Bob Cody, Joe, and Richie getting 3-0 victories. The Rack Pack did get the beer frame though, Gary and Mike beat Bob C. and Jonny 2-0. Last Call made it slightly more respectable by getting 6 of the final 9 points. Final score: Tackle Box 15, Last Call 6.

The Outlaws of Oasis were on the road last week and took on the Duffy's Tavern crew. It was very close in the first half as the Outlaws were up just 7-5. Kenny, Rusty, and Ricky each got 2-1 victories, Ed Theis got a 2-1 victory for his team. Mike Karol and Greg won the beer frame 2-1 against Kevin and Ice Cream. Kevin stayed at the table and got 2 for his Tavern making the score 8-7 Outlaws, but Bulldog then got 3 wins and Mike Karol rounded out the night with 2 more propelling the Oasis team to a 13-8 victory.

Downstairs at the Down Lo, the Playa's were hosting the Oasis O-Team. Identical to the Outlaw/Duffy's match, it was close in the first half as the Playa's were only up 7-5. Larry, Dave, and Kevin Cibart each got 2-1 wins, and Sean Wasson got 2 wins for the Oasis. James and Joel won the beer frame for the O-Team, beating Jason and Leland 2-1. That loss by the Playa's should tighten up the beer frame standings between them and the Outlaws. In the back half it was all Playa's as they recorded 7 of the final 9 points. Jason got 3, Leland got 2, and Leo got 2. Final score: 14-7 Playa's.

Also at the Down Lo, the Stickmen were taking on the 3rd Down Lo team, the Damned, on table 5. The Stickmen jumped out to a large 9-3 lead at the beer frame - Cele got 2, Wheez got 2, and Keith got 2. Brian Norman had the hot hand and got all 3 of his games. Paul Wall and Scott beat Pat and Wei in the beer frame, 2-0. Scott stayed at the table and got 2 wins to get the Stickmen to 11. Sundy added one more, but the Damned got 6 of the final 9 to make the final score Stickmen 12, Damned 9.

The Bankers were home at the Oasis as the Eagles Club made their way over as the visiting team. The teams were sparring back and forth in the front half - Jim W. got 3 for Oasis, but COX came back and got 3 for the Eagles. Then Mark Murgia got 2 for Oasis, but Bobbo came back and got 2 for the Eagles. At the end of 4 it was tied 6-6. COX and Donny got the beer frame 2-0 against George and Barney. But in the bottom half the Eagles threw some heavy punches, including Chuck's 3-0 haymaker, and knocked out the Bankers. The judges had it 13-8 Eagles.

The Dragons had the bye week on April 17th, the Eagles have the week off this Thursday, April 24th.

Good luck to everyone else - final 3 regular season matches for the year!


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